Saturday, January 31, 2015

I Love Babies and Kids

A co-worker of mine is having twins!  K's not due until later this year, but I am super excited!  She's a good friend and already has a boy and a girl that are 6 and 5.  I think she almost cried when she found out she was having twins.  Lol...  K said I could have one of them!  Hahahaha....  I did tell her I would help with the other two when she needed a hand.  They are both precious and so well mannered.

They come to see me at the store about once every other week.  I have a "candy drawer" and they know exactly where the special treats are.  Today, they said they would like to have something different.  So we grabbed some Cheetos instead!  I still sent them home with a few chocolate bars.  Now all of my Christmas candy is finally gone.  That's okay.  There will be plenty of Valentine's candy!  I am making both of the little ones there own Valentine's bag.  I can't wait for them to see it!  I should have been a teacher.  I love spending time with children.  They are so curious and full of questions.  They can talk your ear off, but it's so rewarding to see them learning all of the time.  Oh well, it's retail for me.

Speaking of which... work was mad busy today!  Holy cow Batman!  Super Bowl selling along with first of the month business and a snow scare does wonders for business.  Our sales were great today!  I think I filled the sour cream and dips in the dairy at least 3 times.  Crazy!

Okay, so my super yummy salad is waiting for me.  I had a big lunch, so dinner is going to be lighter.  I am off to do some reading.

Have a wonderful evening!


Friday, January 30, 2015


It's late.  I just got home, am sitting down and eating a double whopper with cheese and onion rings.  Why?  Because I can.  Now I am off to read blogs!



I don't understand it.  Isn't the purpose of having a garage to store your vehicle in?  I see so many people who have so much crap in their garages and they are parking their 2-3 vehicles outside.  What's the deal?  Get rid of the extra crap in your life people!  My philosophy is if I haven't touched it or used it in one year, I don't need it.  Holidays are once a year, so decorations I keep.  But I don't hoard a shitload of it.  Geesh!

Rant over.

I am waiting for Stephen to get home.  He works the swing shift and usually gets home around 12:30.  I like to work first shift.  If I ever move down here, our schedules will probably be off for awhile.  I don't see me moving down here anytime soon.  My job has no stores in this state.  I did hear we are buying a big retail chain in Florida, but I don't want to be anywhere near the ocean.  I hate sand.  Yes, I am weird.

Better get my laundry folded and work clothes laid out.  I am leaving here early because I have a hair appointment before work tomorrow.  Need to get these grays out of my head!  Night!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finally Back To Normal

I will never be normal, but my computer is back and in better shape.  I hate not being computer savvy.  Anyway, I am in OKC for another day and I head back to the ICT tomorrow.  I have a 10 am hair appointment, so I will be leaving at sunrise.  Joy!

I am going to cut this morning's entry short because I want to read up on some of my favorite blogs.  Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Hate Computers

I hate computers.  Actually, I hate setting them up and troubleshooting issues. Like right now I can't watch Netflix.  I don't know if it's because of an outage or if something is wrong with my computer/connection.  The loading icon just keeps circling round and round.

I also have no clue how to set this blasted thing up.  It's a brand new Lenovo ideapad with touchscreen and the only thing I do with it is blog and watch Netflix.  Now all I can do is blog at the moment.  Sigh.... Why could I not be blessed with a techie personality?  I envy those people!


National Champions

I am so happy!  My Buckeyes are the National Champions!  We had so much fun watching the game last night.  My Facebook and Twitter pages are filled!

It's my last day here in Oklahoma.  I head back to the ICT tomorrow, back to the daily grind.  I've got the late shift so that means the day will be long, starting off with a 2 hour drive.  I need to leave a little bit early because I am picking up my new iPhone.  Yay!  Can't wait.  The Kid already has his, so he's been updated.  I had to order the one I wanted, so mom gets to wait.

