Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vegetables, It's What's For Dinner

Yep, it was a vegetarian meal this evening.  I arrived at Stephen's safe and sound.  It took me a full two hours and fifteen minutes to get here.  I could do the speed limit on the highway for most of the way here, but right around Guthrie, the conditions were a bit more questionable.

Anyway, I got here, unloaded my car, grabbed a quick shower and then headed to the kitchen to do some prep for supper.  I made a killer salad with mixed spring greens and baby kale, sweet mini peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, raspberries and a little bit of ripe black plums.  I also made a badass veggie Panini sandwich on 15 grain bread with zucchini, squash, roasted red peppers, sautéed onions and peppers, pepperjack cheese and pesto.  It was delicious!  Here is a quick pic.  I almost devoured it before I remembered to grab a pic.

It's not a fancy plate or presentation, but it works for something quick and easy.  Right now Stephen is watching YouTube videos of some machinist working on tools.  I think it has something to do with a drill bit or something like that.  Who knows.  He's watching some guy named Tom and he has a bunch of videos on how he has made stuff and how to work with specific tools.  yay.

Well, I am going to watch Netflix with my sweetie for a bit before heading to bed.  Hope you all had a great day!


Friday, February 27, 2015

It's All About the Food

My son is one of those young men who could eat the same thing every day, as long as it's something he likes, which is usually anything homemade.  Since I will be on vacation and the Kid is going to be home every day, with the watchful eye of two next door neighbors, I made him some food while I would be away.

I made several meals with bulgogi and rice, as well as these breakfast sandwiches...

Pardon the unprofessional glamour shots of my food.  It was a quick pic.  I sent him a pic of these while he was at work and I could tell he was happy.  We also went shopping for some Boar's Head sandwich meat and cheese, lots of fruit, cereal and almond milk.  The Kid is set with enough food to last him a month, snowed in.

I have all of the laundry done, kitchen cleaned, packed and ready to go.  I have a short shopping list from Stephen to take care of while I am at work tomorrow and if all goes well, I will be in OKC by late tomorrow night.  I am looking forward to my time off.  I am also super happy that Stephen is not working this weekend or next so we can spend some time together.  I LOVE him so much!

I may not check in tomorrow, but will for sure on Sunday.  I will do a birthday post so I can talk about how old I feel.  Hehehehe....


A Light Snow Day

Whenever we get light snow and I happen to be scheduled off from work, I like to sit by the window and imagine living in the country.  Happyone takes such beautiful pictures on her walk and I wish I could see that kind of scenery.  I laugh because here is what you see from my front window...

Not much scenery from my townhouse!  I imagine the countryside is blanketed with this light snow, pretty and perfect.  I wish I were a country girl.  If I were a country girl, I don't think I would yearn to be a city girl.  I've always loved the country.  I grew up driving the back farm roads to get to places.  I've never lived on a farm, but always dreamed about having chickens.  I really want chickens!

I hope one day Stephen and I will be able to live together in Oklahoma.  Right now, my job is keeping me here.  I guess if I were to find a similar job in OKC, then I could move.  But it's going to have to pay similar to what I make now and I don't think I would be able to get the same salary or benefits.  We are both in a good place and are doing well with the long distance relationship since we both work so much.  But I know one day it's not going to be enough for me.   He has already told me I could move now.  I just can't.  I'm sure you can understand the struggle.

Anyway, I am enjoying the light snowfall.  I don't like the ice, but snow is just fine.  It's a good day to be off and enjoying getting some things done around the house.  Later this afternoon I will be making some breakfast and lunches up for the Kid while I am on vacation for a week. He prefers my food over eating out, so I decided to make some stuff for him.  He's 20 and I realized today we haven't spent much time in the kitchen.  He asked me today to show him how to do more cooking, as the only thing he can really cook are eggs. Lol.... He's a master with the microwave and can heat up a frozen pizza in the oven.  That's about it tho.  I will definitely be looking forward to cooking with him this spring/summer.

Have a great day! Two more days until I am on vacation!  Yay!


Late Night Musings

It's late and I can't go to sleep.  I've been thinking about my life.  I will turn 41 on Sunday.  While I know I have accomplished many things and I should be very proud of what I have, I continue to feel as though I am meant to do so much more. With my life halfway over, it seems as though now there isn't enough time to do it, whatever it may be.  Am I alone when thinking this?  Has anyone else felt this way?

