Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Brunch

Good morning.  I know it's almost afternoon.  That's okay.  I stayed up until 3 am and didn't wake up until 10:30.  It's like going back to my youth!  Stay up all night, sleep in the next day.  Not much going on this morning.  I am making brunch.  Right now the fried potatoes are working their magic in the frying pan. One must not interrupt fried potatoes.  So many make the mistake of constantly flipping them.  You have to let them crisp up people!  Let them get a brown crunchy coat on it before you touch them.  I hand sliced the potatoes this morning.  It's the best way to do it!  Added a little olive oil in the pan, got it hot.  Then threw in the russets.  I always put a lid on my potatoes so it will cook thoroughly.  They still crisp up real nice.  Yumm!

I am also making a veggie omelet with sweet peppers, onions and goat cheese.  The toast will be made last.  It's made with the 21 grain bread from Sprouts I am so fond of.  This bread doesn't need any butter.  It's delicious!

Well, the potatoes are about done, which means I need to whip up these omelets and toast so Stephen can eat like a king.  There is something about cooking your own meal that makes it extra special when sharing it with someone you love.


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