Monday, March 16, 2015

I Am A Hot Mess

It all started off innocently enough...  Here I sit, warmth beginning in my mouth, moving slowly thru my body toward my tummy.  I heart coffee and it hearts me back.

Patiently waiting... for the unknown.  Their voluptuous round bodies lie in waiting, kissed with a light brown skin.   Their anticipation rises and my heart starts to pound.

Things start to heat up.  The surface is hot, it all starts to sizzle and perspire.  As I close my eyes and fantasize of what is to come next, the smell is intoxicating.

The grand finale nears.  The finished product stands alone, yet blended with so much delectable goodness.

 It looks like a hot mess but tastes sinfully good.

Say hello to our morning omelet!  Lol...

Have a great day!



Happyone said...

Do you follow recipes or invent these delicious looking meals? : )

Billy said...

The only time I follow a recipe is when I bake. I might try new recipes for other food, but I tend to see how they are made and then just do my own thing. But I definitely use a recipe for baking!

Happyone said...

I figured you made your own recipes. You sound like you really enjoy cooking and people like you tend to be good cooks. : )

Billy said...

Thank you!!!!