I never finished college.  That is something that has been eating at me for some time.  I don't know if I will be able to juggle work and school at this time.  My job is very demanding and I love what I do, however, I wouldn't be scared to try something new.  The only problem is finding a job with a similar salary without a degree.  I would most likely be shooting myself in the foot by taking such a drastic measure.

There are so many unknowns to ponder in the late hours of the night.  The silence makes you think.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Am Taking The Day Off

I decided not to go into work.  They are just going to have to get it done.  I worked my arse off to get ready for this week's "inspection".  On the brighter side, I am taking dinner to my friend, Rose, tonight.  She has a big family and I can't wait to spend some time with her.  There will be 6 hungry people, so I decided to make lasagna, garlic bread and a nice salad.  Comfort food is always good, especially when it's cold outside.

After dinner, I am meeting up with another co-worker to help him prepare for an application into management.  He's pretty excited and since we will both be on vacation when the application is due, we have decided to get it done tonight.

Right now I am doing some laundry and blogging in between loads.  This morning's breakfast of an everything bagel and scrambled eggs really hit the spot. The coffee was delightful.  Definitely needed it this morning since I slept in until 9:30!  Quite unusual for me since most of the time I am up before 6:30.

I am off to read some of my favorite blogs.  If you have any favorites you follow that talk about day to day nothings like mine, be sure to leave me a link!

Have a Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So Tired Today

I felt crappy at work today.  I wore no makeup, so of course everyone was asking if I was okay.  No, I'm not.  My tummy was hurting, but mainly my head was pounding.  I know it's all from stress.  It happens from work sometimes.  That's what I get for working retail for a major grocery chain and one of the biggest volume stores in the city.

Oh wells.  I am at home and supposed to be off tomorrow.  I am visiting my work friend, Rose, tomorrow.  She hasn't heard anything more about her cancer, but they will be scheduling a sonogram and biopsy soon.  I am scared for her.

Anyway, I am going to read some of my favorite blogs now.  They always put me in a good mood!

BTW...  4 more days until I see my Stephen!  Yay!


Monday, February 23, 2015

5 More Days

I only have five more days until vacation.  I can't wait!  I have been so busy these past few days.  Hope everyone is doing well!


Friday, February 20, 2015


I talked with my co-worker today.  We shall call her Rose.  Rose had a stent put in today.  I guess there is a mass near her pancreas/liver?   I am not sure.  They are keeping her overnight for observation and will know more tomorrow.

It's been rough at work.  The entire store is down and worried.  I am trying to keep everyone updated and positively so they won't worry.  But I am worried.

I am looking forward to vacation time coming up. I will be 41 on March 1.  I am taking that entire week off.  I am really looking forward to some time off.  I may do a little light traveling, go see my folks, spend time with Stephen and do some running around with his mom. It's all about relaxation!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 19, 2015


My co-worker found out she has pancreatic cancer.


This sucks.

More tests for her tomorrow.



Put down the electronic devices.  LISTEN to me.  Lol... this is what I had to tell the Kid.  I had to tell him 4 times when we were going to visit my sister and he still forgot.  He's getting to be as bad as me.  Ha!

I am enjoying my cold day off in Oklahoma.  It's sunny out there, but looks can be deceiving.  It's cold at around 43 degrees right now.  The high will be in the lower 50's today.

I got a phone call this morning from a co-worker.  She is at the doctor's office.  She was really jaundice yesterday and her urine has been very discolored.  They have done two urine samples, drawn blood and now she has to get a CT scan.  This can't be good, right?  I know not to look on the internet for symptoms and diagnosis.  But I did have a friend who died of liver cancer and these were the some of the first symptoms he had.

Anyway, she's going to call me later to see how everything is.  I sure hope it's just an infection or something.

Stephen and I are heading out this afternoon to grab some lunch and to do some light grocery shopping before he heads into work.  I am meeting him at his job and bringing him supper tonight.  We will decide later what that will be!

Hope you are all staying warm out there.  If you get a chance to put away that electronic device for a few hours, do so!  I am!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Patience - Not A Friend Of Mine

I am patiently waiting for Stephen to get home.  He doesn't get home until after midnight.  Sad face!

