Sunday, December 31, 2006

Here Are Some Pictures

If you take a look out of my balcony, this is what you will see. There is another apartment building that is right in front of my balcony for my viewing pleasure. Pleasant, isn't it? I will have to admit that it does block the cold north wind and cuts my heating bill in half during the winter months. My bill is usually never over $60.

It did begin to snow today. I was out on my balcony and decided to take this picture as the snow was quickly coming down. This is the parking lot that I park in. My car is the fourth one on the right.

I decided to take some pictures of the park where I walk sometimes. Swanson Park is the name of it. It winds down and is heavily wooded. The area still has deer and other country animals living in it, even though it is in the city.

Here is one of the twenty-two stores I must go and visit each and every day to make sure we are on the "up and up". This is one of the newer ones located way out west of town. It's bigger than the picture shows. I need to work on the zoom on my camera.

Well, that is a little peep into my life. The pictures are not glamorous and bright. It was a gloomy day today. It snowed for about four hours but was mostly wet and melted quickly. There were still some of those dumb commuters who never slow down on the overpasses. I saw two wrecks on my way to one of the stores.

Well, it is new year's eve. I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. I will post my resolutions tomorrow. There are only a few and they will be attainable. Have a great night.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wow, two more days until the new year. I have only a couple resolutions. I have already started them.

I am off to work and then I am going over to the house to get some cleaning done. There is a lot of work that will have to go into the house. It's pretty old and needs just about everything done to it. At least it will keep me busy on my "down time".

I have to laugh at that one. I never really get "down time". I work so much that when I come home, I work there also. Work, work, work! One bright thing is that I can plan for my trip to NYC next year as well. I think we are planning to go in late September or early October.

Well, gotta take off. Good day!

Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm really tired tonight so I won't be posting much. Talk to you all tomorrow...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I've Been Tagged! Your Turn!

I have been tagged by Phelan.

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. I work best under chaotic situations.

2. I cannot eat or drink after other people except for my kid.

3. I love the music group ABBA.

4. Every time I hear an ABBA song, I get giddy and must sing along.

5. I used to have an eating disorder.

6. I am allergic to alcohol.

Here are the six individuals that I am tagging. Have fun!




Michael C




I have to laugh because some of my readers are getting mixed up with the names. Here is a list:

Josh - my boyfriend
My kid - my kid
Diva - boss
Diva #2- boss (sort of)
Miss Marnie - another BIG boss

The names have been changed of course. Hehehehe...

Here We Go Again

Well, a new day dawns. I have to meet with some co-workers to go over a plan of action for Miss Marnie. She is coming to our division this next week. It's not going to be fun. Mystic gave me some insight about what kind of impression I would have on her. I didn't like his answer. :) I know that she could have a significant impact on my life. So, I will just do my best and not worry about it. Yeah, right.

I am meeting Diva #2 at a store this morning. Won't this be fun. I can't wait for the work day to be over with already.

I will be picking my kid up this evening from my parents' house. I can't wait to see him. He is anxious to get home as well. He has a couple of more presents to open on Monday. We will be celebrating with Josh's family on New Years Day. Oh, for those of you who don't know, Josh is my boyfriend. That's not his real name. I will never say my kid's name for privacy reasons. In fact, all of the names I have used so far have not been the real ones. It's to protect the innocent - me.

Well, I will try and catch up with all of you later. Have a spectacular day!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Andrew from 4th Avenue Blues has inspired me to try and post pictures on my blog from ny digital camera. I am computer illiterate. I am going to try and post a picture of my nephew. He's such a cutie!

Hey! I did it!!! Yeah!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It Was A Fast Christmas

Okay, so I worked until 12:30 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. I went home to do laundry and wrap gifts. I was not going to get my kid until 1:00 on Christmas. We ended up going to Josh's aunt and uncle's house in Colwich. They have a huge house south of town and share a dirt road with two other houses. It's quite a beautiful home.

We arrived home around 8:30 and Josh decided to go to a poker game with his brother in Park City. He didn't get home until 3:45 in the morning.

I got up on Christmas around 8 and started to clean up. I packed the kid's bag for the week he would spend at grandma's and grandpa's house. I got everything ready and we loaded up the truckload of gifts. We went to pick up the kid at his aunt's house (I can't stand her). He gets to the truck and has no coat. I asked his dad where his coat was. He left it at his job. Great! This is one of the reasons why I left his dad. Totally irresponsible.

We get to my parent's house around 3. We all sit around and make my kid wait until 6 to open gifts. Wow. Talk about an abundance of gifts. It was totally overwhelming for me. My son was very well behaved and thanked each family member for the gifts he received. Because he made out so well, we decided that we would take some of his old toys and donate them to the children's home. He takes really good care of his things, so we wouldn't be giving away junk. His last gift came as a surprise. He thought he was done, but my brother told him to close his eyes, as there was another gift for him that could not be wrapped. My brother placed the golf clubs in front of my kid and he opened his eyes. He stood up and all he could do was grin. I asked him if I got the right kind and color. Of course. Who's the best mom in the world? Uh yeah, that would be me.

It was also my nephew's first Christmas (he's 8 month's old). I went overboard with him as well. My parent's thought I spent too much money, but how many times do I get to see my nephew's first Christmas? My sister received a beautiful photo album from her fiance' which contained pictures of her pregnancy and birth. It also had the first pictures of my nephew when he was born till now. My sister started bawling. It was such a wonderful gift. Her fiance' is always doing things like that. They don't have much money, so he is very creative with his gifts. I was moved to tears and I was bawling when I was taping the whole thing.

We go into the kitchen to eat dinner. I didn't have to cook this time. My mom made the traditional pork roast that we have every year with mashed potatoes, homemade pork dressing, cream cheese corn, gravy, and garlic bread. Dessert consisted of pecan and apple pie and the lime chiffon dessert that I brought. It was a great dinner.

Josh and I left around 8 to head back. I fell asleep ten minutes before we got home. I was so tired.

I got up and went in to work today, only to find out that I would not get my Thursday and Friday off this week. I was told to go ahead and take today off.

Want to know what's for dinner? Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, steamed carrots, and apple pie. The apple pie is not homemade. Just didn't have time.

Well, this post is extra long. Oh wait. I forgot to mention what I received for Christmas. Knowing I love to cook, my family hooked me up. I received a white Kitchen Aid mixer, very nice silverware, and some china. I have been wanting that mixer for a couple of months now. I won't use it until I move.

Talk to all of you more tomorrow...
Thanks for all of the well wishes. But, I am off to work again. I promise to post later to let you know how the week was. Till then...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Too tired to post. You will get a bunch after Christmas, I promise.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


My feet hurt. My neck is sore. My eyes are grainy from starting at 5 this morning and ending at 7:30 this evening. I am tired, but too tired to sleep. I am starving, but I am too lazy to make anything to eat.

The taping for Good Morning America went well. It should air sometime after Christmas. Our store was used because one of our customers had a recipe for bierocks (sp?) that will be featured on the show at a later date. I will keep you all informed as to when it will air. I could care less today though.

Did I say that my feet hurt? My back does as well. Sorry about the complaining. I wonder if I will get a day at the spa for Christmas. Oh wait, my boyfriend has no idea what a spa even is. His idea of a back massage is scratching my back in a circular motion for about a minute. Yeah, it sucks to be me.

Well, it seems as though most of the city has realized that they need to get all of their grocery shopping done. We finally started to see some business today. We will be humpin' tomorrow and Saturday. I don't know if Sunday will be big for us or not. It's hard to say, depending on the weather. If there is a snow scare, people feel the need to buy a month's worth of supplies. It's so funny.

Okay, this is going to be it for the time being. As you can read - I AM TIRED. Till' tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh! I am finally home and I am soooo tired! We had the "big daddy" from our division in our zone today. Lovely. I had to ride around with our head deli/bakery merchandiser. fun. Tomorrow, the "little daddy" will be here and one of our stores is going to be on "Good Morning America". Great. Nothing like a dog and pony show right before Christmas. So, I have all of these people meeting me at this store tomorrow so that it will be PERFECT for television. I can't wait until Monday.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Came home from work early to finish Christmas shopping. Waiting on Josh to get here so we can go together. I need to find some leftie golf clubs for the kid. Anyway, I will chat more later...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Well, I didn't get home until almost eight. Twelve hour day and it is the slowest day of the week. Greaaat. I plan on turning in early. Hope everyone had a productive day. Talk at all of you tomorrow...


Aaaaah! It's Monday! This will be the slowest day of the week for us as it will only get busier. (Meloncutter, good luck to you this week, man!)

Still no snow on the ground. We are expected to get a little rain, but I haven't looked beyond that. Tonight I have to start wrapping gifts if I am ever going to get done before Christmas.

Hey everyone! Have a Super, Fantastic Day!!!

