Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Where Did My Printer Go?

My back and whole entire body hurt. It was a busy day yesterday. My eyes feel like they have those little sand granules in them. I am looking around this room. It is a mess. This room still has boxes from when I moved in. So many books to put away. Clutter everywhere, little pieces of junk mail here and there on this desk. One calendar on the wall that still reads May. A closet of clothes for work, half of which don't fit me because they are a little small. One can of salted sesame nut mix on the four-drawer file cabinet. Where did my printer go? As you can see, this room will be a major project - one day.

Annabel is coming into town next week. I can't wait to meet her. We are going to try and meet for lunch or dinner. Any of you are welcome to join us! Phelan?


notfainthearted said...

Oh. If Witchita was a leeeetle closer, I'd be there, sistah!

Your office sounds like my whole house, and my office, and my garage. Not my car anymore, at least! LOL

Sally said...

I live in your neck of the woods, if you want to have a relatively new reader join you guys...I'm pretty new to town and always looking to meet new people!

Phelan said...

Sure, tell me when and where.


I love your "about me" description.
Hope your office has found itself! And hopefully you had a good day today.

Proxima said...

Oh, I hope you all have fun! Those of you who can meet up together!

Remember not to get too discouraged with the organization, just start somewhere and work your way out until it's done, even if it takes more time than a day or a weekend.


captain corky said...

Sorry gang. I'll be in Louisville KY. Why? Because I live here. Why do I live in Louisville, Ky? I'll write you a letter.

austere said...

Most unlike you, abbagirl, I thought you were a perfectionist.
Sounds like much of my home.