Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Shirt Is Snug

Ya... about that.  I need to get some weight off.  I've been eating out a wee bit much.  I have a wedding to go to in mid-June and I would like to lose about 30 pounds before then.  Considering that is 4 months away, I better get on the ball!

I made some homemade beans with a tiny bit of ham.  I soaked the beans overnight and cooked them in a crock pot with a ham hock.  I always add a little bit more liquid so I can use the leftover stock for other things.  The beans turned out really good.  I had some for dinner when I got home from work tonight.  It beats eating fast food or restaurant. I have had too much of that in Oklahoma.  In fact, Stephen and I are watching what we eat for the next several months when it comes to eating out.  We are going to share all of our meals moving forward, as well as cooking at home more.  I LOVE to cook, so he is definitely in good hands!

I am off tomorrow and have plans to get my hair did (cover up those grays) and I am meeting my friend who is pregnant with twins.  She finds out what she is having tomorrow and her boyfriend can't go because of work.  So I am going to meet her!  Super excited!  I am hoping she has identical boys, but she wants a boy and a girl  (she already has a boy and a girl) to even it out.  Regardless, any babies will be welcomed!

Do twins run in your family?  My grandmother was a twin.

Hope you had a great Sunday!


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