Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Got Mad At The Cat

I love Gabby.  I promise.  What I don't love is her cat hair.  I'm really good about keeping it off of my clothes and I am forever wiping things down and dusting around Stephen's house.  I don't mind her sitting on my lap when I am here, only because I have a special blanket she lays on.

But I am tired of her jumping up on the bed.  It gets on my nerves.  I don't want cat hair where I sleep.  I always take a shower before I sleep and I like going to bed clean.  When I got here, I made sure to give her some attention, lots of baby talk and doting on her.  I then grabbed a shower and decided to hop into bed to cruise the net and do some blogging.  She came into the room and kept up a loud persistent meow, like "pay attention to me".  She finally jumped up on the bed and I told her "No!"  I shook my finger at her and she stopped in her tracks.  I said, "No bed Gabby!".  She instantly jumped off the bed and sat sulking at the door.  sigh...

I just need my space, cat!  I've had a long day and I don't want you on the bed.  There are just some things I won't budge on.  I am just a big meanie.

I am sure all will be forgiven when I go to brush her later.  She loves that.

Okay, I am over it now.  Chat you all in the morning.



John's Island said...

Hi Billy, Found your blog thanks to a comment you left on Happyone's Life is Good. I loved this cat story. Well, I am not so fond of cats :-) but I get in trouble with cat fans if I say anything that seems unappreciative about them. I bet you will understand that. Anyway, you are a good writer and have an interesting blog. I am impressed that you put together such a nice blog while travelling so much between locations. Have a good week ahead. John

Billy said...

Why thank you! I can multi-task like no other, so traveling and maintaining the blog is child's play. I've learned to do that after being in retail management for almost 20 years! Thanks for stopping by!