P.S. Andrew - Thanks for the song this morning. You totally made my day!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The party at Diva's house was boring, of course. I only stayed for 45 minutes. All of the VPs were there. I like most of them, but I don't like the wives. Anyway, I left early and went home. I had a much better time. Till later...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well, we went shopping, but not for long. Since I refuse to shop at Wal-mart, we went to Target instead. We also stopped by a couple of other stores that were in the vicinity. My kid got his dad a St. Louis Rams pennant and coffee mug. Josh will be receiving a KC Chiefs football and coffee mug. Cousin AA will be receiving a $15 gift card to Borders. Cousin AE will be receiving some fun stationary kits with stickers and pencils. Little cousin DL will be receiving his fair share of Hot Wheels.

My kid, however, will be making out like a bandit this year. He pretty much got everything that was on his list. I have a large family, so that helps a bit. One gift from everyone can mean a whole trunk load. We only buy for the kids. But this year, I am buying for my parents and siblings as well. Problem is, I don't know what to buy.

Well, I need to finish my laundry and then get ready for this little Christmas party at the Diva's house. I will post again when I return home this evening. Till' then...

Friday, December 15, 2006

My Future Home

Today should prove to be some fun. I am on my way out to help my kid shop for some gifts for his dad's side of the family, dad included. We are then going to the store to pick up a couple of things that I need for baking.

Tonight I am headed over to one of my boss' house (Diva) for her Christmas party. Of course, she probably didn't pay for anything. She is going to get fired one day for doing that.

Some of you asked about the house I am moving into. It is white with purple trim. We will have a nice size yard and there is a huge oak tree in the front yard. Next autumn will be a nightmare. The back yard is nice size. I would love to have a very small garden to start off with. We shall have to see what I have time for in the spring. There is a small peach tree by the back door. I am most excited about the kitchen. It is three times bigger than the one in my apartment. I can actually put out all of my appliances and kitchen gadgets. This means I can use them more often, which means I will be cooking all of the time. I can't wait!

The house has three bedrooms, one bath. Hard wood floors run throughout the whole house except for the master bedroom and the downstairs rec room. The kitchen and bathroom have tile of course. It's a nice size house for now. I do plan on either building a new home in around three years or buying a new house. Best thing about moving into this house is that I can take my time. I don't have to be out of the apartment until February 1.

Well, I better get going. We have a lot to do today.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Rush Has Yet To Come

Ugh. When will it be over? Retail during the holidays. What a career choice. The stores have been coasting the past two weeks with the unseasonably mild weather we have had. What they fail to realize is come next Thursday, all H E double hockey sticks will be breaking loose. You see, all of our customers have been enjoying the weather. Motorcycle riding, golfing, even wearing shorts in this 65+ degree weather. They have not even started to think about cooking for all those family members who will be coming over to eat all of the food in sight. Kids will be home from college or coming home to in-laws. It's going to be so busy. If I could just get the stores to realize this and to prepare all this weekend. But, you can only do what you can do. I can only do what I can. I can't be everything to everyone.

So, I have off Saturday to finalize my own shopping. I won't have time to fight everyone else who are the "last minute" shoppers. I just won't do it.

Did I tell you that I am moving in February? Yes, I am moving from my apartment into a house. It's a rental. I plan on either building my own or moving into a brand new one in three years. I have already started saving. It's the three year plan. The plan also involves buying another vehicle, more than likely an SUV. I need one. Well, I don't "need" one, but I would really like to have one. And why not! I work hard for all my money. I work my rear off. Full time career and single parent. I should absolutely have one. Yes, people. I am trying to talk myself into it.

Okay, now I have started to ramble. It's funny. I have had so much to say lately, but some of my other online friends have not. I wish they would so that I would have more to read. I am selfish that way. Oh well. I need it, remember? hehehehe. Good night.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What Does Christmas Mean?

Today was a hard day at work. Not physical, more emotional and spiritual. I was working and encountered a situation with a customer concerning religion. Let's just say that it didn't leave me feeling well about the whole situation. I am so lost when it comes to different faiths. I was the kid that grew up knowing Christmas meant Santa Claus and nothing else. I don't blame my parents, as my father was forced to go to Catholic church his whole life and vowed he would never make his kids go. I don't blame anyone. It's just hard to talk about I guess, so I will just leave it at that.

Moving on. Actually, I really don't have much to say. I will say good night. Talk at you all tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Barf! Where's the Toilet Paper?

Did you ever have that dream when you were little that reoccurred every time you got sick? I used to dream that I was in an airplane and the top of it flew off. Just like what happened in the show "Lost". Well, I had a bad case of food poisoning starting Sunday night going on into Monday evening. Let's just say that I crawled to the toilet a couple of times. I had chills, fever, threw up five times and a lot of "boo boo" as my sister would say. Yes, it was awful. Today I am still a little heavy in the head, but I should be back to normal on Wednesday.

So, I had an eventful weekend. Went to KC with the "co-workers" and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was okay. Slightly overpriced if you ask me though. We went to the game and sat in the box suite. Of course, I didn't stay there and decided to sit in our seats outside of the box. It just isn't the same sitting in a room as the game unfolds in front of you. And the game folded the wrong way as the Chiefs got their butts spanked. Oh well. Sometime during this wonderful opportunity to see the Chiefs in a whole new light is when I ate something that would let me see my toilet in a whole new light.

I have one more day off (Saturday) before Christmas. It's going to be balls to the walls until the BIG day. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am looking forward to baking up a storm on Saturday. It should be fun! Till tomorrow...
I am home. I have a bad case of food poisoning. Will catch up later...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Little Vacation

I am attending a graduation for our manager trainees today. I am a mentor for one of them. She has done an outstanding job in training. I am so glad to see this class finally over with though. It's tough being a mentor when you have so much on your schedule. I probably could have been there more, but I guess I did okay.

I am off work until Tuesday. I am going to Manhattan to see my brother graduate from K-State on Saturday. Then we are heading to Kansas City to go Christmas shopping. On Sunday we are going to the Chief's game. This time we will be sitting in the box suites. I have heard these are nice because you have your own bathroom, and all of the food and beer you could possibly want. Too bad I don't drink. We will then head home where I will have one day left to get all of my other shopping done for baking and cooking.

It's going to be a fast little vacation before the "World Series" of holiday work begins. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Be safe.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Know It's Coming

I know I am about to feel the wrath. I have just done something that might piss off someone I care for very much. I felt like I had no choice in the matter.

To whom it may concern,

If you happen to get back online and read this post, please know that what I did today was because I was concerned for your well-being. I have not heard from you in days. I had to do it. Please don't be mad at me. If you want to talk about it, email me and we will talk about it. I am sorry if what I did caused you any stress or anxiety. Because I care, I will leave you with the words to one of my favorite songs by The Fray:

Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it’s just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you’ve told him all along
And pray to God he hears you

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you’ve followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he’ll say he’s just not the same
And you’ll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Well, it seems as though everyone is still worried about Andrew. They have called, commented, and left messages. What people tend to not understand is that all of this "attention" about his well-being is added anxiety to him, I'm sure. People, he will come around when he is ready. As my favorite quote goes,

'Time heals all wounds.'

Monday, December 04, 2006

Home Sick

Well, it seems to be slow out there in Bloggerland. Meloncutter has also noticed that Blogger has been suckin' lately by taking all of the "extras" away. What's up with that?

Andrew is still not feeling well.
Professor is trying to enjoy some "downtime".
Becky is second guessing - quit it!
Annabel is kickin' some butt with her great kids in debate.

What is everyone else up to?

I am home sick today. Yep, took a sick day. I am going to the doctor later on. Right now I am listening to a conference call from home. It kind of sucks, but at least everyone won't see me in my blue/red plaid pajama bottoms. Also, no makeup and wild bed head are two things society can do without today. Don't want to cause any early blindness in anyone.

Well, that's all for now. I am sure that there will be more since I am at home today.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Well, it seems as though I have either a cold or a sinus infection. Regardless, it has not made me feel too bad as of lately. I have been drinking a lot of orange juice and water and I have been getting plenty of rest.

Moving on to other things. I have been told that I have to go to Columbus, Ohio in mid-January to visit a store. We are going on the company plane so that we don't have to stay overnight. Thank goodness. I was not looking forward to staying overnight. I hate having to take round trips as our city does not have direct flights to Columbus anymore. I am anxious to see what they have to offer.

And what the heck is going on with all of the celebrities in the world? Is that all of what the news coverage is about? It's either celebrities getting arrested, getting divorced, or getting kicked off the island (yes, Anna Nicole, you are not a survivor). It's shocking to watch the news, which is why I don't usually do so. Anyway, that's all for this evening. I am off to bed so I can get some rest to help kick this cold/sinus infection.

And I'm Off!!