Guess I will just look around on the net, read some blogs, look at news, maybe watch some Netflix until he gets here.

Night everyone!  I'll be back tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Home Cooked Meal

They say many Americans have about 5-6 signature go-to meals that are made on a rotating basis.  I had to think about that.  I guess that might be semi-true.  We eat a lot of rice because of our Korean background, so I do have that on a regular basis.  But I like to be adventurous and not cook the same thing all of the time.  For instance, the ham and beans I made is something I will only do about 2-3 times a year.  We may have it for leftovers, but it's not something we cook on a regular basis.

It's now become a rarity when my son (the Kid) and I are home at the same time.  Since I had most of today off, I've decided to cook supper tonight for both of us.  I really do love to cook!  This evening's meal will be oven fried center cut pork chops, seasoned with garlic and Italian seasonings, wild rice sprinkled with sweet peas and (you guessed it) a side of ham and beans.  Lol...  He requested the beans and the rice, I chose the entrée.  I usually also make a salad, but with so much food, I think we can skip it this time.  And yes, I am making enough so the Kid has some leftovers tomorrow.

I better start prepping.  He won't be home until 8, so I have some time.  It will be a late supper for us both.

What are you having for supper?  Do you have certain go-to meals?  Do you make enough for leftovers?

I am always interested to see what people do for meals.  I am a foodie at heart.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Leftover Blah, Blah, Blah

It's leftover ham and beans for supper tonight and I am eating alone.  I'm super glad I am independent.  Some of my friends... not so much.  They can't eat alone, live alone, etc.  I love having company, but I also like my alone time.  One of my friends can't do anything by themselves.   They have to be doted upon constantly.  It's so annoying to me sometimes.  I hate hearing about it.  Sigh...  I guess I shouldn't judge those that are attention seekers.  We are all human and we all go about our lives in different ways.  I don't have to be around this person, so no harm done.

Anyway, enough about that.  Back to the leftovers.  They are so yummy!  I could eat leftovers or reuse leftovers for several days.  I usually make stuff I love to eat, so it's all good.  Hehehehe...  What are some of the leftovers you like to eat?


Chore Day

The Kid (my son) and I headed out after I made us both a little brunch: blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs, oven crisp bacon and coffee.  We headed to the Big D to get some laundry essentials for the small mountain of clothes in the laundry room.  I don't know why I let it get so big, but it just tells me I have entirely too many clothes.  Anyway, while at the Big D, we also purchased some gift cards (4x Fuel Points until Feb. 17) to Target, American Eagle and a few Long Horn Steakhouse.  They did not have any Buckle cards, so I told The Kid I would just give him money to buy his jeans.  The jeans aren't cheap, but he is using the (now extra) birthday money I gave him.  After finishing up at the grocery store, I got some gas, then headed to Target.  We got him several pairs of work pants, socks and more socks.  He wears thru socks pretty quick since he parkours so much.

That was enough shopping for me.  I figured he could go to the mall with his buddies and get what he needs with all the gift cards and cash he got for his birthday.  He's a savvy shopper, so I know he will be going for the discounts.  It's only the jeans that he won't skimp on.  I know The Buckle is pricy, but their jeans last a very long time!

Now I am waiting for my first load of laundry to dry and I have a second load in the washer.  I think I have about 8 loads to do.  I know it sounds like a lot, but I separate everything and I only fill the washer about 2/3 full.  My parents taught me if you don't overfill the washer, your machine will last longer.  It's 2 years old and it's in pretty good shape.  I hear stories about people's washers going out after 2 years, so I've got my fingers crossed.

I will probably squeeze in a nap this afternoon.  I might as well enjoy spending my day off the way I want!

Do you like doing laundry?  Do you separate everything or do you just throw everything in together?

Have a great Monday!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Shirt Is Snug

Ya... about that.  I need to get some weight off.  I've been eating out a wee bit much.  I have a wedding to go to in mid-June and I would like to lose about 30 pounds before then.  Considering that is 4 months away, I better get on the ball!

