Thursday, June 28, 2007

Restless Night

I will warn you about this post. It will include a story about vomit, so if you have a weak stomach, well, skip it.

Yesterday was not the best day at work. We received a visit from our VPs and when they left this particular store, they were not very happy. We had an emergency meeting to walk this store last night and get down what we were going to accomplish the next few days. This just kills me. I can't stand the fact that we must be ready and wonderful for these guys. It should be that we are up and ready to go for our customers.

So, I get home last night completely exhausted and stressed out. Why, you ask? While walking that particular store, I get a phone call at 6:15 that my kid's dad has not picked him up from camp yet. The camp closes at 6:00 and they charge $1 for every minute you are late. Josh called and said he would get him. The cost for the tardy will now cost $25. Great. I was in a rush to get home and had a little anxiety about the whole day. It just sucked.

After I got home I remembered that I forgot the few groceries we needed. So, dinner plans are now screwed up. We order take-out from one of my favorite Asian restaurants and settle down for the evening.

Around 2 am I get up and my throat is on fire. It tastes like I swallowed battery acid. Every time I coughed, more acid would come up. I tried to swallow and swallow. I went to the kitchen to grab some milk to help coat my throat, but realized that I forgot it earlier as it was one of the items I forgot to bring home. I went to the bathroom and decided to brush my teeth. Guess the toothbrush on the tongue wasn't the best move because it triggered the gag reflex. Thank goodness I was next to the toilet. I threw up about three heaves. It was gross. My throat felt so much better though. I threw up so hard my throat was bleeding. Gross, huh.

I brushed my teeth once again. I felt my head and it was pretty warm. I went to lay down and Josh was up getting his shoes on. What in the world was he doing?

"Uh, where are you going?" I asked.

"I am running up to the QT to grab some milk and antacids for you."

"No, just lay back down. I am fine now." I said.

"I'll be right back."

He left and was back in less than ten minutes. He came into the bedroom with a glass of milk and two Rolaids. Ugh, I so dislike chalky flavored stuff. But, I wasn't going to complain. I took everything like a child who was sick with the flu. I thanked him and laid back down. Wow, that was awfully nice of him.

I am now at home and my head hurts pretty bad this morning. Not sure why. Anyway, I am suppose to be off today, but we are all suppose to be at this store to get it ready for our walk-thru. I am not going in until much later. Work really sucks sometimes.

So, I think I just had a bout of acid reflux. What do you think it could be? I didn't eat anything unusual. I thought maybe stress had part to blame. Who knows.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Over/Under Watering - Can You Tell Me?

The first day back to work after an extended weekend is always the worst. The day started with taking my kid to day camp. Finding a parking space at this location is harder than finding gold at the end of a rainbow. After we finally found a space to park my little beast, we walked inside, wide awake and bushy-tailed. The gymnasium was filled with screaming obnoxious little kids. I looked at my own and said, "Good luck." He looked back and just shrugged his shoulders.

I left and headed to my first store with a splitting headache. woohoo. The day was off to a great start. Got to the office to pick up my mail bags and also read the pages of worthless emails I received in the three days I was gone. While going through my mail tote and emails, I was logged onto a conference call that lasted two hours. What a great way to spend my time. And yes, they pay me to do this every Monday. By the time I was done reading all of my mail, listening to the monotone voices of the marketing team on the conference call, I headed to my next destination.

This particular store reminds me of the store that Andrew frequents at 4th Avenue Blues. It has some seedy and shady characters that hang around outside, but I haven't been hit up for any spare change yet. There is a bench near the side entrance that has been decorated to show love to the KU Jayhawks. The picnic bench is a bright blue with the Jayhawk on the top side. Interesting. I will take a picture for all of you on Thursday. Anyway, most of the characters hang out inside, mostly trying to lift any item they can get there hands on. There is a police escort on duty the whole time the store is open. It really is a nice little store that brinks on the edge of the old and new money. It is on the street corner that divides the rich and not so rich. The store patrons both sides of the tracks, if you can imagine.