Leftover spaghetti for breakfast with a cup of great coffee. Uh, yum! I am about to leave the house and try to make a difference in the world of the people I work with. I wonder what kind of "footsteps" I shall leave? Only the best is what I shall strive for.

Talk at you all later this evening. I am getting some small Christmas shopping out of the way this evening. I hate doing it last minute. I hope to be done by next week.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Not Much Here

Well, we went to the hockey game tonight and our team won. I am really tired and I am starting to wonder why. I have been getting about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

Andrew has not been feeling well. Sometimes I wish I could take it all away. I have said this before. He is such a good person.

I've noticed that the blogger has been acting up. Perhaps it is just me. Well, I do have a big day tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe people...

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Holy Moly!! It is sooooo cold here. It is snowing so hard right now. We are expected to get anywhere from 4 to 8 inches. You can imagine the craziness in all of the grocery stores today. People act like they are going to run out of food or something. Actually, most people don't usually cook at home here. With schools closing today, many parents are having to go to the store to feed their kids. Hehehe...

Well, Andrew is back up and running again. I knew that there was nothing to worry about. I am glad that he got his shot today though.

I am going to cut this short and may add more later. I have been going to bed early lately because I have been so tired lately. So, until later...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Too tired. Till' tomorrow...
I deleted the last post for personal reasons. I will post more about my day later this evening...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dearest Marie

Dearest Marie,
The reason why I boycott Wal-Mart is because I work for their competitor on the grocery side of the business. Where I live, there is our grocery store chain and Wal-Mart. It's all quite humorous actually. I am totally a die-hard when it comes to my job, but not necessarily with my company.

For everyone else, it doesn't bother me if you shop there. That is what is so great about living in the U.S. You can shop till you drop anywhere.

On another note...

I was looking at myspace accounts last night and I encountered someone who I had lost contact with for three years. "Warren" and I were great friends when I was still working in one of our stores. He lived on his own in a big house that was left to him when his dad died of cancer. We got along great. I even told him who I was totally crushin' on at work (remember falling for my best guy friend?). I told him and he never said a word to the other guy. It was funny because he was always saying that nice guys finish last. That would be his motto. When I saw his myspace last night, that quote was on there. How predictable. Warren lives in Florida now and seems to be doing well. When he went into the Army, he got sort of weird. The Army really changed him. I remember when he would write about all of the horrible things he was going through. He still looks tall, thin, and gaunt. Warren seems to have moved on with his life in a new state around new people. Probably a good thing. Starting over sometimes is what one needs to do. I should know.

Well, it is off to the corporate office tomorrow to meet with all of my co-workers in the other zones. I am anxious to see one of them, but the rest...aaah not really. I have to leave by 6 a.m. as it is a 40 minute drive. So, have a wonderful evening everyone. Till' tomorrow...

Home For the Holidays

Okay, so I want to set up the scenario for you of what it is like in my parents' house during the holidays. The family consists of my mom, dad, sister, brother, and myself. My mom is Korean and my dad is from Ohio, which would totally explain the obsession for Ohio State University.

Anyway, my mom is about 5'4" and about 100 pounds soaking wet. She has jet black hair that fall around her shoulders and the biggest black/brown eyes I have ever seen. My kid has chocolate eyes just like hers. My dad is about 5'10" and weighs about 150. He has snow white hair, full head of it I should add (my brother is totally thankful for that). He has what we call the "family nose". He kind of looks like a mix between Steve Martin and Fonzi from Happy Days. Yeah, I got a hot dad.

My sister is about 5'8" and weighs about 150. She would probably also like me to note that she just had a baby (7 months ago). She has dyed, black hair to look like my mom's. She has the "perfect nose" and she loves to roll her eyes. She would kill me if I told all of you, but one ear sticks out more than the other. hehe

My brother is my favorite out of the family. He is 27 and graduating from Kansas State University this December with a degree in Business. He is 6'0" and weighs about 160. He has brown hair and is a cutie. He has a great personality, always thinking of others. He is pretty quiet sometimes and doesn't like people making a fuss over him. He has been with his girlfriend for over six years. He chooses not to live with her until they are married to respect her parents. He has not popped the question as of yet.

So, you get all of us in a room, and well... it's loud. My dad is hard of hearing. My mom talks really loud (Korean people usually do to compete over each other when speaking). My dad sits in the recliner with the remote control and as we are talking, the tele is getting louder. Then we proceed to get louder as we talk. Pretty soon, when everyone is catching a breath, the tele will be blaring with some stupid commercial for Wal-Mart or something.

It's quite funny when I come home. My parents will occasionally buy groceries at Wal-Mart and I will find it when I stay. Once they gave me a bottled water that had Sam's Choice on it. I wouldn't drink it. They know that I boycott Wal-mart and that I refuse to eat anything that comes from there. I have made them feel guilty for shopping there and so they don't do it very often.

We were all home for Thanksgiving. My sister had her baby and the daddy over, my brother brought his girlfriend, and I brought my son and Josh. It was a little crowded. There were not a bunch of leftovers, mostly dessert. Crazy, huh?

My parents gave up their bedroom for us, my brother slept in his own room, and my parents slept in the guest quarters. My sister lives in town, so she went home every night. Our nights were filled with playing card games and watching endless hours of football.

We stayed from Wednesday until Sunday. I was actually glad to leave. All of us in the same proximity was getting to me. I am quite independent. But I had a wonderful time being with family. It was great.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


This is my 150th post. Hoorah. I have made it safely home from my parents house. Josh is currently rubbing my shoulders. aaaaah........

Okay, enough of that. Now my kid is looking over my shoulder because he thinks he is missing out on something. He's gone now.

I had a great time at my parents' house. I got some needed rest and now I must head back to work tomorrow. wooptidoo...

Well, I would like to share what I am thankful for, since I sort of missed out. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my health and that I am still alive to see my child grow up. I am thankful for Josh. I am thankful for my friends, my job, and my freedom. I am thankful for so much that if I continue to type about it, I will start to have cramps in my hands.

Dinner was successful. Everyone showed up and ate their fill. I got to see my 7-month old nephew. What a cutie!

Well, looks like the blogging world wasn't that busy this weekend. Thank goodness. I was not looking forward to spending hours on reading all of the blogs that I love. I have found that one of my favorite photo blogs does not exist, or is having complications. LeNightowl - get a hold of me to let me know where you are.

Dearie me oh my!!! I do not want to go back to work tomorrow!! I am suppose to be off until Wednesday, but told one of my bosses that I would work a short time tomorrow and I have to go to the division office on Tuesday for a mandatory meeting. Looks like it's going to be a great bonus year. Glad I got promoted this year.

Well, I won't bore you too much with my life. I have to get off of this computer and figure out what I am going to wear tomorrow. I have been living in sweats and pajama bottoms for the past four days. I need to make sure the slacks or skirts are available for tomorrow.

Good night sweet blogging world. I hope all of you are safe and sound. Till' tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am outta here til' Sunday evening. Happy Holidays to all.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tagged - Untold Truths

I have been tagged by Em from Snapshots of life overseas. I have been asked to tell of five untold truths about me. It is going to be difficult to do, as I don't really like to share that kind of stuff with new acquaintances and strangers. But I will try, so bear with me.

1.) I am a total list maker, but seldom do I do what is on the list. I usually forget.
2.) I fell in love with my guy best friend and he never knew it (this one is hard to say since anyone could be reading this).
3.) I have never really been involved with church or religion.
4.) I am absolutely afraid to die. I used to have horrible anxiety attacks about dying. I fear the unknown. No one can tell me for sure what is going to happen. My worst fear is that when I die, I won't even know I did. And I am so scared to leave my son on this earth. I hope nothing happens to me until I know that he will be okay. He is my life.
5.) I love my job, but secretly do not like most people I work with. I am not talking about those that I oversee, I am talking about peers and/or bosses.

I need to tag five people:
Andrew - 4th Avenue Blues
Phelan - A Homesteading Neophyte
Austere - Austereseeker
Professor - Frumpy Professor
Becky - This Journey

Good luck.

Okay, so I know that some of you know a couple of these truths about me, but there are a couple that may stun you. Please be gentle...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Turkey Day

Two more days of this and I am on vacation. I have planned to cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner for my family this year. I have been anticipating this for almost a year. I will not get any help, nor have I asked anyone to bring anything except beverages. Want to know what we are having? Here goes...

For the actual dinner, we are having the traditional turkey. Along with that will be my famous garlic mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, cream cheese corn, stir fried green beans and onions, dressing, deviled eggs, kimchee, rolls, cranberry celebration, pumpkin pie, lime chiffon pie, and either a cake or brownies.

Pre-dinner items will include a veggie tray, summer sausage and cheese tray, fresh fruit, and chips and dip.

Yes, I am planning on doing it all. I will have most of it prepared the day before and all I will have to do is put in the oven or roaster. It is going to be great.

