Friday, March 06, 2015

Disturbing News

As I was out doing my shopping today, my sister sent my brother and I a text about my dad.  She said he had a tumor in his lungs and she was pretty sure he had lung cancer.

Crap.  First of all, I was pissed my sister sent this kind of message via text.  Second, she's a hypochondriac - seriously.  She once predicted my dad having colon cancer when all he had were hemorrhoids.  She tends to get a little excited about things.

I called and talked to my mom.  She said my dad went to the emergency clinic when he was at work because he had a blood pressure of 200/100.  Not sure if that is something they should keep you at the hospital for, but they let him go after they took an x-ray of his chest.  He was complaining of it hurting from all of the coughing he was doing.  According to my sister (who said she talked to the clinic doc on the phone), he has a dark spot in his lungs and the doc suggested he get a CT.  So now my sister thinks he has lung cancer.

My brother and I are the more calm and level-headed ones in our family.  We conferenced my sister in on the call and she proceeded to tell us all she knew.  She then went on to say she should also get a CT because she was having chest pains when she coughs, and so on....

My brother and I decided not to get upset or worry until we actually hear back from the CT scan.  It won't do us any good to get all worked up and then have our parents worry as well.  My sister will do enough damage when it comes to that.

So now I have been thinking about this all day.  I don't want to think the worst and I will keep a positive attitude until we hear something.  No worries for now.


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