The day ended with a trip out to a store on the outskirts of town. I picked Annabel up in Derby and this little town is located about five minutes straight south of there. The bad part about this store is that I can never get any reception on my cell phone in that area. I had to endure another conference call with my boss and co-workers, this one only lasting about 45 minutes and basically telling us that we have to work harder and that the expectations have been raised, blah, blah, blah. I left the store after walking with the manager and headed to pick my kid up. I was a little late than what I previously told him and of course he let me know. I regret getting my kid a watch some days. We went home, changed, headed to the west side, ate dinner at Shorty Smalls (I would not recommend the salmon) and then headed back home. I watered my two little 4x4 garden boxes and came inside. I noticed my tomato and zucchini plants have several yellow leaves. I never know if it's because I over watered or didn't water enough. Any clues out there?

Okay, this post has been an extra long one. I felt guilty about not posting most of the weekend. Anyway, have a good one. Don't work too hard this week. Don't be a dummy like me! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Home Now

I am back. What an awesome weekend. I did absolutely nothing but rest and relax. It was heaven. The drive back wasn't so bad either. I had time to think about quite a bit.

Now I am home and it is back to the same old thing. I have noticed that quite a few of my fellow blogging friends have been doing some major cleaning. Would you mind coming over and doing mine? I don't like to do bathrooms or dust. Thanks.

Hehehe... anywhooooo.

Did you all have a good weekend? Hope so.

Be back later this week.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Off

Hello. I am off to my parents house. We will be there until Sunday. I have three days off and I am taking advantage of it and getting away from Wichita. I need peace and serenity, which I know I can always find there. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two Amazing Women

Good morning. I am off to a late start today. I want to get this post up before I left for work. Thank goodness I make my own schedule.

Last night I met Annabel and Phelan. I was on the east side when Annabel called. She was still at the Derby high school with her kids, so I jetted down to pick her up. Since I have never really been to Derby high school, I couldn't figure out where the front of the school was. It took me forever to find Annabel, but I did. First impression - totally hip teacher. Our car ride to meet Phelan was filled with conversation about what we do for a living and about our sons. Her son, Josh, is something else. What a great kid. Annabel has done a wonderful job raising him. He is talented in music, has a love for books, and is mature beyond his young years. They have both been through some rough times together, but they came out of the storms just fine. Annabel is also a lover of roller coasters. She has been on over 100 of them! I could never do that. Too chicken.

As we arrived at the Outback, I forgot about the construction in that area. Just as we were getting ready to turn, I see Phelan's truck. We pull in and I am waiting for a car to pull out by the restaurant so I can pull into their parking space. Before I get a chance to pull in, another car jets in front of me and takes it. I cuss, almost forgetting that Annabel is in the car. LOL... it's a habit. We get out and head over to where Phelan is. She gets out, introduces herself, and we head to the entrance. We are passing the car that pulled in before me and two very elderly people are being led in by the driver. Okay, now I feel like a total ass. I turned to Annabel and told her so. Oh well, insert foot into mouth.

We get seated and I finally get a chance to talk to Phelan. Fisrt impression - Phelan is cool, just like I thought she would be. She's totally down to earth, honest, and funny. She has a "can do" attitude and is a total inspiration to me. She talked about her life on her homestead and how she came to live there. She told us about her husband and her three boys. The woman works more than I do and she doesn't complain near enough. I complain all of the time. She is unique and I just love her life. I found out that I was totally mispronouncing her name. Sorry, but I am sticking to my version. It just wouldn't be the same if I changed it now.

As we ordered, we mainly just talked about our lives. It was really laid back and easy going. I am really nosy, so I asked a million questions, I'm sure. (sorry girls) I was so glad to meet two really amazing women. I knew I would be the least interesting going into last night's dinner. All of my friends are very unique individuals. My friends are the best kind of people. Yes, I am bragging.

The meal ended with Phelan and I making definite plans for Halloween and we will probably get together before then. I am hoping she will put me to work on her homestead come harvesting time, hint hint. I am anxious to meet her kids and husband. They seem like a great family.