I can't wait to see my family sitting in front of the television, stuffed to the brim with food, watching football and telling stories of previous holidays.

Be warned that I will not have access to a computer for at least three days. I do plan on making a couple of phone calls to Andrew and I will probably be able to catch up on some of my favorites on my sister's computer. However, I will probably not post until I am back home.

Going to bed now to catch up on some well needed rest. Till tomorrow...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Of Course

What a long weekend. My beloved Buckeyes won. Of course. The Chiefs won. Of course. I am soooo tired. Of course. This post will be short for tonight. Of ...

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Today is going to be a great day!!! Ohio State plays michigan today. Of course, it is the biggest game of the year. I am planning on being home by 2:30 to catch the game before we leave for Kansas City to see the Chiefs play my beloved Raiders.

I am riding around to stores with the director of shrink/sales. He's so cool and extremely intelligent. Can't wait. I get a "soft" day. Thank goodness. All of that resetting, organizing, and cleaning yesterday in the stores was starting to get to me. I felt like I was getting nothing accomplished. I did get a lot of thank you's from the department heads which made me feel good, but I feel so bad for them. It's like a whirlwind of frustration for some of them. I try to do all that I can to help them when I am there, but sometimes it's not enough. What do you do?



Friday, November 17, 2006

Well, I am home for a brief moment to have some lunch. Then, I am back out in the stores. I have been working 10-13 hour days. I love the holidays. Not when it comes to work though. Anyway, I will return later this evening.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm Here

Okay, I know that I have been gone. I have been so busy with work. I am going to leave this short, but will fill all of you in later. I have not been able to read up on my favorite blogs, so I will mainly be doing some catching up tonight. Thanks for all of the well wishes. Till later...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, the night is ending better than the day started. My kid is safe in bed, and I have found some new blogs that I have much interest in. The people that I have been reading about are a couple of teachers who teach English in Korea, the country where I was born. My mom is Korean and she met my dad in the military. It is quite a funny love story, but I will save that for another day.

It's wonderful to visit this blog because there are so many pictures. I have not been back to Korea since we left 30 years ago. I remember very little. I am planning on taking my mother next year as a surprise gift. It should be great. I can't wait, and now that I have found some people who blog about their experiences (with pictures), I can get a little closer to my second home. I really can't wait.

Well, I am off to bed as I do have a full day of work ahead of me. Good night to most and good morning to others...
It was a shitty day at work today. My boss, the Diva, sucks.

Anyway, I did run across a couple of blogs that I will probably add to my already long list of must reads.

Well, I am off to cook. Till later...

Good Morning

I am so sleepy this morning. In fact, I am sleepy every morning. I remember when I could just get up and go. Now it takes me awhile to get going. Coffee, must have coffee.

Today is going to be a long day, however, it will end great because I will get my kid back from his dad. I really hate letting his dad keep him on the weekends, but I guess he needs to see him sometime, right? I can't wait for him to get home though.

Well, the new store was nice, but it wasn't over-the-top. I did get a couple of ideas though. That's enough about work.

Right now I am sitting in such a quiet apartment. It is a cool morning, only being 43 degrees. I can here a plane coming in overhead (I live 5 miles from the airport). Every so often I can here the "Kaw Kaw" of those ugly black ravens. Those birds are huge. They remind me of the movie Birds. That movie was scary.

Well, I need to get up and put on my face, do something creative with my hair, and get dressed for success. Till later...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well, I am off to the new store to check out what I need for my zone. This new store won't come close to what we have coming in May. A new Marketplace is coming, along with visits for at least a year from people all over the United States. Why do I love such misery?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Suggestive Seller?

Melon, we need to get one of these.

Bah Humbug?

Every year I want to believe that this will be the year in which everyone will be happy and have a good attitude on life. Why do I set myself up? I just had an incident with a store manager who has the worst attitude I have ever seen. He is going around acting like it's all about him, throw in a bucket of sarcasm for good measure, and don't forget the cynical aspect on every situation defined. I can't believe that I look up to this guy.

It's like he is going through mid-life crisis at work. His associates are starting to be the same way. He really doesn't care anymore. It's sad to see someone who used to be so charasmatic totally go down the drain fast. Sour grapes.

On a more positive note, I have everything planned for next week in the stores. Basically, instead of doing store walks for the holidays, I am going to get on an apron and get to work with the associates. I have already scheduled myself to be in 4 stores and am waiting to here back from another. It should be fun.

I am visiting a new store tomorrow. We have a new store opening up in Newton and I want to go and see how much money was wasted. Oh. Did I just say that out loud? My bad. Anyway, I am anxious to see what the departments look like. I am taking a department head with me so that she can see what her store should look like now BEFORE Marketplace comes. She has let it slip a little.

Till later... I am starting on dinner so that we can get to the hockey game on time.

Friday, November 10, 2006

My online buddy, Meloncutter from Meloncutter Musings, was writing about going fishing. Oh, that brings back so many great memories. I hope Melon has a wonderful time with nature. I will have to ask him some questions for "Ask the Meloncutter Wednesdays".

Today was totally unproductive and I loved every minute of it. I was going to cook dinner, but we decided to go to Red Beans Bayou Grill. I got the Seafood Alexander. Of course, I couldn't eat all of it. I guess the pork chops will have to wait until tomorrow before we go to the hockey game.

Have a great evening...
I am off today. I don't have another one until next Sunday. That is actually pretty good considering we are in holiday mode at the stores.

It is so windy outside!!! And the temperature dropped overnight. Kansas is notorious for that though. It wouldn't be so bad if the wind wasn't blowing so hard.

I totally feel a nap coming on. I just finished packing up 3 HUGE boxes of outgrown clothes that my kid can no longer wear. I am planning on giving it to Josh's sister, as she has three boys who are all smaller than mine. Many of the clothes have only been worn once or twice. After looking over how much I was able to box up, I think that maybe I tend to buy more clothes than necessary for my kid. He is growing extremely fast - 5 ft. 2 1/2 inches tall. He is only in the 6th grade. He's already taller than my mom and two of Josh's sisters. The doctor says that he could easily grow up to be around 6'3". Are you kidding me?

Pretty soon, I will have to buy a bigger vehicle just so he has room to sit. Looks like I will be going back to the SUV again. I kind of want one again. I miss it.

Well, like I said. A nap awaits...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sad Then Extremely HAPPY!!!

Okay, so I was like so excited when I got home. I got on my computer and I logged on to read Jonathon's blog at 4th Avenue Blues. I noticed the audio blog and was instantly excited and overjoyed. Then I read it. It made me cry. And I don't want him to take it off, as it shows how vulnerable someone can be. How vulnerable we can all be. That audio post showed strength. It showed confidence.

So, because I was so concerned, I made a bold move. I made a call. And we talked. I am relieved now that all is well. Jonathon, I love ya cornball. I love ya lots.

Work was boring today. The same thing every day. But, such is life.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. I am in such a great mood now that I am going to hang out with my kid and beat him at a game of Monopoly. Later gater...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well, I am off to the races, or so it seems. I have a lot to do at work and at home. Hope everyone has a great day...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, it seems as though everyone has the blogger blues today. Do I need to throw a party? What is wrong with everyone?

As I can only speak for myself (nor do I ever have trouble doing so), I am having a good day for my first day back at work. I was able to come home early because my kid got sick at school. Not that I want my kid to be sick, it's just I am glad it won't be a full 10-12 hour day. Tomorrow will consist of reviewing inventories for some of my departments. Now that will put you to sleep!

I am off to take a nap while the kid is resting. Till' later...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sweet Dreams

I am ending this evening's post with a dream. It starts off in Andrew's back yard. He is showing me the tent he has been sleeping in. Maggie is jumping on me, excited to see a new strange person in her back yard. We walk down the street and the lady that called animal control on Maggie is looking out the window. I wave to her and then give her the bird. We make our way down to the local Kroger ( I am anxious to see what it looks like). We run into Big S. He doesn't realize that I am with Andrew and he asks me for a couple of dollars. I tell him that if he is willing to come down and rake all of Andrew's leaves, I would buy him dinner. Of course, Big S is taken aback and I chuckle. Andrew offers him a cigarette to make up for his jaw dropping to the sidewalk. I am assuming his jaw dropped because of my goddess' features - one can only hope. Anyway, we go down by the tracks and then head over to Sarah Jay's for a fat, juicy burger.

If only...
blah, blah, blah

I don't know what to say this evening. I know I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. The thought of it makes me want to vomit.

Well, it's off to do laundry. Hey, it's better than going back to work.

Well, our hometown hockey team sucks this year. The Wichita Thunder won against the Rocky Mountain Rage, but we lost to the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs. It was a pathetic game. The first game against the Rage was boring. They refused to fight. The Mudbugs are just annoying. Anyway, I am sure parking won't be an issue this year.

