Tuesday, January 13, 2015

National Champions

I am so happy!  My Buckeyes are the National Champions!  We had so much fun watching the game last night.  My Facebook and Twitter pages are filled!

It's my last day here in Oklahoma.  I head back to the ICT tomorrow, back to the daily grind.  I've got the late shift so that means the day will be long, starting off with a 2 hour drive.  I need to leave a little bit early because I am picking up my new iPhone.  Yay!  Can't wait.  The Kid already has his, so he's been updated.  I had to order the one I wanted, so mom gets to wait.

Stephen is ordering a screen protector and case for the new tablet I got him.  I already know he's going to use it for games and watching the boob tube.  It may even take the place of his computer that he has hooked up to that monster size 70" tv screen.  Goodness sakes.  My emails never looked so big.

Well, I need to get started on laundry.  Better get lunch going as well.


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