Saturday, March 07, 2015


My dad decided to go ahead and get the CT and blood work done today.  I am super thankful he is not waiting around.  I am hoping to hear back from him soon.

We woke up at a decent hour this morning.  I woke up two hours before Stephen (8 am) and laid around surfing the web.  We finally got up and I made some coffee and started working on a late breakfast.  Stephen isn't really picky when it comes to breakfast.  He has eaten everything I have made and really likes breakfast.  Breakfast is my favorite meal and I could have it for all of my meals.

This morning I started off browning some diced onions.  I like a lot of onions!  I then whipped 4 eggs in a measuring cup to get some air and volume in the scramble.  I added the egg to the onions and then threw in a handful of fresh green spinach.  Yumm!  Threw in a pinch of salt and pepper and added a slice of dark German wheat toast and voila!

It was a nice and simple breakfast and with my hot coffee, I am good until later this evening.  Right now we have the front door open and are sitting in the living room listening to Lonely Day by System Of A Down.  Lol... not my regular type of music, but this stuff is actually mild.

Well, I am off to read some blogs and then we are going to do some work outside - washing cars and spraying the yard for weeds.

Have a great day!

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Happyone said...

I'm hoping for some nice weather next week so I can wash my car too and take it for a spin. My car is not a car for snow, so it stays in the garage most of the winter.

Hope all goes well for your Dad. I've said a prayer for him.