Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Is Not Funday

My boyfriend loves football.  I really enjoy college football, but not the NFL.  My Stephen loves it all. I am sitting here watching the Cowboys vs. Packers game.  It's funny hearing him do his own commentary on the game.  Of course, it includes several F-bombs and expletive phrase like:

"Come one Packers, why don't you give him a f*cking hole to run thru?"

He's rooting for the Packers because he hates the Cowboys.  Whatever.  Oooohhhhh! There's a fight on tv!!!

I am looking forward to tomorrow's game.  I am so excited that my Ohio State Buckeyes are in the championship game.  O-H!!!  The Buckeyes are slated as the underdog.  Again.  That's okay.   I don't know of any other team who can get to the playoffs on a 3rd string quarterback.  I am worried that Braxton Miller won't be back next year.  I hope the rumors about Oregon are false.  Please don't pull a "Lebron James" move.  He was hated by so many for leaving his home team.  Ohio State wouldn't be where they are at without Braxton.  He has helped build the program over the last 3 years.

Okay, enough football talk.  I could go on and on, but this isn't a sports blog.

Stephen just asked, "What are you typing over there?"

"I am blogging.  Would you like me to read you what I have so far?"

"No." Shaking his head....

"Are you sure?  I am talking about you."

"Nope.  And you don't have my written permission."

Lol....  He's so funny.

There really is not much conversation on days like today.  So that is why it's not a Funday.  AND, Stephen just ate all of my dark chocolate peanut clusters.  sigh.....


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