Monday, June 25, 2007

Over/Under Watering - Can You Tell Me?

The first day back to work after an extended weekend is always the worst. The day started with taking my kid to day camp. Finding a parking space at this location is harder than finding gold at the end of a rainbow. After we finally found a space to park my little beast, we walked inside, wide awake and bushy-tailed. The gymnasium was filled with screaming obnoxious little kids. I looked at my own and said, "Good luck." He looked back and just shrugged his shoulders.

I left and headed to my first store with a splitting headache. woohoo. The day was off to a great start. Got to the office to pick up my mail bags and also read the pages of worthless emails I received in the three days I was gone. While going through my mail tote and emails, I was logged onto a conference call that lasted two hours. What a great way to spend my time. And yes, they pay me to do this every Monday. By the time I was done reading all of my mail, listening to the monotone voices of the marketing team on the conference call, I headed to my next destination.

This particular store reminds me of the store that Andrew frequents at 4th Avenue Blues. It has some seedy and shady characters that hang around outside, but I haven't been hit up for any spare change yet. There is a bench near the side entrance that has been decorated to show love to the KU Jayhawks. The picnic bench is a bright blue with the Jayhawk on the top side. Interesting. I will take a picture for all of you on Thursday. Anyway, most of the characters hang out inside, mostly trying to lift any item they can get there hands on. There is a police escort on duty the whole time the store is open. It really is a nice little store that brinks on the edge of the old and new money. It is on the street corner that divides the rich and not so rich. The store patrons both sides of the tracks, if you can imagine.

The day ended with a trip out to a store on the outskirts of town. I picked Annabel up in Derby and this little town is located about five minutes straight south of there. The bad part about this store is that I can never get any reception on my cell phone in that area. I had to endure another conference call with my boss and co-workers, this one only lasting about 45 minutes and basically telling us that we have to work harder and that the expectations have been raised, blah, blah, blah. I left the store after walking with the manager and headed to pick my kid up. I was a little late than what I previously told him and of course he let me know. I regret getting my kid a watch some days. We went home, changed, headed to the west side, ate dinner at Shorty Smalls (I would not recommend the salmon) and then headed back home. I watered my two little 4x4 garden boxes and came inside. I noticed my tomato and zucchini plants have several yellow leaves. I never know if it's because I over watered or didn't water enough. Any clues out there?

Okay, this post has been an extra long one. I felt guilty about not posting most of the weekend. Anyway, have a good one. Don't work too hard this week. Don't be a dummy like me! :)


Andrew said...

I was thinking of you today when I was in the grocery store picking up some Diet Cokes. Now what is Abbagirl doin' today? Glad your home and sleep tight tonight. I miss it when you don't write.

KYRIE said...

Well, this was a good read.
Wow, so many conference calls. Where do those people can get so much energy to talk tht much?
Ha Ha the watch joke was funny.
And thank you for the supportive comment you left on my blog. It really meant a lot.

notfainthearted said...

hey there. I think yellow leaves on the tomatoes means too much water...but in a container with the heat we've been having I'm probably wrong (I'm also assuming you've been having August-like weather as we have been.) All I know is that during the dog-days of summer I need to water the containers in the morning and in the evening to even have a wisper of a hope that they'll survive.

Get some rest!

Oh, And I don't know too much about NYC yet because I'm still looking for a job. I'm about ready to say, look, send me to NYC in September because I won't be starting anywhere until after that (ugh. at least the community is paying for the trip.) Email me the dates you're there again and I'll see what I can finagle.

Portia said...

wow what a day! you are one busy woman.
i kill plants, totally unintentionally of course. there is one on our deck my husband cares for, and we have been wondering why after doing beautifully for so long, it turned yellow over night last week.
we...i mean he is going to repot it and see if that helps.

Leann said...

It's my understanding that over watering causes the yellow leaves.

It's nice to hear you had a restful weekend. Sorry the new week started with all the blah, blah, blah. Enjoy the rest of it.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for taking us along on your day. Your's is so different than mine, so I like hearing about it. Conference call...not in my line of work.

My tomato plants, in pots, consume about a gallon of water a day each. I think it's the heat. Like you, I don't know why the leaves yellow. Mine have so many green tomatoes on them. I hope they don't all ripen at the same time!

I'd love for you to read along with the book club. We meet again Sept. 9


I too detest returning to the norm after a long weekend..hard to get going that's for sure.
Glad you had a good start to the day!
Between you, portia, 4th, austere..I feel a fabulous club of comraderie (sp)bet we'd all get along. :)

austere said...

That kid is way too smart, eh!
Too many conference calls and too long I think, getting in the way of getting things done. bah. Good you check your mail, multitasking.liked the way you described the "on the dividing line" nature of the store.

crusty has a point, I agree.

captain corky said...

You should see some of the redneck freaks that shop where we shop. It's simply a sight to behold.

Andfre said...

I am not sure about the plants. I have two plants in my office, both gifts, and a friend waters them for me --- otherwise I would torture them, quite innocently, yet torture nevertheless. I think it's sweet of my friend to water them for me. I know she does because she doesn’t want them to suffer, but still. Again, perhaps if I had a family doctor I could ask him or her about the plants. I imagine we'd sit on a green bench in a bright and humid atrium and discuss such things as plants and horticulture.

Phelan said...

your answer to the yellow leaf problem. {you didn't say tomato when you asked earlier}Yellow Leaves