I'm cooking a pork roast for dinner. It's in the crock right now and will slow cook for ten hours. It should be ready by six.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. woo hoo. But, I will have this Friday off.

It's a gorgeous day out and I have already been out driving. It's time for a nap before I have to do a couple loads of laundry. Good afternoon...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's Time To Get Cookin'

Oh yeah. It felt so good to sleep in today. I didn't get up until 9. That is sleeping in for three extra hours. Unfortunately, I woke up with a headache. Too much sleep.

For breakfast we had hot, fluffy pancakes with melted butter and yummy syrup running down the sides. Just so the cakes wouldn't be lonely, there were sides of crisp bacon and rounds of spicy sausage. The eggs were cooked perfectly over-easy with the yolks creamy texture playing with my fork. To quench the palate, I had hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar and a glass of water. My kid made up a tall glass of chocolate milk. Yum yum!

I love to cook. I know I say it all of the time, but I really do. I just wish I had more people to cook for. I don't want an army of folks, but maybe enough to fill a dining room table for six.

For dinner, I have decided to make some homemade BBQ meatballs. For the side dishes we will be having a wild rice pilaf and buttered brussel sprouts with toasted almonds. The brussel sprouts are my kid's favorite, which I find odd for a kid that age. I hated brussel sprouts when I was younger and didn't enjoy them until I reached my mid-20's. If I have time to bake, I am opting for some old-fashioned Spritz cookies. I am missing the Christmas aromas and thought if I made a batch of these, it would give me a quick fix.

We are suppose to be catching another hockey game tonight, so I have to get a movin'. Hope everyone out there has a fantastic day.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Takin' A Load Off

I have been feeling lethargic today. I am bloated and cranky. I usually don't get PMS, but I must have some today. Perhaps it is because I am so tired.

I was so pissed off yesterday at the dog and pony show we did for all of the stores in this half of the division. We were not mentioned once on how well we did in getting the store ready. All of the kudos went to our bosses. Are you kidding me? They sit on their behinds all day in the corporate office, with absolutely no clue what it is like to work in the stores. Yes, put on your fancy suits and parade around with politician smiles on your faces. How fake. The only thing that keeps me going sometimes is when I remind myself those jokes put their pants on the same way I do, only their pants are a little more expensive then mine. Know what I mean? It was truly pathetic.

One of my bosses - the "Diva" was limping around the whole time in a foul mood.

"What's the matter with you today?" I ask her in a sarcastic tone.

She replies with her hand on her hip, "Oh my God, I am so sore! I have had to do this for two days."


What she has had to do is walk store managers around the departments. Is that back breaking work? The whole time I was thinking to myself - she has no clue what real work is. Bending over all day helping your departments clean, merchandising out-of-department displays with other departments who have no clue on how to merchandise, decorating the store and keeping a smile on my pretty, goddess face - that, my friends, is back breaking work. Okay?

Hehehehe. I have to laugh about it though. At least I have the satisfaction in knowing I could do a better job than the "Diva". All of my co-workers probably could as well.

Well, I am happy to be home. It's good to sit in front of the computer and relax. No phone calls, no annoying bosses, employees or customers. Yes, life is grand.


I am done. Thank goodness.

We are going to a hockey game tonight and tomorrow night. I plan on taking it easy the next couple of days. I can't wait to get into the kitchen.

Sounds like everyone had a good week. I was so glad to read about it.

I will post more later. Great day to all...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's Almost Over

Tomorrow is the last day of this fiasco. Till' then...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tough Day and Tired

Ugh. Tough day at work. Long day at work. Then off to go trick or treat with the best kid in the world. I am going to bed early. One more day of working my ass off, then one day of walking store managers around the store for this stupid dog and pony show. I really shouldn' t talk like that. If someone from my company read that, they would probably be pissed. I am considered "one of them". But I didn't forget where I came from, nor have I forgotten what it is like to work in the stores. Our employees work their tail ends off for hardly nothing. I try my best to acknowledge all of the employees I see who work hard. It's tough, this business.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Goddess Rambling

WWE - What a waste of television time. I can't even stand to watch it. And to think that people still believe that it is real. That none of it is staged. It's drama people.

Television is getting ridiculous. I love some of those ridiculous shows. Flavor Flav' was freakin' hilarious to watch. Talk about staged for t.v.

The shows I do enjoy watching are Grey's Anatomy, The Office (Jim is a hottie), Boston Legal, Gilmore Girls, and Road Rules vs. The Real World. Yes, a wide range of television viewing. That is what makes me CRAAAAZEY!

Hehe. The weather is getting cooler. I love that. The wind was whipping into my patio doors this evening. It was kind of eerie. With Halloween tomorrow, I guess the tiniest things could be a little eerie. I don't think my kid will be trick or treating tomorrow. Oh well. I can buy all of the candy that would be missed out on. We can all rot our teeth together. My favorite candy bar is Butterfinger and my favorite hard candy are those lemon sours. Yum.

-Josh keeps asking me questions as I am typing this to all of you. He thinks that my blog is, well, let me ask him. He says that everyone is nuts. Himself included.

Cool! Flipping through the channels and we found the sport of Curling. Did you know that it has been an official sport of the Winter Olympics since 1998?

-Josh keeps asking me what I am typing about. Sign on and read like the rest of us dude!

For those of you who don't know, Josh is the guy I am dating. We both work for the same company, but have totally different jobs. He works in the stores, and I am one of those who walks the stores, looking for "opportunities". It makes for some interesting conversations sometimes.

My goodness, I have said a lot this evening. And I didn't make much sense. Oh well, I don't really care about making sense all of the time. Because every day I get to start over.

Work Sucks

Today is going to suck at work. I have to spend my whole time at one store to make sure they are doing everything they are suppose to for this big walk-thru we are having. I hate those dog and pony shows. It sucks working for a major grocery chain and having walks like this because all of the customers look at ya all crazy. I wish I could join Andrew and go for a hike today. Oh well. The walk is Thursday. Guess what happens after that? I am off for a 3-day weekend. WOOHOO!! I can't wait!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Home Cookin vs. Overrated Restaurant Food

As many of you who know me, you know that I love to cook on my days off. Well, let me tell you what's for dinner this evening. Oven fried center cut pork chops, my famous garlic mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, fried zucchini and peas. Who says you can't cook a good meal at home? It's better than going out to eat. We recently got some new restaurants on the West Side. Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, and Granite City are just a few. Too crowded, too noisy, too annoying. I would rather cook dinner at home and eat around the table with family and friends. Come on over, my online blogging friends. We can make room...

Advance To Go and Collect Your Day Off

I am off today!! WooHoo! It is gorgeous outside! I am suppose to go to a wedding tonight, but don't know if I am going to make it. Work keeps calling me. All of these stores and fellow co-workers keep calling.


Anyway, I am playing board games with my family all day and watching football. It is going to be a great day!!

My brother may be getting a job in Dallas. This would be awesome. I have never been to Texas before. I really haven't been to Oklahoma either and it is only two hours away. I'm probably not missing much there. Anyway, I hear Texas is wonderful. Hope he gets it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Way OFF!!

Okay, the idea of getting together sounds awesome. But realistically, not probable. How would everyone be able to get the same days off from work to be able to go? It was a fun idea though.

Well, it's off to work I go tomorrow. BUT, I will be off again on Saturday. I never get to take a weekend day off unless it is for a football game in KC. Woohoo! Can't wait!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It should be a good one.

Cooking Up A Big Idea

These outages by blogger are really starting to piss me off. Several of the blogs I read are not on beta and the outages affect them.

I was off today. I made chili rellenos for lunch and a roast for dinner. The roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions have been slow roasting in the oven since 9:30 this morning. We won't eat until around 6. It should be so tender, it will melt in our mouths. The weather is currently very cool with light sprinkling of mist. It's absolutely wonderful.

I tried calling Jonathon from 4th Avenue Blues today. No answer. It's not the first time. One day I will catch him at home. Busy guy. He is planning on taking a 2000-mile trek across the Appalachians. What I would give to go with him. I do plan on helping him with whatever he needs to do this. I would love to set up a sort of charity in his name for mental illness. His expenses will not be any problem at all. He lives quite simply and he doesn't eat like a pig. I do wonder about toilet paper. How does that work? Anyway, I am sure that he would let me help him with the financial part of it. He better, cuz' I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wow, I just had the best idea. We could all get together when he was finished and really have a blogging reunion. We could tie in a celebration of his return and how much money he raised. We could have someone from the charity of choice to be there to accept a BIG check. Am I dreaming too large here? What do you think?
Well, I finally switched to Beta. Don't really know how that is really going to help me. I don't know how to do all of the "extra stuff". I need a teacher. Any takers?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Times Five

Okay, I stole a tag (if you can do such a thing). I found it interesting. I had to think about some of these and I am sure on any given day some of the answers would be different.