I am planning a trip to the big state of Texas to see Annabel next year. I want to see the spray painted cars she was talking about and just see a little part of the state since I have never been.

This was a great experience. I was so excited to meet some people I have been reading about for so long. I was so happy to be able to meet these two amazing women. If you ever get the chance, you won't be disappointed. I guarantee it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jealous? You Should Be!

Well, it's off to another day at work. Meetings today. Meetings from 11-5. Ugh. The best part about today is that I am meeting Annabel and Phelan. Yeah!!! We are probably going to go out tonight, get us a great steak dinner, kick our feet up, relax, talk, inquire, laugh, and have a wonderful time away from kids and work. However, I have a feeling the topic of kids and work will come up in conversation. How could it not?

So, are the rest of you jealous yet? You should be. lol...

Kidding. It will be fun times. I am really looking forward to it. I feel like I already know so much about these two. The three of us are quite different from each other, but yet much the same. We all work very hard, we have kids, we all are looking for friendships. I would have to say that I am the least interesting out of the three of us, but that's okay. I absolutely love reading about Phelan's life. She is someone I wish I could be. She works extremely hard and is a wonderful mom, and not only to her kids. She has Donkey to take care of as well. Annabel is a teacher. Teachers are one of the most underpaid professionals out there. She has the responsibility of molding our future, our children. Wow, what an incredible job.

So yeah, if you aren't incredibly jealous now, well, you should be. lol...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Dreams May Come

I look up at the bright blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. That sky was a perfect blue. I feel the tiny hairs on my arm prickle from the soft summer breeze. I close my eyes, listening to my surroundings. I hear the yappy dog next door. Someone is driving too fast down the dirt road, I can smell the dust. The willow tree is swaying back and forth, the branches make a swooshing sound as it plays in the breeze. I open my eyes once more, the sun blazing hot. My golden skin is perspiring just a little from the 100 degree day. I grab the pink water bottle and mist myself from head to toe. The sun tan lotion's heavy coconut scent is heavenly. The day is hot and beautiful. It is the summer of 1991 and I am laying out in the sun in my back yard. Thinking back to that day, I can remember asking myself what I would be like when I turned 30. I never imagined my life would be like this. Never. It just goes to show that some dreams happen and then sometimes we wake up too early. I am so happy I woke up.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I Hate Fat Rolls

I wonder... do they have a fat camp for adults? I would actually consider going to one to learn how to diet and exercise. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for something like Celebrity Fit Club. No Harvey for me. No thanks. He's good looking and all, but I couldn't work out in front of him. He's too intimidating. Perhaps a fat camp that is ran by elderly fit women. They can be non-threatening, can't they? I can imagine it now. Granny has her pink visor around her silver crown of curly hair with that damn silver whistle around her neck, blowing it like everyone was as deaf as she is. sigh... perhaps not then. I don't think I could take orders from someone like that either.

As you can see from this post, I am talking about my fat rear. I have gained some major weight and I seriously need to get to the gym. Ugh, I hate fat rolls.
Good morning. It's a great morning. I woke up at 6:30, showered, and here I am. Looks like I am in for another busy week. Not as busy as last week, but I will be working straight through. I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off this week. My plans are to see my parents.

I gotta get ready for work, so I will fill you in later. Have a super day!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you, including those single moms out there! I had to work, but cut it short. I decided to come on home and relax for the rest of the day.

Annabel has made it safely to Wichita. I was able to talk to her on the phone. Her voice is exactly as I had imagined. Sweet with a slight southern accent. Her week of judging sounds as busy as my week of work.

We are getting together for dinner and I am trying to get Phelan to join us. How about it Phelan? Steaks, a big fat baked potato, and beverages along with great conversation - why, how could anyone say no to that?

Dinner options are calling my name. I need to spend several minutes in front of the fridge to see what we are going to have. So, hope you all had a fantastic day.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

I spent some time in my miniature garden this morning. Adding more dirt around the bases of some of my vegetable plants, as last night's rain storm washed a little away. I am sure I have not planted these correctly. My tomato plants have several little green tomatoes on it. Around 15 I believe. I inhaled the aromas of fresh vegetable foliage, eyes closed. The smell of vine tomatoes always brings memories of my grandfather. He was a man who had the greenest thumb I know. He had a garden that was half an acre. Beautiful memories from my childhood came from garden time. I can envision him working with his hand trowel and wheel barrow. Harvesting time was the best time. I miss him.