Stephen is ordering a screen protector and case for the new tablet I got him.  I already know he's going to use it for games and watching the boob tube.  It may even take the place of his computer that he has hooked up to that monster size 70" tv screen.  Goodness sakes.  My emails never looked so big.

Well, I need to get started on laundry.  Better get lunch going as well.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Brunch

Good morning.  I know it's almost afternoon.  That's okay.  I stayed up until 3 am and didn't wake up until 10:30.  It's like going back to my youth!  Stay up all night, sleep in the next day.  Not much going on this morning.  I am making brunch.  Right now the fried potatoes are working their magic in the frying pan. One must not interrupt fried potatoes.  So many make the mistake of constantly flipping them.  You have to let them crisp up people!  Let them get a brown crunchy coat on it before you touch them.  I hand sliced the potatoes this morning.  It's the best way to do it!  Added a little olive oil in the pan, got it hot.  Then threw in the russets.  I always put a lid on my potatoes so it will cook thoroughly.  They still crisp up real nice.  Yumm!

I am also making a veggie omelet with sweet peppers, onions and goat cheese.  The toast will be made last.  It's made with the 21 grain bread from Sprouts I am so fond of.  This bread doesn't need any butter.  It's delicious!

Well, the potatoes are about done, which means I need to whip up these omelets and toast so Stephen can eat like a king.  There is something about cooking your own meal that makes it extra special when sharing it with someone you love.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Coconut Creme Pie

It's one of my favorites.  And I am eating it for dessert.  Dinner was great.  We went to Red Rock Canyon.  I had the veggie plate because it was lighter and Stephen ordered the chicken enchiladas.

I have been doing a pescetarian diet for the past week, so veggies seemed light and not heavy.  I have only eaten fish, no flesh.  I know that sounds weird, but I can already tell a difference.  It's helped with digestion big time.  I noticed that dairy makes me constipated, so that has been minimal as well.   Let's see if I can lose any weight!

Anyway, we are watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.  We both really like the series.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I still have two more days off.  Yippee!


Date Night

I told you my boyfriend loves football.  The best way to get him out is to bet on the game.  We bet on the Colts vs. Broncos game.  He lost.  So now I win a date night to anywhere I want for dinner.  Yay me!  Glad I picked the right team.  And since Wes Welker plays for the Denver Broncos and is from Oklahoma City, well, you know we aren't going there for dinner!  Ha!

I am super excited about dinner tonight.  I think we may go to Red Rock Canyon.  It's one of my favorite places.  Or we may try Zorba's tonight.  It's Mediterranean.  Not sure if Stephen is up for any of it, but I don't really care.  A bet is a bet.  And he complained I was a sore loser the last time, so he better deliver.

I'll fill you in later on how it went.  Yay!  SO EXCITED!


Sunday Is Not Funday

My boyfriend loves football.  I really enjoy college football, but not the NFL.  My Stephen loves it all. I am sitting here watching the Cowboys vs. Packers game.  It's funny hearing him do his own commentary on the game.  Of course, it includes several F-bombs and expletive phrase like:

"Come one Packers, why don't you give him a f*cking hole to run thru?"

He's rooting for the Packers because he hates the Cowboys.  Whatever.  Oooohhhhh! There's a fight on tv!!!

I am looking forward to tomorrow's game.  I am so excited that my Ohio State Buckeyes are in the championship game.  O-H!!!  The Buckeyes are slated as the underdog.  Again.  That's okay.   I don't know of any other team who can get to the playoffs on a 3rd string quarterback.  I am worried that Braxton Miller won't be back next year.  I hope the rumors about Oregon are false.  Please don't pull a "Lebron James" move.  He was hated by so many for leaving his home team.  Ohio State wouldn't be where they are at without Braxton.  He has helped build the program over the last 3 years.

Okay, enough football talk.  I could go on and on, but this isn't a sports blog.

Stephen just asked, "What are you typing over there?"