I made some homemade beans with a tiny bit of ham.  I soaked the beans overnight and cooked them in a crock pot with a ham hock.  I always add a little bit more liquid so I can use the leftover stock for other things.  The beans turned out really good.  I had some for dinner when I got home from work tonight.  It beats eating fast food or restaurant. I have had too much of that in Oklahoma.  In fact, Stephen and I are watching what we eat for the next several months when it comes to eating out.  We are going to share all of our meals moving forward, as well as cooking at home more.  I LOVE to cook, so he is definitely in good hands!

I am off tomorrow and have plans to get my hair did (cover up those grays) and I am meeting my friend who is pregnant with twins.  She finds out what she is having tomorrow and her boyfriend can't go because of work.  So I am going to meet her!  Super excited!  I am hoping she has identical boys, but she wants a boy and a girl  (she already has a boy and a girl) to even it out.  Regardless, any babies will be welcomed!

Do twins run in your family?  My grandmother was a twin.

Hope you had a great Sunday!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

I'm not big on the whole Valentine's holiday.  I am big on spending quality time with Stephen.  We went to a couple of places today where we knew most people would not venture out to.  Hehehe....  It's kind of nice not being around the crowds of people.

I didn't wake up until 9 am this morning.  Stephen didn't get up until almost 11 am.  He works swing shift, so he doesn't go to bed until almost 2:30 am.  As soon as we got out of bed around 11:30, we decided to grab some breakfast.

We wanted to try a new spot and decided on Big Buffalo Grill off of 23rd and Council.  It's not exactly on the corner, but right behind the 7-Eleven.  This place has new owners and they serve breakfast all day. I opted for the chorizo omelet with a biscuit and gravy.  The omelet was made with three eggs, chorizo sausage, home potatoes, onions, green peppers, cheese and a red sauce.  It came with a side of refried beans and fried plantains.  You could pick a bread side and I chose the biscuit and sausage gravy.  Here is what it looked like:

It was a lot of food and all of this was only $7.  The coffee was piping hot and the service was top-notch.  We were told the place just recently got new owners who also have a taco truck down on 23rd and Ann Arbor.  The cook from the previous owners has stayed on, so the food is the same, but with a few new items.  Stephen got the sausage and eggs with a biscuit and gravy and two pancakes.  The pancakes were so flippin yummy!  I am totally getting that the next time we go.

After brunch, Stephen asked if I would like to see Oklahoma City's finest.  So, we headed to the flea market.  Lol....  It was an experience, for sure.  I have never been to one and I would be okay if I never went to another.  I had this idea that it would be more like a farmer's market.  In a way, it was, but with so much junk!  I don't mean to judge, but I am not sure how people can actually make any money.

After the flea market, Stephen took me around to all of the places he grew up.  I got to see all of his childhood homes, as well as places he lived after high school.  It was interesting to see.  He doesn't always open up to me about those things, so it was very special to me.  It was certainly a gorgeous day out (78 degrees!) to drive around in his truck and let my long hair get loose and crazy!

Once our day trip was over, we stopped by Braum's on the way home.  We both got sundaes and decided to eat them there and people watch.  I love watching people.  They fascinate me.  The Braum's we went to is right across the road from this "uber-rich" neighborhood (Stephen's words).  The houses are very pretty, but if I had that kind of money, I would build a house on a good size piece of land.

We headed home after our ice cream.  Stephen worked out in the garage and I actually fell asleep.  Before I knew it, it was 6:30 and we were off to Office Depot.  Stephen just had to have a p-touch machine so he could label all of the tools in his garage.  Whatever floats your boat sweetie!  It was much cooler by then so we were in and out.  On the way out, we could smell Panda Express and we both really craved Chinese food.  We headed back home and stopped by the local Chinese restaurant.  I think every town has one.  I had the sautéed shrimp, which came with an egg roll, egg drop soup and fried rice.  We also got the crab rangoons, which were some of the best I have ever had.  I think it's how they make them.  Crispy, hot and delicious!

I didn't care for the fried rice.  I guess when you grow up in a Korean household, no one can make rice better than your mom.

It was a great day, definitely full of fun, food and laughter.  I learned so much about my Stephen today.  I am glad I was here to be with him.  We both head back to work tomorrow.  I am not looking forward to it.  I won't be back until next week, most likely Wednesday night.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  What did you do?


