Thursday, February 19, 2015


Put down the electronic devices.  LISTEN to me.  Lol... this is what I had to tell the Kid.  I had to tell him 4 times when we were going to visit my sister and he still forgot.  He's getting to be as bad as me.  Ha!

I am enjoying my cold day off in Oklahoma.  It's sunny out there, but looks can be deceiving.  It's cold at around 43 degrees right now.  The high will be in the lower 50's today.

I got a phone call this morning from a co-worker.  She is at the doctor's office.  She was really jaundice yesterday and her urine has been very discolored.  They have done two urine samples, drawn blood and now she has to get a CT scan.  This can't be good, right?  I know not to look on the internet for symptoms and diagnosis.  But I did have a friend who died of liver cancer and these were the some of the first symptoms he had.

Anyway, she's going to call me later to see how everything is.  I sure hope it's just an infection or something.

Stephen and I are heading out this afternoon to grab some lunch and to do some light grocery shopping before he heads into work.  I am meeting him at his job and bringing him supper tonight.  We will decide later what that will be!

Hope you are all staying warm out there.  If you get a chance to put away that electronic device for a few hours, do so!  I am!


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