I am glad to be back home. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire:
1. Put a million dollars on the bed and roll around in it naked.
2. Invest, invest, invest.
3. Quit my job.
4. Make one person in need happy each day.
5. Visit Sweden.

Five Bad Habits:
1. Bite my nails.
2. Jump to conclusions.
3. Messy at times.
4. Interrupt others.
5. Selective hearing.

Five Things I Hate Doing:
1. Dusting
2. Washing my car
3. Doing my hair (wash and go girl)
4. Inventory at work
5. Talking to people before my morning coffee

Five Things I Would Never Do:
1. Turn my back on family
2. Compromise my kid's safety
3. Become a Michigan fan
4. Go into outer space
5. Intentionally hurt someone

Five Things I Regret Doing:
1. Not finishing college
2. Letting my parents down when I was younger
3. Not being a better big sister to my brother
4. Not listening to my parents more when I was younger
5. Telling certain people in my life how I really felt about them

Five Favorite Things:
1. Favorite color - yellow
2. Favorite team - Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!!!)
3. Favorite food - My mom's Korean food
4. Favorite season - autumn
5. Favorite song - Take A Chance On Me by ABBA

Five People I Choose To Do This:
Everyone who reads regularly - Go For It.
Hello! I am back. I had to go to the state capital to do some training for some of our stores that are in that area. I just got back and let's just say it is good to be home. I need to read up on everyone before I post again. It's just something I do. Back at ya later...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have been extremely busy lately and I haven't had time to post. I am also having trouble typing today. I keep hitting the wrong keys. I don't have time to say mcuh now, but I will catch all of you up later today. Stay warm! It's 40 degrees here. Brrrr!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Feel Purple Today

I am so glad I am off today. It seems as though I am doing all of my housework and laundry on my day off because that is the only free time I get to do it. Oh well.

The first game of the year for local hockey starts tomorrow. We have a CHL minor league team. I guess they are okay. The only reason why I go is because the guy that I am dating likes them a lot. I have to be supportive, right?

Which brings me to my next subject- love. I have always heard that love is hard work. I have to disagree with that statement. LIFE is hard work, but love shouldn't have to be. If you have to work hard to love someone, then you are working too hard. Love just shouldn't be hard to do. I love many people, obviously in different ways. Granted, it is hard to agree with some of their choices in LIFE, but I still love them. Enough said about this touchy subject.

I am really upset that I missed my question to the Meloncutter this week. I shall give him my question next week, I suppose.

People at work are really starting to piss me off. Life is too short to be worried about what is up their asses. I do care most of the time, but there are some people who just constantly have something wrong in their personal life and it just consumes them to where it affects their work. That gets on my nerves.

Well, it's off to scrub the tub and to reorganize my bathroom. Good day to all of you...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Unusual Amount To Say Today

What a gorgeous day out! I am jealous of people who get to work outdoors on days like this.

I have come to the conclusion that my neighbors are loud. They are a family of four (two young boys) living in a two-bedroom apartment. It has got to be crowded. Our apartments are spacious, but I could not live like that. My apartment is the perfect size for me and my kid. Anyone else and I would be looking for a four-bedroom house. Which I plan on doing someday when I grow up. :)

Okay, so I have totally gotten off subject. They are noisy!! I am used to peace and quiet. Then, out of nowhere, these little kids are like screaming bloody murder off the balcony. They are constantly yelling when riding their bikes up and down the sidewalks, sidewalks meant for "walking". I hear them all of the time, these two boys at all hours and it is driving me absolutely bonkers! I am so glad my kid isn't like that. Anyway, the complex was relatively quiet until they moved in. Even the dad's diesel truck is louder than shit. Ugh. Yes, they are getting on my nerves. The bad part about it is that other than the noisiness, they are really nice people.

Movin' on to a different subject. The "diva" from yesterday's episode was in better form today. She didn't bring up the fact that she totally pissed me off yesterday. Probably a good thing that she didn't. My direct boss did have words with her about what went down yesterday and told her that she needed to put her attitude in check. Well, at least someone is looking out for me.

Wow, I've said a lot. More than usual, I guess. I, uh, will quit boring all of you now with the mundane things in my life. Have a great afternoon.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Divas, Bedtime, and Jonathon

One of my bosses, whom I call the "Diva", really pissed me off today. She reminds me of the female version of my kid's dad. You know, the Diva always has to be right. And God forbid if someone has done their homework and proven a point to the b-utch. I thought I was getting away from a man who was constantly like that. It looks like a will need to leave my boss like I left him if it continues. And in no way would I quit my job, I would just go under a different department.

Had to set up for the division sales meeting today and then turn around and talk about everything that I did. woo hoo.

I've been extremely tired lately. Probably the weather change, and the fact that I have been working my ass off. I have been going to bed before 10. I took a tiny nap when I got home this afternoon, so I should be able to stay up a little longer.

Well, it seems like my dear friend Jonathon from 4th Avenue Blues is going through a tough time right now. My thoughts are always with you everyday. I wish so much that I could take the pain and uncertainty away for you. I tried to call, but you didn't answer. Please get a hold of me.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ahh. There is a light rain outside. It's gentle pitter-patter against the sidewalks and houses make me feel like a kid again. You know, when we were younger and couldn't play outside because of it. We would lean our elbows against the wooden window sill and wish it would go away. I love that nostalgic feeling.
Good morning. I am just going to leave something quick as I try to eat a hot, steamy bowl of grits. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. I am going to be quite busy today. I gotta go to "The Office" and set up a display for the Division Sales Meeting tomorrow. Why do I always get stuck doing those? Anyway, I won't be back until this afternoon. Have a great day!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hey McDreamy! - Are YOU Predictable?

It's Friday night. Guess where I am at? Home with absolutely nothing to do. I am too tired to go anywhere. It has been crazy busy at work. Today, I had a visitor from one of our Omaha stores. It was fun taking her around and showing her what our stores look like. They have huge box stores up there. All the room you could want to merchandise to your hearts content. Lucky dogs. I love merchandising displays. It's one of the things I like best about my job.

Question out there for the guys and girls. Why are guys so predictable? Whether it comes to sex, mannerisms, presents, you name it. After awhile, you become so predictable. What's up with changing it up a bit? Especially on the sex part. When I was with my kid's dad, I could pretty much nail it down to the second on what he was going to do. It was pretty pathetic. I would suggest changing it up a bit or even try to, but it always resorted back to the same routine. I guess we weren't really sexually compatible. But I was talking to one of my friends and she was saying how her boyfriend goes through the same routine in bed each time they "make love". It sounded so boring and methodical. Also, you always know when a guy is going to get pissed, especially if you see something that gets on his nerves. And the gifts. I would rather not get any. It is so painful to see guys get all uptight about what to get a girl. Actually, it's painfully comical. They just kind of shrug their shoulders, not quite knowing what to do. You know what I am talking about boys. You've done it many times before. You are lost because the female you are buying for has particular tastes, and this makes it difficult. This is why she chose you. All of this reminds me of some of my past relationships. So, all of you blogging people out there, do you have any answers to my question? I would really like to hear both sides if possible.
Five more weeks until Thanksgiving. It is definitely getting close and you can tell. Customers are shopping earlier because it is getting dark earlier. Anyway, it's been a great day. I will be back after dinner. I am baking fish and making jasmine rice. Till later...

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I had the longest day today. We took all of our directors out for the day. It was okay fun. We went bowling, or should I say, they went bowling. I was the one getting all of the pictures. I hate bowling. It's one of the worst ways to spend your time. Any guy who took me bowling on a date would not get anywhere.

I am really tired tonight. It's just going to be balls to the walls from here until Christmas. My calendar is filling up quickly.

Well, good night sweet blogging world. Till tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Oh! I am so tired. I was going to do another post, but this will have to suffice until tomorrow. I have a big day tomorrow with all of our store directors. Should prove to be interesting. Good night everyone. Till tomorrow.

Dinner Plans

Tonight's dinner will consist of oven fried chicken breast tenderloins, garlic mashed potatoes, and french-style green beans. I am also going to make a cake. I was thinking about doing one from scratch, but I have some cake mixes I need to use up. I think I will go chocolate. Yum!

In Celebration of MelonCutter's Birthday

I am taking a day off today. You see, it is the meloncutter's birthday, and I only think that it would be fitting to take the day off. What shall I do to help him celebrate? I plan on getting some major housework done. I have toilets to scrub, carpets to vacuum, windows to wash, dishes to put away, clutter to organize, bedding to change and a million other little things. I am also going to cook dinner again tonight. I absolutely love autumn. I feel like I have to bake things of cook up a bunch or comfort food. Would you like to come over for dinner?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Warm Food and Work

Well, dinner was a huge success once again. My kid ate and was completely content. My job is totally in the wrong field. I should have become a chef. A home-mom type of chef. Anyway,

I have been tagged by Jade on the Work Meme. Here are the answers to the questions:

1. What is the best thing about your workplace?
I don't particular have one place that I work at. I have many places. I oversee several departments for a major grocery chain. I have 22 stores. I guess the best thing about all of those stores is that they are all unique. No store is the same as far as employees, clientele, and money.

