Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Peanut Clusters

Remember those milk chocolate peanut clusters from the Nifty Nut House, Stephen's favorite?  Well, we have been playing around a bit with these candies for a few weeks now.  Stephen loves these so much, he could easily eat an entire pound in one sitting.  Not good for you!  So, I have been rationing them out in little baggies and then I hide them around the kitchen and dining area.  One day, he found all three baggies I hid and promptly ate 15 candies.  Goodness!  He has no willpower and I was terrible at hiding them.

So today before I left, I made sure to really think about the hiding places.  I had three baggies to hide.  No sooner than I backed out of the driveway to head back to the ICT, I receive a text message with a picture of one of the baggies.  What?

I called him instantly and demanded he tell me where found it!  He started laughing hysterically, saying I had not even been gone for 5 minutes and he already found a sweet treat bag.  To make matters worse, he teased me for almost 15 minutes and couldn't stop laughing.  I was pouting because he wouldn't tell me where he found it and I didn't want to give my other hiding places away.

I finally told him I had to hang up so I could use my phone at the Starbuck's drive-thru and told him he better tell me later.  So I drove back to the ICT and made it to work.  I decided to leave for lunch and sent him a text asking if he was going to give up the hidden location.  He called me and started laughing all over again.  He finally told me he found the baggy in my coat pocket.  I left my coat on the dining room chair and hid one of the bags in there.  sigh.... I am terrible at this game.  Lol.

After I pouted a few more times, I told him good luck on finding the other two bags.  These are hidden better than the coat pocket (I think).  Anyway, I went back to the store after lunch and walked in to find some beautiful flowers sitting on my desk.  They were from Stephen.  He called an hour before my lunch and had them arranged at our floral dept and delivered purposely on my lunch.

If you look closely on the card, it reads:

Peanut Clusters




austere said...

This was so cute!
Lovely flowers...

Are these peanuts coated with chocolate?

Billy said...

Yes! And they are quite delicious!

Happyone said...

Oh that was so nice. : )