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Whoang Whoang

It's that sound you hear on Charlie Brown, when the teacher is talking.  That's all I heard tonight after "We decided to go with another candidate, but you were a top contender."  I didn't get the store manager position I applied for.  Oh well.

I'm off to eat a pint of ice cream and wallow in my self-pity.  I'll be back anew in a couple of days.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm Not Doing A Thing

I am off tonight and I don't have to be up early tomorrow.  This girl is taking advantage of the personal time and not doing a thing!  I plan on sleeping in also!  Yippee!

What's for supper tonight?  Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.  Best ice cream ever!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sometimes You Just Need A Pulled Pork Sandwich

I am supposed to be following a Pescetarian diet plan.  For the most part, say 75% of the time, it's  happening.  But every so often, I get a hankerin for some pulled pork.  I've had some leftover pork roast in my freezer for 3 months now.  Not a heck of a lot, but enough for two people.  I gave in and thawed that pork roast out, shredded it, and now going to enjoy it for supper.  I made myself a pulled pork sandwich and I'm not sorry I did.  My gut might be later, but as of this moment, all is right with my world.

I'm off to finish my sandwich, start a load of laundry and catch up on Netflix.

What did you have for supper?

Have a great evening!


Monday, February 09, 2015

It's Only $20

That's what I told some of the kids working the registers tonight when they asked me why I always pay for a certain homeless man's groceries.  I could easily spend that $20 on Starbucks in a week.

There is one particular homeless gentleman who comes to my store and does his shopping.  I only see him once a month.  I didn't see him in January, but I did see him right before Christmas.  In December, I gave him a fleece jacket to wear inside his oversized coat and I gave the cashier $20 to go towards his groceries.  I told her if there was change, to just give him back the change.  He doesn't know who I am because I always do it anonymously.  He's always very nice about it.

Today he told the cashier that he didn't need the $20 because he had a gift card.  The cashier told him the money was his and that we wanted to see him again very soon.  He said thank you and just stood there looking at it.  We offered to carry out his one bag of groceries and his other belongings, but he refused and went on his way.  He's very sweet.  He is in the store for hours just looking at all of the items.  He will pick up a few things and then put some things back.  We once had a lady who bought him a sandwich, but he just left it laying there.  I think he enjoys picking out his own things.  I have learned what he likes: 1% milk, Colby cheese in the small blocks, oranges and junior mints.  The Junior Mints were new tonight.

Anyway, I always enjoy him choosing our store to shop.  I always keep watch over him so no one bothers him while he's shopping.

Hope you all survived the "Mondays".


Sunday, February 08, 2015

Long Week Ahead

Yep... I am enjoying my last night in Oklahoma.  I won't be back for almost two weeks. It sucks because I will miss Valentine's with my Stephen.  Guess he will just have to make up for it later. Haha!  Just kidding. We don't really worry about stuff like that.  But I will miss not seeing him for almost two weeks.

Stephen's mom came out today and he worked on her truck.  He inserted some sort of a lock in the bed of her truck so she could lock up items she had back there.  It's a guy thing....  Anyway, we went to Harbor Freight afterward to get another toolbox for him.  I am so glad I got him a membership because he's already saved more than the two year membership cost.  He loves that place.

After shopping for tools (I was so bored), we took his mom out to dinner at Shorty Smalls.  I love their fried mushrooms.  We used to have one in the ICT, but they closed down.  Stephen and I shared the catfish and chicken tender meal.  They give you a lot of food!  It was delicious, of course.  It was nice to have a meal with his mom.  She is like me.  We both LOVE breakfast and can eat it any time of day.  I noticed if she can't have pasta, she will always go for a sandwich.  And she doesn't like mayo.  She's a Miracle Whip girl.  I happen to love both.

We said our goodbyes after dinner and headed back home.  We stopped in Pmont to grab a couple of lottery tickets.  It took forever because the gal at the counter didn't know how to reboot the machine.  After being there for what felt like an eternity, we headed to Sonic and both got hot fudge and peanut butter sundaes.  Yumm!

I wish it could last a few more days, but that's okay.  I have vacation coming up in March, so I will get some time off.  Hope you all had a great Sunday!


