Monday, February 16, 2015

Chore Day

The Kid (my son) and I headed out after I made us both a little brunch: blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs, oven crisp bacon and coffee.  We headed to the Big D to get some laundry essentials for the small mountain of clothes in the laundry room.  I don't know why I let it get so big, but it just tells me I have entirely too many clothes.  Anyway, while at the Big D, we also purchased some gift cards (4x Fuel Points until Feb. 17) to Target, American Eagle and a few Long Horn Steakhouse.  They did not have any Buckle cards, so I told The Kid I would just give him money to buy his jeans.  The jeans aren't cheap, but he is using the (now extra) birthday money I gave him.  After finishing up at the grocery store, I got some gas, then headed to Target.  We got him several pairs of work pants, socks and more socks.  He wears thru socks pretty quick since he parkours so much.

That was enough shopping for me.  I figured he could go to the mall with his buddies and get what he needs with all the gift cards and cash he got for his birthday.  He's a savvy shopper, so I know he will be going for the discounts.  It's only the jeans that he won't skimp on.  I know The Buckle is pricy, but their jeans last a very long time!

Now I am waiting for my first load of laundry to dry and I have a second load in the washer.  I think I have about 8 loads to do.  I know it sounds like a lot, but I separate everything and I only fill the washer about 2/3 full.  My parents taught me if you don't overfill the washer, your machine will last longer.  It's 2 years old and it's in pretty good shape.  I hear stories about people's washers going out after 2 years, so I've got my fingers crossed.

I will probably squeeze in a nap this afternoon.  I might as well enjoy spending my day off the way I want!

Do you like doing laundry?  Do you separate everything or do you just throw everything in together?

Have a great Monday!


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