Saturday, January 31, 2015

I Love Babies and Kids

A co-worker of mine is having twins!  K's not due until later this year, but I am super excited!  She's a good friend and already has a boy and a girl that are 6 and 5.  I think she almost cried when she found out she was having twins.  Lol...  K said I could have one of them!  Hahahaha....  I did tell her I would help with the other two when she needed a hand.  They are both precious and so well mannered.

They come to see me at the store about once every other week.  I have a "candy drawer" and they know exactly where the special treats are.  Today, they said they would like to have something different.  So we grabbed some Cheetos instead!  I still sent them home with a few chocolate bars.  Now all of my Christmas candy is finally gone.  That's okay.  There will be plenty of Valentine's candy!  I am making both of the little ones there own Valentine's bag.  I can't wait for them to see it!  I should have been a teacher.  I love spending time with children.  They are so curious and full of questions.  They can talk your ear off, but it's so rewarding to see them learning all of the time.  Oh well, it's retail for me.

Speaking of which... work was mad busy today!  Holy cow Batman!  Super Bowl selling along with first of the month business and a snow scare does wonders for business.  Our sales were great today!  I think I filled the sour cream and dips in the dairy at least 3 times.  Crazy!

Okay, so my super yummy salad is waiting for me.  I had a big lunch, so dinner is going to be lighter.  I am off to do some reading.

Have a wonderful evening!


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