Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two Amazing Women

Good morning. I am off to a late start today. I want to get this post up before I left for work. Thank goodness I make my own schedule.

Last night I met Annabel and Phelan. I was on the east side when Annabel called. She was still at the Derby high school with her kids, so I jetted down to pick her up. Since I have never really been to Derby high school, I couldn't figure out where the front of the school was. It took me forever to find Annabel, but I did. First impression - totally hip teacher. Our car ride to meet Phelan was filled with conversation about what we do for a living and about our sons. Her son, Josh, is something else. What a great kid. Annabel has done a wonderful job raising him. He is talented in music, has a love for books, and is mature beyond his young years. They have both been through some rough times together, but they came out of the storms just fine. Annabel is also a lover of roller coasters. She has been on over 100 of them! I could never do that. Too chicken.

As we arrived at the Outback, I forgot about the construction in that area. Just as we were getting ready to turn, I see Phelan's truck. We pull in and I am waiting for a car to pull out by the restaurant so I can pull into their parking space. Before I get a chance to pull in, another car jets in front of me and takes it. I cuss, almost forgetting that Annabel is in the car. LOL... it's a habit. We get out and head over to where Phelan is. She gets out, introduces herself, and we head to the entrance. We are passing the car that pulled in before me and two very elderly people are being led in by the driver. Okay, now I feel like a total ass. I turned to Annabel and told her so. Oh well, insert foot into mouth.

We get seated and I finally get a chance to talk to Phelan. Fisrt impression - Phelan is cool, just like I thought she would be. She's totally down to earth, honest, and funny. She has a "can do" attitude and is a total inspiration to me. She talked about her life on her homestead and how she came to live there. She told us about her husband and her three boys. The woman works more than I do and she doesn't complain near enough. I complain all of the time. She is unique and I just love her life. I found out that I was totally mispronouncing her name. Sorry, but I am sticking to my version. It just wouldn't be the same if I changed it now.

As we ordered, we mainly just talked about our lives. It was really laid back and easy going. I am really nosy, so I asked a million questions, I'm sure. (sorry girls) I was so glad to meet two really amazing women. I knew I would be the least interesting going into last night's dinner. All of my friends are very unique individuals. My friends are the best kind of people. Yes, I am bragging.

The meal ended with Phelan and I making definite plans for Halloween and we will probably get together before then. I am hoping she will put me to work on her homestead come harvesting time, hint hint. I am anxious to meet her kids and husband. They seem like a great family.

I am planning a trip to the big state of Texas to see Annabel next year. I want to see the spray painted cars she was talking about and just see a little part of the state since I have never been.

This was a great experience. I was so excited to meet some people I have been reading about for so long. I was so happy to be able to meet these two amazing women. If you ever get the chance, you won't be disappointed. I guarantee it.


Tory said...

So glad you had a great time. I disagree with you about being the least interesting person there. they probably didn't think so.

Phelan said...

Agree with Tory.

And if you really want to come out for harvest, by all means, I will put you to work. You want to learn how to can?

kanadians in korea said...

wow... i want you to meet me so i can read about how you describe me lol. you have an amazing way with words. thank you for continuing to check my blog and for your encouraging remarks... bless you. em.

Portia said...

sounds awesome, i'm glad you had such a great time! thanks for sharing..

Cheryl said...

I checked out annabel and phelan's blogs to read about your meeting. I think it's great that you had the chance to meet each other live and in person. Yes, I'm jealous.

Terri said...

way cool; you guys have set the standard!

Annabel said...

I also agree with Tory. I think both you and Phelan are amazing. I had a wonderful time and I can't wait for you to come to Texas!

austere said...

You sound so completely comfortable meeting new ppl, abbagirl.. nd you're written so armly about this it seems I know them too (though I haven't read them as yet)

Andfre said...

I hope to meet you someday!