It's getting humid out there. As I stood on my front porch and looked up into my large maple tree, I felt relaxed. The cool green color of the beautiful leaves with the chocolate brown background of the wood makes for a serene visual. This same beautiful tree will be my biggest headache come fall. When those green leaves turn a burning gold, orange and red, it will be sure to capture the eyes of all residents and passersby. They will "ooh" and "aah" at the beauty of it. I will look at the tree the same way until I see the first leaf fall. Then I will be cussing under my breath about all of the leaves I will have to rake up. Beauty and the Beast.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Late

It's late. After 11. I can't sleep because I am so exhausted from all of the hours I put in. I have worked over 130 hours in 11 days. Ugh. I have a day off tomorrow. I probably won't be able to sleep in. That's okay though. Laundry, dishes, and major chores are on my list. I am enlisting the help of one 12 year old boy who will be staying home from camp to help his tired mother. He offered. Isn't that sweet?

I have been catching up on every one's blog. I feel bad for not being caught up. I hate missing so much as even a day. I love people. Reading about your lives is fun. It's like reading a great book, only the people are real. I love it.

Well, I am not going to do a long post this evening. I will save my words for tomorrow. Good night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Where Did My Printer Go?

My back and whole entire body hurt. It was a busy day yesterday. My eyes feel like they have those little sand granules in them. I am looking around this room. It is a mess. This room still has boxes from when I moved in. So many books to put away. Clutter everywhere, little pieces of junk mail here and there on this desk. One calendar on the wall that still reads May. A closet of clothes for work, half of which don't fit me because they are a little small. One can of salted sesame nut mix on the four-drawer file cabinet. Where did my printer go? As you can see, this room will be a major project - one day.

Annabel is coming into town next week. I can't wait to meet her. We are going to try and meet for lunch or dinner. Any of you are welcome to join us! Phelan?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just Like Ants

The alarm goes off on my cell phone. I wake up startled, too sleepy. I reset the alarm for thirty minutes later. I try to go back to sleep for those extra important minutes of rest. The alarm goes off once more. I can smell the coffee brewing. I get up and make me a cup. Mmmmm. Tastes good.

Hop into the shower and start to get ready for a busy day at work. Makeup is done in the car at all stop lights. Yes, I am one of those people. I don't do this every day, but only when I am in a hurry. I make my daily commute to work along with half the city. If you were to take a look from the sky, our cars would look like an ant trail. All in a line, all going similar directions, sometimes bending and turning every which way the road will take us.

I arrive at my store of choice. The parking lot has about twenty cars from customers who needed items first thing in the morning. Mostly office people and moms who need something for that school party or after school day care. I walk in, lights so bright I have to squint. The night stockers are just finishing up on the aisles, making sure that all the product has been filled for a new day of shopping. I look to my left. Not disappointed, I see the "old farts" sitting in front of Starbucks with their cheap coffee from the deli coffee machine. It makes me laugh to know how content they are with that nasty coffee. But I am envious of their morning routine of boisterous talking and storytelling. They give me a nod as I head over to get my grande dulce de leche latte.

The Starbucks barista is the lead clerk for this store. She is a gentle black woman who has a very mousy voice. Her soft black hair is put up in a hairnet and she is filling the pastry case for the day. She takes care of my order. I look around to the construction that is still going on inside this store. The worst is over.

As the morning goes on, more shoppers continue to make their way inside to make their own commute up and down those aisles. Just like ants. Careful selections will be made by those cost cutting mothers. Most of the shoppers at this store are the city's finest. Products that are fresh and trendy are what goes into the bascart. Up and down the aisles they go. Fresh meat, fresh produce, and freshly baked bread are all ready to be bought. The deli is in full swing and the Chinese Kitchen is firing up the woks. A busy day is ahead.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here Is What I Look Like

Work is going positively crazy. I have been working 12-13 hour days. I won't get a day off until Friday and my last day off was last Sunday. 13 days in a row. I am woman. Hear me cry...

