Friday, January 30, 2015


I don't understand it.  Isn't the purpose of having a garage to store your vehicle in?  I see so many people who have so much crap in their garages and they are parking their 2-3 vehicles outside.  What's the deal?  Get rid of the extra crap in your life people!  My philosophy is if I haven't touched it or used it in one year, I don't need it.  Holidays are once a year, so decorations I keep.  But I don't hoard a shitload of it.  Geesh!

Rant over.

I am waiting for Stephen to get home.  He works the swing shift and usually gets home around 12:30.  I like to work first shift.  If I ever move down here, our schedules will probably be off for awhile.  I don't see me moving down here anytime soon.  My job has no stores in this state.  I did hear we are buying a big retail chain in Florida, but I don't want to be anywhere near the ocean.  I hate sand.  Yes, I am weird.

Better get my laundry folded and work clothes laid out.  I am leaving here early because I have a hair appointment before work tomorrow.  Need to get these grays out of my head!  Night!



Annabel said...

I agree, but I'm halfway guilty. I can park my car in the garage, but Matt's stays outside because of all his stuff in the other half of the garage. When he moved in, we had no room for the extra washer and dryer, love seat and table among other boxes. We were able to give the washer and dryer to my son, but still trying to figure out what to do about the other stuff. I notice that a lot of people in this neighborhood use the garage as an extra room with a pool table and such. I like being able to park my car in the garage - especially on frosty and rainy days.

Billy said...

I wish I had a garage. My townhouse only has a carport. I guess some coverage is better than nothing!