Friday, February 27, 2015

It's All About the Food

My son is one of those young men who could eat the same thing every day, as long as it's something he likes, which is usually anything homemade.  Since I will be on vacation and the Kid is going to be home every day, with the watchful eye of two next door neighbors, I made him some food while I would be away.

I made several meals with bulgogi and rice, as well as these breakfast sandwiches...

Pardon the unprofessional glamour shots of my food.  It was a quick pic.  I sent him a pic of these while he was at work and I could tell he was happy.  We also went shopping for some Boar's Head sandwich meat and cheese, lots of fruit, cereal and almond milk.  The Kid is set with enough food to last him a month, snowed in.

I have all of the laundry done, kitchen cleaned, packed and ready to go.  I have a short shopping list from Stephen to take care of while I am at work tomorrow and if all goes well, I will be in OKC by late tomorrow night.  I am looking forward to my time off.  I am also super happy that Stephen is not working this weekend or next so we can spend some time together.  I LOVE him so much!

I may not check in tomorrow, but will for sure on Sunday.  I will do a birthday post so I can talk about how old I feel.  Hehehehe....


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Happyone said...

Looks like your son is all set for food while you're away.
Have a great time and Happy Birthday. : )
41 sounds young to me. : ) Age is relative.