Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just Like Ants

The alarm goes off on my cell phone. I wake up startled, too sleepy. I reset the alarm for thirty minutes later. I try to go back to sleep for those extra important minutes of rest. The alarm goes off once more. I can smell the coffee brewing. I get up and make me a cup. Mmmmm. Tastes good.

Hop into the shower and start to get ready for a busy day at work. Makeup is done in the car at all stop lights. Yes, I am one of those people. I don't do this every day, but only when I am in a hurry. I make my daily commute to work along with half the city. If you were to take a look from the sky, our cars would look like an ant trail. All in a line, all going similar directions, sometimes bending and turning every which way the road will take us.

I arrive at my store of choice. The parking lot has about twenty cars from customers who needed items first thing in the morning. Mostly office people and moms who need something for that school party or after school day care. I walk in, lights so bright I have to squint. The night stockers are just finishing up on the aisles, making sure that all the product has been filled for a new day of shopping. I look to my left. Not disappointed, I see the "old farts" sitting in front of Starbucks with their cheap coffee from the deli coffee machine. It makes me laugh to know how content they are with that nasty coffee. But I am envious of their morning routine of boisterous talking and storytelling. They give me a nod as I head over to get my grande dulce de leche latte.

The Starbucks barista is the lead clerk for this store. She is a gentle black woman who has a very mousy voice. Her soft black hair is put up in a hairnet and she is filling the pastry case for the day. She takes care of my order. I look around to the construction that is still going on inside this store. The worst is over.

As the morning goes on, more shoppers continue to make their way inside to make their own commute up and down those aisles. Just like ants. Careful selections will be made by those cost cutting mothers. Most of the shoppers at this store are the city's finest. Products that are fresh and trendy are what goes into the bascart. Up and down the aisles they go. Fresh meat, fresh produce, and freshly baked bread are all ready to be bought. The deli is in full swing and the Chinese Kitchen is firing up the woks. A busy day is ahead.


austere said...

You sound so completely PROUD and happy that was good to read.

Phelan said...

Reading the above comment, I might have read your post incorrectly, I thought you sounded discontented with things. A longing for a change.

I hope you get a day off soon, and are able to play again.

Andrew said...

That was some awesome writing!!!! I loved reading this. It was as if I was with you when you went about the start of your day.

Annabel said...

I'm just one of those aunts that moves a lot slower than the others. I'm still working on the kitchen! I gotta start thinking about packing for my trip now or I'll never get it done!

Portia said...

i hopped over from Andrew's blog and was glad i did...very nice post indeed!


captain corky said...

Great post. The Kroger by my home is an insane assylum. Always, always too busy.

Cheryl said...

Yup, thanks for taking us along on your morning. Sounds like a nice store.

Kerrie said...

I used to work at a grocery store- did it for five years- your description, of the mom's with kids in the morning was right on- I remember that! I love the title of your blog, by the way, JM is my favorite!
Nice blog!

Emily said...

great writing!!!! em.