Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Home Cooked Meal

They say many Americans have about 5-6 signature go-to meals that are made on a rotating basis.  I had to think about that.  I guess that might be semi-true.  We eat a lot of rice because of our Korean background, so I do have that on a regular basis.  But I like to be adventurous and not cook the same thing all of the time.  For instance, the ham and beans I made is something I will only do about 2-3 times a year.  We may have it for leftovers, but it's not something we cook on a regular basis.

It's now become a rarity when my son (the Kid) and I are home at the same time.  Since I had most of today off, I've decided to cook supper tonight for both of us.  I really do love to cook!  This evening's meal will be oven fried center cut pork chops, seasoned with garlic and Italian seasonings, wild rice sprinkled with sweet peas and (you guessed it) a side of ham and beans.  Lol...  He requested the beans and the rice, I chose the entrée.  I usually also make a salad, but with so much food, I think we can skip it this time.  And yes, I am making enough so the Kid has some leftovers tomorrow.

I better start prepping.  He won't be home until 8, so I have some time.  It will be a late supper for us both.

What are you having for supper?  Do you have certain go-to meals?  Do you make enough for leftovers?

I am always interested to see what people do for meals.  I am a foodie at heart.



Happyone said...

We had a salad and rigatoni with tomato sauce.
I make a lot of different things. I get bored making the same food all the time.
Yes, we do have leftovers often.

austere said...

I like to pre-cook. There's always dough (for roti) and ready salad in the fridge.

Once I get home from work about 8 I'm ravenous... I have fruit and go for a walk.

Dinner later, about 9 or so.