Sunday, January 11, 2015

Date Night

I told you my boyfriend loves football.  The best way to get him out is to bet on the game.  We bet on the Colts vs. Broncos game.  He lost.  So now I win a date night to anywhere I want for dinner.  Yay me!  Glad I picked the right team.  And since Wes Welker plays for the Denver Broncos and is from Oklahoma City, well, you know we aren't going there for dinner!  Ha!

I am super excited about dinner tonight.  I think we may go to Red Rock Canyon.  It's one of my favorite places.  Or we may try Zorba's tonight.  It's Mediterranean.  Not sure if Stephen is up for any of it, but I don't really care.  A bet is a bet.  And he complained I was a sore loser the last time, so he better deliver.

I'll fill you in later on how it went.  Yay!  SO EXCITED!


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