Monday, February 02, 2015

The Distance

I never thought I would be in a long distance relationship.  Being miles apart from someone you love can be unbearable at times.  It's getting harder for me to be away from my Stephen.  He has assured me he is in it for the long haul, to not rush things.  I don't feel like I am rushing anything.  We have been together for almost one and a half years.  I don't want to move in with him tomorrow, but I have thought about it being the next step.  Stephen agrees it's the next step, he just wants to make sure the timing is right.  He's totally right.  I can't just up and leave my job.  I've been with the same job for almost 20 years.  The distance just sucks.

I live in the ICT, he lives in OKC.  It's two hours from my front door to his front door.  I am the one who does all of the traveling.  His job does not allow him to travel as much and he also has a cat to take care of.  Gabby.  She's the baby.  I love her dearly.

She loves to lick the plate when we are finished eating our meals.  I am the only one who lets her.  Stephen does not.  He says I am spoiling her.  lol... Oh well.

Better get going with my day.  I am off and need to get some laundry cleaned.  Have a great day!


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