2. What do you hate about your workplace?
I really hate the fact that the stores are not consistent on company programs and policies.

3. What small irritance at your workplace really annoys you?
The small irritance that annoys me is when I ask why and I receive a million excuses and nothing on how the issue is going to get fixed.

4. Describe the actions/quirks of the weirdest person you work with (can be a co-worker, employer, or a vendor if you are self-employed).
I don't really work with anyone weird, but I do have a boss that gets on my nerves sometimes. She tends to say one thing and do another. She doesn't deliver when she says she will. She is not a very good communicator.

5. What is one thing that you would change at your workplace to make life a helluva lot better?
I would give everyone who works closest to our customers a major raise. They work so hard and don't get paid enough for it. Of course, I would be included in that pay raise. Of course.

So, I don't think that really told anyone what I really do, but I guess if they really want to know, they can ask. I do love my job, mostly because I affect people's growth in their jobs. I love nothing more than seeing an associate who works beyond their potential and gets promoted.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am enjoying a cool 53 degree afternoon. It is suppose to be down to 43 degrees tonight. Of course, I am in a cooking mood again. Tonight's dinner will consist of my homemade meat loaf, fried potatoes, and steamed cauliflower with cheese. I bought some honey wheat bread from Panera and we will have some warm slices of that with butter to accompany the dinner. I should get started. The meat loaf and potatoes won't take long to cook. We usually eat around 7 pm anyway. I know that is late for some of you, but when you are a full-time single mom with a career, you do what ya gotta do. Till later...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Not Much Tonight

I am not going to be able to say much tonight. I have some paperwork to catch up on. I will fill everyone in tomorrow on what is going on. Have a good night.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yummy - Me And My Big Mouth

My latest foodie addiction consists of Welch's Red Grape Juice and White Grape juice. I love mixing it with chocolate chip ice cream. Sounds gross, right? Try it, I know you will like it.

This weekend was busy and I won't bore all of you with the details. I did, however, made a point to tell one of my bosses that one of her underlings is a total bitch. I think I made my point.

I need to be careful though. I am one of those people who will tell you exactly what I think. If you have seen my comments on The Frumpy Professor or The 4th Avenue Blues, then you know I don't hold back. Can't. It's not in me. And is that a bad thing? I suppose sometimes, but oh well.

Well, it is going to be a busy week. Hope everyone has a good one.

4th Avenue Blues Has Gone Invite Only

I have noticed that several readers do not have access to Andrew's blog anymore. If you are one of them, please leave a comment below. Andrew will probably send you an invite. I know that someone mentioned this earlier. It's sort of an addiction, his blog, I mean. Leave your comments if you want to be added and he will get the list.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well, it was a beautiful day today. I wish I could have spent it outside or doing something with my family. I am happy though because Ohio State University won their game against Bowling Green, Ohio (35-7). Auburn lost 27-10 against Arkansas. Sorry, Andrew.

I will be back later, party people.
Unfortunately, the trip to KC seemed like a waste of my time. We really didn't get anything accomplished, and I could have been at home with my kid. We did, however, go to Dave and Busters. I am going to take DB there the first weekend of November. He will have a lot of fun.

Well, I will say it is good to be back home. I am suppose to work today, and I will. But I plan on taking it easy. Well, that is all for now. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Till Friday

Well, this post will have to last you all until I return Friday evening. I hope that everyone has a great weekend. For all of you who decided to tag me, I will return those when I come back home.

Annabel- don't work too hard girl

Austere- keep writing those beautiful words

Pipe- wow, have a great weekend with your wife and family, loverboy

Karin- I'll get the tag back to you when I return, until then, lay off the ganga :)

Meloncutter- keep those pretty fingers washed, sanitized, and moisturized

Parlancheq- keep everyone a laughin'

Leann- don't give up on what you want to do

Beck- have fun on your date, lucky girl, oh- and Rm better respond if he knows what is good for him

Andrew- have a wonderful time in Florida and drive safely

Okay party people, I am out of here. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

KC - woo hoo

Today was not as long as I had anticipated. I was told not to work too late because I would be "working" later tomorrow. I have to go to Kansas City for business and I am not looking forward to bonding with those I can barely stand to work with. Anyway, we were told that teams would be announced and that we would be taking part in some sort of competition. woo hoo.

I am getting to bed earlier tonight, so I won't be posting much. I will catch up with everyone tomorrow before I leave. Good night and pleasant dreams.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good Night!

Okay, here I am again, adding on to the previous post. Dinner was a wonderful success and we also made brownies that were "Oh so Yummy!". Now for everyone who commented, THANK YOU!!! However, I do not get to do this all of the time. It is somewhat a rare occasion for us. But it was wonderful to be able to do this for me and my kid. JD came home from work early and he joined us for dinner. It truly was a special night. I am sitting here at the computer with the love handles hangin' out with the droopy eyelids, typing away at this post. hehe. I do need to lose some weight though. Really, I just need to get more exercise.

So, I have been reading up on everyone's blog and I have also linked up with some newbies. The meloncutter, Penelope Marzec, and skqbdoo. I can't wait to dive into their new-to-me blogs and read up on the lives of three newbies.

skqbdoo- Don't feel guilty about what you are feeding the kids. I can't begin to tell you how many nights I have done the Taco Bell (soft tacos, meat and cheese only), Burger King (double cheeseburger, meat and cheese only), or Sonic (sausage toaster sandwiches with tater tots) kind of night. That is how picky my kid is.

Becky- As always, thanks for your comments and being here to read when I need someone. It really means a lot.

Andrew- Dearest Andrew, your words mean so much to me. I would love to come to Alabama if you are serious. Wouldn't it be so cool if all of our online friends could join us for a blogging family reunion? We could cook for everyone. OMG, that would be so much fun!!! With my "foodie" experience and your homestyle cookin', we would be an unbeatable pair. Are you down? Let's get together about it in the spring.

Well, I am going to turn in. I have a big day at work tomorrow and I am sure it is going to be a late night for me. I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow and that all is right with you and those you love. Good night.
I actually took another day off today. I was able to get DB to the dentist, go to breakfast with JD, send an email to the "he just left" guy, and start a wonderful dinner that I am going to enjoy with my kid. We are having barbecue chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, candied carrots, and homemade sweet rolls. All made by me. Oh, how I love to cook. It brings back such good memories. I wish I could cook every day. It's fun to know that people anticipate your cooking. My kid keeps asking me, "Is it ready yet, Mom?". It makes you feel good. Well, I am between cooking and watching an episode of Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals. I will be back after dinner and evening studying. yum yum

Monday, October 02, 2006

Little Bits Here, Little Bits There

Our benefits at work are changing once again. It's quite confusing really. I wish I could just have someone take care of all that stuff for me. You know, paying the bills, putting any necessary paperwork together, the tedious bookwork side of life. I dislike it and I really don't have the time. I know, I know. If I have time to post on my blog, I have time to take care of the "paperwork". But I hate it!

I am watching the bachelor, only because I find it comical that all of those women really think that they have a chance. Even the final woman probably won't end up with this guy. He's a prince you know. A long lost prince. hehe. He is sort of cute, in that homely sort of way.

On to better looking things. I have really taken the daily renewal seriously. I start off each and every day knowing that it is a fresh start. I try to make each day a little brighter for someone else, which makes me feel so much better about myself. I have so much to be thankful for and I never want to take it for granted.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Clearly, I Was In Over My Head

He was there.
I saw him.
I know he saw me.
I waited to see if he would approach me.
He did not.
He just left.
He just left.
Now I know.
I don't have to keep convincing myself that he will change.
He won't.
He said so himself.
I just didn't listen.

I posted this the other day. It's a chapter of my life that has closed. The lyrics to the song, Over My Head (Cable Car), by The Fray, says it best.

I never knew
I never knew that everything was falling through.
That everyone I knew was waiting on a queue,
To turn and run when all I needed was the truth.
But that's how its got to be.
It's coming down to nothing more than apathy.
I'd rather run the other way than stay and see
The smoke and who's still standing when it clears.

Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head.
With eight seconds left in overtime,
He's on your mind.

Let's rearrange.
I wish you were a stranger I could disengage.
Say that we agree and then never change.

Soften a bit until we all just get along.
But that's disregard.
Find another friend and you discard
As you lose the argument in a cable car,
Hanging above us as the canyon comes between.

Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head.
With eight seconds left in overtime,
He's on your mind.

And suddenly I become a part of your past.
Im becoming the part that don't last.
I'm losing you and it's effortless.

