Monday, February 09, 2015

It's Only $20

That's what I told some of the kids working the registers tonight when they asked me why I always pay for a certain homeless man's groceries.  I could easily spend that $20 on Starbucks in a week.

There is one particular homeless gentleman who comes to my store and does his shopping.  I only see him once a month.  I didn't see him in January, but I did see him right before Christmas.  In December, I gave him a fleece jacket to wear inside his oversized coat and I gave the cashier $20 to go towards his groceries.  I told her if there was change, to just give him back the change.  He doesn't know who I am because I always do it anonymously.  He's always very nice about it.

Today he told the cashier that he didn't need the $20 because he had a gift card.  The cashier told him the money was his and that we wanted to see him again very soon.  He said thank you and just stood there looking at it.  We offered to carry out his one bag of groceries and his other belongings, but he refused and went on his way.  He's very sweet.  He is in the store for hours just looking at all of the items.  He will pick up a few things and then put some things back.  We once had a lady who bought him a sandwich, but he just left it laying there.  I think he enjoys picking out his own things.  I have learned what he likes: 1% milk, Colby cheese in the small blocks, oranges and junior mints.  The Junior Mints were new tonight.

Anyway, I always enjoy him choosing our store to shop.  I always keep watch over him so no one bothers him while he's shopping.

Hope you all survived the "Mondays".


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Happyone said...

What a nice thing that you do this.
You make God smile. : )