Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So Tired Today

I felt crappy at work today.  I wore no makeup, so of course everyone was asking if I was okay.  No, I'm not.  My tummy was hurting, but mainly my head was pounding.  I know it's all from stress.  It happens from work sometimes.  That's what I get for working retail for a major grocery chain and one of the biggest volume stores in the city.

Oh wells.  I am at home and supposed to be off tomorrow.  I am visiting my work friend, Rose, tomorrow.  She hasn't heard anything more about her cancer, but they will be scheduling a sonogram and biopsy soon.  I am scared for her.

Anyway, I am going to read some of my favorite blogs now.  They always put me in a good mood!

BTW...  4 more days until I see my Stephen!  Yay!


1 comment:

Happyone said...

Sorry you've had a bad day. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. : )
I've put your friend on my morning prayer list.