So the kid loved the bike. It is blue/purple and white. It is a cross between a BMX and mountain bike. The tires are very textured, so riding through dirt and gravel will be easy. Problem is, we have no dirt or gravel. The street will do just fine though.

I was sitting here wondering if any of you even know what I look like. As many of you know, I refuse to put pictures of myself or my kid up on this blog for privacy reasons. Where I work is the main reason why. Also, I don't want any loonies coming around.

So here is what I look like. I am 5'11". Pretty tall. I weigh more than I should. I'm a big girl. Got some meat on those bones. I have brown hair that goes down to about my shoulder blades. Actually, my hair is very dark underneath and lighter on the outside part. Does that make sense? I have brown/hazel eyes (my best feature). My face is flatter than most because of my Asian background. I have a pretty good smile. I am always laughing and making jokes. I have big boobs. Uh, yeah, I don't care for them all that much. So before you go and say how lucky I am, try considering lugging the extra fat around. Let's see. I have a wide nose (another Asian thing). My hands are fat and I bite my nails. I don't wear any jewelry at all except for my watch, and that is only on occasion.

I pretty much break the Asian/American mold because of my size. When people see me next to my mom, they do a double take. My mom is 5'2" and 110 pounds soaking wet. She is very small. We have the same nose, but her eyes are almost black. My kid has her eyes.

Okay, so there was the breakdown. Not that you would be able to recognize me if you saw me anyway. I am trying to lose some weight though. It's hard sometimes.

Talk at you all later!

Friday, June 08, 2007

He's Growing Up

Going to pick my kid up today after work. He has been at the grandparents house all week. I miss him so much! Since he received great grades on his final report card, we bought him a brand new bike. His old one was falling apart. He worked really hard for those grades. The kid actually studied on his own without me having to get on him. He's growing up! Anyway, it's a total surprise. He has no clue about any of this. WooHoo!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am really tired. My whole entire body hurts. My legs are so sore. This store remodel is kicking my ass! My September vacation can't come soon enough. New York City is going to be so much fun. I can't wait.

Well, I am too tired to say much else. I will be back when I am not so tired.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I haven't been able to catch up on everyone I love to read. I hate that. I am committing myself tonight to do so. No one will get my attention but you. Hmmm...

When I am done catching up, I will fill you in. Later!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Don't Get Mad, Get Even!

Thanks for all of the kind words and support. But I have to admit something here. When it comes to times like these, I don't get mad, I get even. I am putting my resume on Monster .com. I am doing this because my company gets many people hired through them. Guess who's resume they will see on there? Yep, I am going to give them a little scare. I am going to get them to come to me.

I am really tired tonight. We had a long meeting today at the corporate office to discuss quarterly numbers. ugh. Got to get up early tomorrow and head into the office. I will check in tomorrow...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bigger and Better - Not Today

People piss me off. I found out a person who got the job that I was "overqualified" for is making more money than me. Grrrr...

Now I know why they say not to talk about how much you make. I didn't reveal how much I made to this guy, but I was pissed on the inside. He's only been with the company for six years. Ugh. I have been with the company for twelve. I have a totally different job than he does. I work for the "operations" side of the business. He is a manager. I tell him what to do. He makes more than me. Does anyone smell something fishy here?

Anyway, I have been pretty busy with work lately. I have noticed that some of my blogging friends have stopped coming by. Oh well. I guess they have moved on to bigger and better things. Their loss, right?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Good Morning. I don't have too much time. Gotta head out to work. I am catching a baseball game tonight. Our local college is playing and hosting the regional. Go Shockers!

I was working at one of the stores close to the campus and a bus of baseball players came in. Whew! I felt old though. I am 32, they are more like 20. That's okay, I can look. Right? Of course, Josh is the one for me. :)

I'll update you all after the game and get caught up with everyone. Till then!