Without a sound we lose sight of the ground.
In the throw around.
Never thought that you wanted to bring me down
I won't let it go down till we torch it outselves.

Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head.
With eight seconds left in overtime,
He's on your mind.

I'm Back

I am back from a wonderful weekend at my parents' house. Thanks to all of you who replied with your kind words. I really appreciate it. It's back to work tomorrow, but with the reminder of a fresh start.

Friday, September 29, 2006

A New Life

On Wednesday, I noted that a fresh start begins today, on Wednesday.

Today is Friday, and I am continuing on, day by day. Every day is a fresh start.

I have thought over and over again about my life. I looked at my kid the other day for the first time. I didn't even recognize him. DB is eleven, soon to be twelve next year. When I cast my eyes on him for the first time last week, I saw that I have missed out on so much. His life is all that I should be worried about, not my life at work. Where have I been this whole time?

He broke my heart yesterday when he said that I spend a lot of time at work and I don't pay attention to him. He said it so matter-of-factually, like it was suppose to be that way. It pained me beyond belief. IT'S NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THAT WAY!!!!! I felt like crying. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't be that mom. The mom who doesn't realize where the years went with her child. My kid is at a difficult age right now where boys are trying to find where they fit in at school and the rest of the world. I need to be there for him. I want to be there for him.

I have today and the rest of the weekend off. Wasn't planning on taking the weekend off until last week, when I noticed the need for a change in my life. I have Pipe and Andrew to thank. They have both opened up my eyes to a world I have been missing. Pipe has gone through so much with his family. His elderly mother is ill and he spends much of his time with her, helping to make sure she is taken care of. Although my mother is not ill, I have not spent enough time with her or my dad. I want to spend as much time with my family as I can. You never know what may happen. Every day is a fresh start.
Andrew has changed me like no other person has been able to. And I have never met him face-to-face. He is an on-line blogging friend who I have come to know, love, and care about deeply. Andrew is like a brother to me. He is family. Through his writings, I have learned that life doesn't always have to be about the hustle and bustle of work. I have learned to make little moments for myself to reflect and ponder new ideas. He is living life. I want a part of that. I want to live. LIVE. I want to wake up every morning with the strong desire to get out in the world and make something positive happen. Time to myself is needed and time with my kid is crucial. It needs to happen, and it will.

My kid and I are off to my parents' house for the weekend. I can't wait to get out into the country and just let the world envelop me. It will be grand.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

He Just Left

He was there.
I saw him.
I know he saw me.
I waited to see if he would approach me.
He did not.
He just left.
He just left.
Now I know.
I don't have to keep convincing myself that he will change.
He won't.
He said so himself.
I just didn't listen.


The phone rings. I hesitate to answer. It is someone from work. I hesitate a second more. What now?

Someone needs answers, they all need answers. So, call me because I seem to have all of the answers.

As I head out to do my job today, I hope that I have not only the answers, but the correct answers. I hope that the information I give to these people is precise and polite. I do not want anyone to get the "wrong" impression when given the answer.

Answers. Say that to yourself ten times and then it sounds odd.

Funny. Funny how common sense doesn't seem to exist today.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Today was beautiful. The sun was just right. Wind was blowing lightly through the timid trees, trees that are on the verge of a fresh start as well. Seasons are changing. I am embracing the change with open arms. Change meaning fresh start or seasons, you ask? Shouldn't they both be embraced?

Tonight, as I close my eyes, I can hear the breeze blowing in through the patio door, swooshing the blinds back and forth with a gentle pit-pit. The breeze, evident amongst the nearby trees, feels so refreshing on my arm as I type away.

The television is on. But I don't know why. Some woman is crying. Oh, how I have cried so many times before. It needed to be done, to make me stronger. Why am I a one who carries my emotions on my sleeve? The expression on my face shows the story, the voice tells the tale. That is me, that is how I am.

Did I mention that today was a beautiful day? It was. It was almost perfect.

I am going to end this near perfect day by going to bed early. Good night, sweet, sweet world. All is well...
Fresh Start begins today...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


i need to vent

why are people so selfish
why do we not take care of our own

how can loved ones just stand by and not care what is happening to loved ones that are ill

why do we live in a world that is so self centered

one person
a couple of hands
a few hearts
several words
a bunch of love
thousands of hugs kisses smiles and assuring nods

a fresh start

Monday, September 25, 2006

it was a long weekend
i dont feel like using any punctuation today
too much work

you may even find misspelled words because i will not be doing spellcheck
i do not want to capitalize any words
i would just rather not

one could say it is depression
i say that it is expression

i am so sick and tired of stupid people
people are sick and tired of me

i will say more later
too tired right now to even draw my heavy lids upon the screen

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I saw too many stores today. I think I hit seven stores today. All I did was pick up pictures of everyone's tailgating and samplefest displays for the division sales meeting tomorrow. woo hoo.


Okay, I feel so much better now. Had to get that off of my chest. I kind of feel a little selfish sometimes.

So, I am watching Extreme Makeover- Home Edition. It always makes me cry. Why? Because I am a sucker when it comes to seeing deserving families get a new chance at life. I will never be qualified to be a recipient for a home like that, but I was able to be a part of the Extreme Makeover when it came to Kansas. My company filled the refrigerator of the Nutsch family of Rose Hill, Kansas. You never realize how amazing the experience of receiving a new home is until you see someone receive one. It was one of the most memorable moments in many people's lives that day. And we were a part of it.

Well, it's about 8 pm and time is getting away from me. I have to get all of my numbers together for tomorrow's meeting and I still need to work on a shrink action plan for five of my stores. So, I will leave the blogging world temporarily for now...
Well, I now have gmail, but now I don't know how to get others on with me. I have Andrew, but I wouldn't mind getting others that I chat with on there as well. I am going to have to figure it out when I get home from work today.

I gotta go to several stores. They had inventory last night and I need to make sure that my departments got through it okay. I have a lot of green managers out there. Anyway, I will talk at all of you later...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Productive Days

Okay, so I am going to try this new Gmail thing. Hope it works out okay, cuz' I am not good with computers. I bought my first computer this April and I bet it crashes within a year. Anyway, I really don't know how this Gmail works, but hopefully I will learn fast.

So, today was pretty productive. We had a Samplefest going on and I pretty much stayed at one store. It was fun, but one of my bosses did stop by. She did compliment the store and told me that it was looking much better since the last time she was in. That made me feel a little better considering I have been working my ass off at that store plus the other 21 stores I have. Tomorrow I will start all over again at a different store across town.

Well, I am going to sign off. I may be back tonight, but if not, have a great evening...
Aahhhh! I have a ton to do today, so I am keeping the morning post brief. I have to get up to one of my stores and help them set up for a samplefest that we are doing in my zone. Gotta go, gotta go, but I will be baaaaaaaaaaaack.....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Remember When

I am at home enjoying the day off. Not quite a full day off, but it's great nevertheless. I am anticipating the weather to start getting much cooler. We had quite a storm pass through yesterday. It was so windy that the rain was hitting the side of my car instead of the windshield. Funny.

My kid is going to my parent's house for the weekend. My dad wants to take DB fishing. I remember going on those fishing trips with my dad when I was younger. It was always so much fun. We would go to the river often or to the sand pit and sit for hours waiting for the fish to bite. I remember the water glistening across the water, dancing playfully along the top. You could hear the constant lapping noise the water made on it's dedicated way to shore. The ground was wet and squishy near the sandy bank. A toe would find it's way to the brink of the shore and a shock of cold electricity would shoot up my body, a smile on my sunny face. I remember those days like it was yesterday. My kid is so lucky. Ah, to be eleven again.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Girls Gone Wild - I Wish!

Well, the day was somewhat productive. The girl I was going to train was not working today. Of course, my dumbass forgot to check schedules. lol.

Anyway, I have been reading up on everyone and I have noticed that it's a little weird. It's like you are invited into a tiny part of these people's lives and you look forward to what will happen next. I read about Karin and how her job is going. I have read about Leann and her adventures in Alaska. Then there is Beck and her daily updates about how she is doing. Annabel is always so busy. She makes me look like a sloth. hehe. Jade hasn't been around lately, but I guess she is quite busy with school and work. She is probably a kick-ass bartender. Too bad all of us girls couldn't hit her establishment together with a girl's night out. Of course, we would have to fly Austere to the states for that, but what's a few thousand miles between girls and a great night of fun? Miss Parlancheq (Miss Mass.) could crack us all up with her fun loving self as she points out the best and unique men in the room. It would be so much fun.

Now, I know the men who may read this will be a little jealous. But the girls have got to do their thing once in awhile, you know what I mean? Helllllooooo!

Andrew, Pipe, my boyfriend, and all of the single, married, divorced, gay, hetero, whatevero guys out there - Eat your hearts out on a night like that.