Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Zucchini Fritters

Hello again. I can't believe I've got another post up so soon! I love the Blogger app on my phone!

Just wanted to share a recipe I made this evening for dinner. I wasn't overly hungry and decided to make something easy.

I grabbed my cookbook, called Vegetarian, by Metro Books. 

It has some awesome vegan and vegetarian recipes in it. I decided to make some zucchini fritters.

I did play around with the recipe a bit and I baked them instead of frying. I also didn't make the jam. They turned out awesome!! And they were so awesome that I forgot to take a pic. Dang it! It's a tried and liked recipe so I've got it marked to make for Stephen. 

Anyway, it's been super busy at work. The holidays are upon us and people are piling into the grocery store to hunker down on their staples. I'm actually ready for it to be over so it can go back to business as usual.

Have a great week!


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Read the directions said...

Hey Billy!
Long time no comment, sorry.
Looks delicious. I gain 10 pounds this time of year!
During Chanukah we FRY everything!
Glad to see you are doing well.

Happy holidays!