Sunday, February 08, 2015

Long Week Ahead

Yep... I am enjoying my last night in Oklahoma.  I won't be back for almost two weeks. It sucks because I will miss Valentine's with my Stephen.  Guess he will just have to make up for it later. Haha!  Just kidding. We don't really worry about stuff like that.  But I will miss not seeing him for almost two weeks.

Stephen's mom came out today and he worked on her truck.  He inserted some sort of a lock in the bed of her truck so she could lock up items she had back there.  It's a guy thing....  Anyway, we went to Harbor Freight afterward to get another toolbox for him.  I am so glad I got him a membership because he's already saved more than the two year membership cost.  He loves that place.

After shopping for tools (I was so bored), we took his mom out to dinner at Shorty Smalls.  I love their fried mushrooms.  We used to have one in the ICT, but they closed down.  Stephen and I shared the catfish and chicken tender meal.  They give you a lot of food!  It was delicious, of course.  It was nice to have a meal with his mom.  She is like me.  We both LOVE breakfast and can eat it any time of day.  I noticed if she can't have pasta, she will always go for a sandwich.  And she doesn't like mayo.  She's a Miracle Whip girl.  I happen to love both.

We said our goodbyes after dinner and headed back home.  We stopped in Pmont to grab a couple of lottery tickets.  It took forever because the gal at the counter didn't know how to reboot the machine.  After being there for what felt like an eternity, we headed to Sonic and both got hot fudge and peanut butter sundaes.  Yumm!

I wish it could last a few more days, but that's okay.  I have vacation coming up in March, so I will get some time off.  Hope you all had a great Sunday!


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