"I am blogging.  Would you like me to read you what I have so far?"

"No." Shaking his head....

"Are you sure?  I am talking about you."

"Nope.  And you don't have my written permission."

Lol....  He's so funny.

There really is not much conversation on days like today.  So that is why it's not a Funday.  AND, Stephen just ate all of my dark chocolate peanut clusters.  sigh.....


Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's Still Cold

I've been cold all day.  So what am I doing right now?  I'm eating a hot fudge sundae from Braums, with extra peanuts.  My hands and lips are cold, but it's too yummy to not eat.  Ya, I am that crazy person who prefers ice cream in the winter and super hot coffee in the summer.  Actually, I like my coffee super hot all year round.

How was your day?  It's weird being off on the weekend.  It's a different life, that's for sure.  I work almost every weekend at the Big D, so it's nice to get one off.  It's also extra nice being with my boyfriend.  Yay!

Well, I'm going to cut it short tonight.  I need to finish this scrumptious sundae and read some blogs.  Maybe I can find a few new ones to start reading.


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Crappy Customers

Today was a day of the crappy customer.  I had to deal with a woman who was horrible.  She was trying to take full advantage of a situation and I wanted to scratch her eyes out.  I maintained my composure, thankfully.

Work went pretty well.  It flew by, which I love.  I get to do it all over again tomorrow.  Then, a late shift on Friday and I am off for 4 days!  I will be heading to see my BF and I can't wait.  I was talking to Stephen tonight on the phone and he slyly mentioned how he missed me.  lol.... He's so funny.

My son has enrolled in his second semester.  Two English classes, trig and sociology.  He's got a full schedule.  The Kid had a 3.5 last semester, only one B.  I wish he would have applied himself like this in high school.  Better late than never, I guess.

I have a mountain of laundry staring at me.  This is the bad side to having so many clothes.  I only do laundry once every other week.  I probably won't do it until I get back next week.  It's not going anywhere and it's out of sight.

Oh... and my rent went up. Dang!  I only signed a 6 month lease just in case I want to move.  You never know what opportunities may come up.  Stephen wants me to move down to OKC.  I would love to do that, but I have been with my company for almost 20 years.  Could I give all of that up?  If I moved down there, I wouldn't really have to work that much.  Could I do that?  I know I could.  And I deserve it.  If an opportunity presents itself, I may just jump in head first!  I am only 40 years old.   I have a lot of years ahead of me and with the day from hell that I had, I wouldn't think twice.  Don't  get me wrong.  I absolutely love my job.  But I love myself more and I deserve to be happy.

I better get in the shower.  It's going to be in the teens tomorrow for the high, so I need to get up a bit earlier than usual to warm up my car!  Hope you are all doing well in this incredible winter!


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

It''s Late

It's late and I have to be at work at 7.  I had a decent day off, spent some time with my mom, saw a good friend and went to my niece's basketball game.  They lost, miserably.

I am just checking in to see if I'm blog famous yet.  Nope.... guess not.  Lol.  I never hope to be.  I love my own little world.

Hope you had a great day!


Sunday, January 04, 2015

Barking Dogs and Cussing Sailors

Today was my first day back to work at the Big D after being off for 11 days.  My dogs are barking tonight and we weren't even busy.  Guess I took it too easy on my vacation, which is exactly what you are supposed to do, right?  Good for me!  I just have one more day tomorrow and then I have a day off already.  Yay!

I worked the closing shift today.  I had about 200 emails waiting for me.  I used to check this while I was on vacation so I could stay ahead, but it's just not worth it.  I want to enjoy every day I have off and not worry about what is going on at work.  They can live without me.

It took me several times during the day to get it all read, but that's how you eat an elephant... small bites.  Anyway, today just consisted of taking down old d├ęcor and marking it down for sale.  I can't believe how much we sold!  I also had to run a shit ton of reports.  Ya, a shit ton.  I might as well tell you now I cuss like a bloody sailor.  If you want to know the real me, that's a given.  I use obscenities all the time, so watch out!

