Saturday, March 07, 2015

Night Out

It was a beautiful day out today.  Stephen worked outside, washing both of our cars inside and out.  I stayed in and deep cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors, and deep cleaned the shower in our bathroom.  After cleaning, we grabbed a shower and then headed into the city for supper.  We decided on Red Lobster and shared a meal.  I enjoyed the coconut shrimp and Stephen enjoyed the shrimp linguini alfredo.   It was a choose any two entrée meal and it's so much food, we always share it.  I used to be able to eat it by myself and I am so thankful I don't anymore.  Sharing it fills me up now and most of the time, Stephen will eat part of my portion.

After supper, we both had a major sweet tooth.  We headed over to Braum's and grabbed two sundaes.  I should have chosen the single dip, but my eyes were way bigger than my almost full stomach.  It was still pretty yummy!

Right now Stephen is in his massage chair.  I got him one for Christmas, the HoMedics one.  It's the big daddy of the three they had on display at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  His back is a little sore today.

Well, we move our clocks once again.  I have one more day of vacation left and then I head back to Kansas on Monday, back to work.  sigh....  It's been a wonderful week of relaxation and fun, but I must get back to the daily grind and the realities of medical concerns around my dad.

Hope you all had a lovely Saturday!


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Happyone said...

We enjoy Red Lobster too. Yes, it is way too much food for one person to eat. I always bring half of mine home for leftovers.
The dessert looks yummy!!