Lazy Sunday

I didn't win the Powerball last night.  Sigh....  I know it's going to happen one day.  Hehehehehe....  I wish!  It's almost 1 pm and I haven't done anything productive except make breakfast.  Fluffy scrambled eggs with sautéed yellow bell peppers, two slices of organic 21 grain toast and my wonderful coffee.  I made Stephen the same eggs, but he wanted oatmeal instead of toast.  He likes the way I make it, with vanilla almond milk instead of just plain old water.  It doesn't need any extra flavoring.

Stephen's mom is coming out today.  He is working on her truck.  I suppose we will be going out for an early dinner later.  We have already started on a couple loads of laundry.  Dishes are in the dishwasher and now I am blogging and he is looking at the weather online.  It's going to be another gorgeous day here in Oklahoma.

Gabby is meowing at me.  I guess she wants some attention.  She has finally become comfortable sitting on my lap.  It only took over a year to get there.  Stephen needs to brush her more.  Her hair is unbearable.  It's the one thing I don't care for.  She likes rubbing herself all over my laptop.  Funny cat.

What are you doing on this fine Sunday?  Usually I am at work, so this is a rare occasion for me.  I shall relish in it all day.  Enjoy yourselves out there!


Saturday, February 07, 2015

Late Start

Well, I am back in Oklahoma.  Got back late last night.  Slept in 9:45 this morning.  Now I feel like half the day is wasted.  That's what I get for having a late start to a beautiful day!  It's sunny and of course, there is that blasted Oklahoma wind.  I am not sure what we are doing today.  Right now, Stephen is working on getting the calluses off the bottom of his feet.

Have I mentioned that toes freak me out?  I hate them.  I don't even like looking at my toes.  Summer time is horrible for me, seeing all of these people wear flip flops and sandals.  Gag....   I always have shoes on.  Lol.  I know, it's a bit strange.

Hope you all have a great day.  I will check back in later in the day.


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Tired With Turkey Hill

I'm pretty tired tonight.  I think the strange hours at work have caught up with me.  I worked from 8 am to 8 pm tonight.  Long day.  Came home and had a yummy salad and now I am going to indulge in some Turkey Hill chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream.  This is the best I have tasted and I can't seem to find any brand out there that has chocolate ice cream with peanut butter ribboned throughout.  Why has no one come up with this yet?

Hope you all had a great day!


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

On A Tuesday

I went to my niece's basketball game tonight.  She is a junior at East.  My baby girl did a great job!  She scored 8 or 10 points and had just as many assists.  I am always super proud of her!

We went out to dinner after the game.  My son will be 20 years old tomorrow.  It's hard to believe I have a 20 year old now, no longer a teenager and far from being the little boy who used to sit in his mommy's lap.  I don't feel old enough to have a 20 year old.  I guess 40 isn't old or anything.  I am very glad to be this young because it means we have many more years ahead of us!   I am so proud of him.  He's such a good young man.

I worked 3rd shift yesterday. Went in at 5 pm and didn't get home until 7 am this morning.  It was a 14 hour work day.  We did some organizing and setting up in our back receiving area.  I'm glad we spent the time to get it done.  I was so tired when I got home, I couldn't fall asleep right away.  I did wake up around 2 pm and did absolutely nothing until it was game time.  I think I will watch some Netflix after reading blogs this evening.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!


Monday, February 02, 2015

The Distance

I never thought I would be in a long distance relationship.  Being miles apart from someone you love can be unbearable at times.  It's getting harder for me to be away from my Stephen.  He has assured me he is in it for the long haul, to not rush things.  I don't feel like I am rushing anything.  We have been together for almost one and a half years.  I don't want to move in with him tomorrow, but I have thought about it being the next step.  Stephen agrees it's the next step, he just wants to make sure the timing is right.  He's totally right.  I can't just up and leave my job.  I've been with the same job for almost 20 years.  The distance just sucks.

I live in the ICT, he lives in OKC.  It's two hours from my front door to his front door.  I am the one who does all of the traveling.  His job does not allow him to travel as much and he also has a cat to take care of.  Gabby.  She's the baby.  I love her dearly.

She loves to lick the plate when we are finished eating our meals.  I am the only one who lets her.  Stephen does not.  He says I am spoiling her.  lol... Oh well.

Better get going with my day.  I am off and need to get some laundry cleaned.  Have a great day!