Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Waiting For the Snow

It's the 3rd day of my vacation.  It's the blah boring day.  Now that I have finally relaxed and can unwind, I am kinda bored.  Looks like we have some snow coming in tomorrow.  Supposedly anywhere from 1 to 3 inches according to Lacey, the weather girl.  It's decent out now.

The UPS man just made a stop and dropped off my box of goodies I ordered for Stephen.  He loves the chocolate covered peanut clusters and the dark chocolate haystacks from the Nifty Nut House back in the ICT.  I don't recommend ordering online and delivery, but if you can't visit them, it's worth it's weight in chocolate to get some.

Stephen is a grouchy bear this morning.  He didn't get enough sleep because we met his mom for brunch this morning at 11:00.  He went to bed at 3 am and got up at 9:30.  Sigh.... and the man hasn't shaved, so he's even more of a grump.  He has to shave every three days or his mood is off.  I always thought this was funny, how men can have their rituals and it will affect them if they are off the course.

Well, I need to start prepping for supper.  We are having meatballs (mini meatloaf), parmesan roasted red potatoes and a nice salad.  I am taking supper to Stephen's job tonight and we will eat together.

Have a great Tuesday!


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Happyone said...

We had meatloaf for supper, baked potatoes and beets.
It has warmed up here and it is now raining. There is still a lot of snow around though.