Sunday, January 14, 2007

Three Days of Pleasant Weather - Stop the Insanity

The past three days have been wonderful. The weather has been horrible, but I have been off from work. I am sitting at my desk, looking out of the window to freezing rain. Lovely. There must be something good about freezing rain pellets, right? No, can't think of any.

I am suppose to go to a baby shower today. I have to go because I am bringing the cake. It is close to my apartment, but quite a distance from the house I am living in now. Joy.

Well, I guess I better get going. I have gift cards I have to buy yet and I still need to pick up the cake. I will post later if time allows.


austere said...

Freezing rain pellets? That's new..Trust you to go out in this weather.

Dave said...

Baby shower .... Careful getting there... Don't drop the cake! :-)

kanadians in korea said...

hi there... hope the weather continues... thanks for your comment/questions. trent and i worked with teenagers in edmonton, ab for three years... as well, i was editor for (a faith newspaper) and so we got a bit burnt out. we decided to travel to korea and teach, before we start having a fam. that's our story :) God is giving us a break right now... it's so nice. love em.