Friday, February 27, 2015

A Light Snow Day

Whenever we get light snow and I happen to be scheduled off from work, I like to sit by the window and imagine living in the country.  Happyone takes such beautiful pictures on her walk and I wish I could see that kind of scenery.  I laugh because here is what you see from my front window...

Not much scenery from my townhouse!  I imagine the countryside is blanketed with this light snow, pretty and perfect.  I wish I were a country girl.  If I were a country girl, I don't think I would yearn to be a city girl.  I've always loved the country.  I grew up driving the back farm roads to get to places.  I've never lived on a farm, but always dreamed about having chickens.  I really want chickens!

I hope one day Stephen and I will be able to live together in Oklahoma.  Right now, my job is keeping me here.  I guess if I were to find a similar job in OKC, then I could move.  But it's going to have to pay similar to what I make now and I don't think I would be able to get the same salary or benefits.  We are both in a good place and are doing well with the long distance relationship since we both work so much.  But I know one day it's not going to be enough for me.   He has already told me I could move now.  I just can't.  I'm sure you can understand the struggle.

Anyway, I am enjoying the light snowfall.  I don't like the ice, but snow is just fine.  It's a good day to be off and enjoying getting some things done around the house.  Later this afternoon I will be making some breakfast and lunches up for the Kid while I am on vacation for a week. He prefers my food over eating out, so I decided to make some stuff for him.  He's 20 and I realized today we haven't spent much time in the kitchen.  He asked me today to show him how to do more cooking, as the only thing he can really cook are eggs. Lol.... He's a master with the microwave and can heat up a frozen pizza in the oven.  That's about it tho.  I will definitely be looking forward to cooking with him this spring/summer.

Have a great day! Two more days until I am on vacation!  Yay!


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Happyone said...

I do love living in the country and thank you for those kind words.
I've only lived here for just under 2 years and lived in a townhouse with not much of a view. I lived between two cities, Washington DC and Baltimore. I had a beautiful lake to walk around though.
I'm sure one day you will get that home in the country. : ) It's nice to have a dream.