Thursday, March 05, 2015

Picky Eaters

I have three more vacation days left.  I go back to work on Monday.  Boo!

Tonight's supper was yummy.  I made baked chicken thighs over asparagus, baked potatoes and salad.

I first started off seasoning these boneless, skinless chicken thighs.  I prefer them over chicken breasts, although Stephen does not.  Too bad!  I seasoned these with a light sprinkle of Lawry's garlic salt and some pepper, covered them with saran wrap and put them in the frig for a few hours.

After these were put in the frig, I washed and cut the asparagus.  Now these asparagus are pencil thin, which I love.  One must be careful when picking out thin asparagus because if you overcook them, they can become quite woody and tough.  I always opt for thicker asparagus when we are grilling.  I seasoned these with olive oil, salt and pepper and left them in the casserole dish since the chicken would be cooking on top.

Looks yummy, huh?  Once I was ready to cook, I preheated the oven to 350 degrees.  I coated the chicken thighs with seasoned breadcrumbs and sprinkled Parmesan Reggiano on top and placed the thighs right on top of these lovely asparagus.  It cooked for about 45 minutes and smelled heavenly the entire time.  I am in love with all things garlic and PG (Parmesan Reggiano).  And it has to be PG as no other real Parmesan exists!  Here is the finished product...

The asparagus cooked in the chicken thigh juices and made them super tender!  I also made a his/her salad, Stephen's with strawberries and mine with pear.  I always like putting fruit in salad.

Not pictured tonight were the baked red potatoes.  I packed up supper and took it to Stephen's job and we ate. He's picky.  Ugh... sometimes I wish he would be keen to trying different foods.  He liked the food but would rather have had chicken breasts and broccoli instead of the thighs and asparagus.  Lol.... He knows what he likes, I guess.  Doesn't mean I won't keep trying.  He doesn't have to eat it, right?

It's getting late so I better end this post.  Pretty sure not many are up this late anyway.  Do you only like certain foods or are you someone who will try new things?


Good Morning

Good morning!  Well, we have at least 15 minutes left of the morning here in sunny Oklahoma.  Looks like the metro area got around 2 inches of snow yesterday, but the sun is out this morning and it appears that most of it has started to melt.  Schools are out of session again today.  I have to laugh because where I am from, we wouldn't ever call this a snow day.  I can appreciate the district for trying to do the right thing as I believe many people who live here are not used to getting that much snow.  I can tell by the way they drive.  Ha!

Okay,okay, enough with the jabs on the southern folks.  It is funny tho.

Stephen got home early last night, around 12:15.  He got to leave early due to the road conditions.  I made him a snack of a sandwich: Boar's Head OvenGold turkey breast, BH cheddar cheese, spinach and Miracle Whip on whole wheat.  We also snacked on a couple of those yummy peanut clusters.  We watched an episode of Breaking Bad and then headed to bed.

I woke up this morning around 7:30 and made myself go back to sleep.  I finally woke up for good around 9.  Put my Gevalia coffee on and am sitting here now enjoying it while on my computer.  The front door is wide open so I can enjoy the sunlight while blogging.

I purchased a new coffee creamer.  It's made by Silk and is the hazelnut flavor.  It's not too bad.  Stephen made one of his "juicer" concoctions this morning.  He loves to use his Omega juicer every day.  It's pretty good stuff!

Well, looks like we are getting ready to watch the news at noon. I wonder what Lacey, the weather girl ,will say today.

Dinner this evening will most likely be oven baked chicken, potatoes, asparagus and a salad.  Chat ya all tonight!


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

They Closed School For This?

This was the view from the front porch around 5 pm this afternoon.  I can't believe Edmond schools closed today for this.  I am sure they will be closed tomorrow for sure, as there is now a glistening blanket of snow covering the ground now.

Stephen suggested I stay at home this evening, so he had to take leftovers for supper.  He didn't mind because the goulash was really good.  And the second day always tastes better than the first.  I also packed him a small salad, an orange, a plum and some pistachios and raw pumpkin seeds.

It will be a long drive home from work this evening, so I probably won't see him until after 12:30.  I have no idea how the roads are.

I really didn't do much today, woke up super late since I went to bed after 3 am last night.  When we woke up, I made us a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, roasted turkey and avocado on a whole wheat bagel.  After the news, I edited my son's English Comp paper for class (due tomorrow) and sent it back to him.  I also did 3 loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen.  I got in a 2 hour nap and now I am blogging away.

It's really the same stuff everyday and I always laugh to think someone may want to read what I actually do each day.  I only laugh because I love reading about other peoples' lives and what they do during the day.  It makes me smile knowing someone else has opened up their life for us to see, to share.

Anyway, I am going to hit the shower.  Hope you had a great hump day!


On A Tuesday

Yep, another Tuesday has come and gone.  I made a decent meal this evening for supper to transport to Stephen's job.  He really liked it, even though he said I could have added some corn to the pasta.  Lol...  I decided to wait on the meatballs for Thursday night.

I started off with the sauce.  I use the Delallo sauce as the base and then add lots of stuff to it.  In today's sauce I added ground sirloin, mushrooms, squash, zucchini, onion and garlic.  Looks pretty tasty, huh?

I let that simmer for a few hours. The pasta we use is half egg noodles and half whole wheat rotini.  It's a really good combination and it's super satisfying.  You do need to cook the egg noodles a touch longer than the whole wheat pasta.  Makes sense because the whole wheat pasta doesn't have a lot of "stuff" added to it.   See the steam in the picture?  :-)

Here is the finished product in a to-go container. I added a sprinkle of Parmesan reggiano cheese to it.  Nothing fancy when it comes to containers.  It's what's inside that counts!

We also had one of my awesome salads.  I love making salads.  In tonight's salad we had tender organic mixed greens with baby spinach, sliced sweet mini peppers, grape tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, plums and avocado.  We always get as much of our fresh fruits and vegetables organically grown.  It really does taste better and I don't mind paying extra because we don't waste it.  I make sure of it, hence the cauliflower in the salad this evening!

Now I am just waiting for Stephen to get home.  He will want a snack (probably a small bowl of leftovers) and a few of his chocolate peanut clusters from the NNH.

Nothing fancy on a Tuesday.  Hope you all had a great one!  We've got some weather coming in tomorrow so I am looking forward to spending the time lounging around.


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Waiting For the Snow

It's the 3rd day of my vacation.  It's the blah boring day.  Now that I have finally relaxed and can unwind, I am kinda bored.  Looks like we have some snow coming in tomorrow.  Supposedly anywhere from 1 to 3 inches according to Lacey, the weather girl.  It's decent out now.

The UPS man just made a stop and dropped off my box of goodies I ordered for Stephen.  He loves the chocolate covered peanut clusters and the dark chocolate haystacks from the Nifty Nut House back in the ICT.  I don't recommend ordering online and delivery, but if you can't visit them, it's worth it's weight in chocolate to get some.

Stephen is a grouchy bear this morning.  He didn't get enough sleep because we met his mom for brunch this morning at 11:00.  He went to bed at 3 am and got up at 9:30.  Sigh.... and the man hasn't shaved, so he's even more of a grump.  He has to shave every three days or his mood is off.  I always thought this was funny, how men can have their rituals and it will affect them if they are off the course.

Well, I need to start prepping for supper.  We are having meatballs (mini meatloaf), parmesan roasted red potatoes and a nice salad.  I am taking supper to Stephen's job tonight and we will eat together.

Have a great Tuesday!