Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Dreams May Come

I look up at the bright blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. That sky was a perfect blue. I feel the tiny hairs on my arm prickle from the soft summer breeze. I close my eyes, listening to my surroundings. I hear the yappy dog next door. Someone is driving too fast down the dirt road, I can smell the dust. The willow tree is swaying back and forth, the branches make a swooshing sound as it plays in the breeze. I open my eyes once more, the sun blazing hot. My golden skin is perspiring just a little from the 100 degree day. I grab the pink water bottle and mist myself from head to toe. The sun tan lotion's heavy coconut scent is heavenly. The day is hot and beautiful. It is the summer of 1991 and I am laying out in the sun in my back yard. Thinking back to that day, I can remember asking myself what I would be like when I turned 30. I never imagined my life would be like this. Never. It just goes to show that some dreams happen and then sometimes we wake up too early. I am so happy I woke up.


Hyde said...

That was beautiful. I actually FELT that moment and the heat and the breeze and the outdoors... even in my NY apartment. Would you say you are happy with where you are at at 30? (Is that how old you are?)


captain corky said...

Very nice.

Portia said...

what truth! reminds me of that quote, thank god for unanswered prayers.

i too, was certain of where i would be today. despite the fact that absolutely none of it happened, i would never give up what i have found and become in the process!