I was a bit hungry when I got home.  What does one eat so late at night when they are starving?  Van de Kamp fish sticks, of course.  It's a culinary delight.  Ha!  Seriously tho, it took like 15 minutes to heat up in the oven, so that was it.

I am heading to my mom's after work.  She has no internet, so I doubt I post.  I will most likely be back by Tuesday.  I also need to get my new iPhone this week.  The Kid has been bugging me to go and get our upgrades.  Guess it's time.


Saturday, January 03, 2015

Last Day of Vaca

It's my last day here in OKC.  I head back to the ICT tomorrow.  Nothing special is planned.  Going to have lunch with Stephen (my BF) in a few and then do some grocery shopping for his meals later this week.  They have a grocery store here that I really like - Sprouts.  It's big on fresh, small on processed.  Stephen and I like to do our shopping here.

Guess we are heading out now.  I will be back later to post more today!  Laters....

Okay, I'm back.  Had a little lunch (breakfast) at Jim's Diner.  Their food is pretty tasty.  It was our last meal "out" as we are both trying to eat more at home.  I ordered a veggie omelet with cheddar cheese, country potatoes and a biscuit with gravy.  It was every bit of delicious and terribly bad for me!

We then headed to the pawn shop to see Stephen's mom.  I absolutely adore this gal.  She's quite a smart cookie and her stories are endless.  I think I could listen to her talk for hours and hours.  We found two large mirrors for the workout room, so Stephen has a small project now of hanging those bad boys up.  He wants them in the room so he can watch himself work out, making sure he is lifting correctly.  Whatever.

Sprouts - have I said how much I love this store?  I purchased two loaves of their organic 21 grain bread.  It doesn't have a very long shelf life, but it's organic and SUPER tasty.  I can freeze one loaf and when I come back next Saturday, I can always go back and purchase more.  I also bought 3 delicious Honey Crisp apples. They were on sale for only $1.98/lb.  We got our usual organic stuff: carrots, celery, broccoli, kale, grape tomatoes and salad mix.  I make a killer salad.  I will post it one day for you all to see.  I load it with all kinds of goodies.  My favorite is adding a little pear for a touch of sweetness.  Mmmmm.... can't wait for supper tonight.

Stephen is online looking at rubber floors (workout room) and he keeps looking at me as I type this.  I think the tapping/clicking of my nails on the keys may be a little annoying.  hahaha.... oh well!

Guess I better start prepping for supper tonight.  We are having sockeye salmon (Stephen is going to grill) and a myriad of wonderful grilled vegetables - zucchini, squash, yellow onions, etc.  Of course I plan on making a killer salad to go with it.  The only thing cumbersome about tonight's preparation is pulling those darn pin needles out of the fish.  I am glad Stephen got me a pair of needle nose pliers.  They definitely do the trick!

Well, I guess I better get to it.  I go back to work tomorrow and I still have to fold a load of laundry.  Hope you all had a great day!

I'll try to do a better job of posting more.


Friday, January 02, 2015

No Resolutions

Ya... I am not the one for making resolutions anymore.  Not once have they have stuck.  Lol,,, So, I am just going to live each day to the fullest.  I am sure it will be so adventurous (insert sarcasm here).

Anyway, I am in OKC right now visiting my BF.  We have been dating a little over a year.  I was with Josh (my ex) for over 7 years, so if you are wondering what happened to him, well, we broke up.  He now lives in Dallas with his brother.

Anyway, I love visiting the OKC area.  I would totally move here if Kroger would ever put stores down here, but since that isn't going to happen, well, we will just have to see.  Don't worry.  I highly doubt there will be wedding bells in my future.  I've never been married.  Don't see that changing anytime soon.

Okay.  I need to make some coffee.  It's a late start this morning.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!