Monday, January 15, 2007

A Rusty Platter May Be In My Future

My work trip to KC was cancelled due to weather. Thank you Mother Nature! Although the trip would have been a fun one, I was not looking forward to driving my whole entire advisory panel up there. Three and a half hours in an SUV with five other women is enough to make me go mad. I enjoy driving alone and prefer going by myself to whatever destinations. It would have been hard to do, that's all.

I have to review some store numbers tomorrow. Ugh, I don't care for this part of the job either. It usually consists of me sitting on my ass in front of the computer for about five hours. Boooring!

One of my bosses pissed off a store manager to the highest level possible by telling her the store was flawless WITH the exception of one of her departments. Now, normally one would not get mad to such constructive feedback, if you will allow me to call it that. But, the boss told this store manager the reason the department was in poor shape was because of lack of management involvement.

Uh, yeah. Wrong thing to say!

Of course, I was copied on this email that was sent. I am suppose to go into this particular store tomorrow and am not looking forward to it. Hopefully, I won't get my ass handed to me on a rusty platter.


Not-faint-hearted said...

Ouch. Sounds like you're caught in the middle.

Least they could do would be use a nice silver platter, but probably they won't.

Hang tough and don't take more than you have to.

austere said...

as becky said, Silver? Or you'll do the diplomatic thing and smooth a few feathers...

Dave said...

Five women in an SUV would make you go mad? One of the women that I know in a SUV on a long trip would make me go mad! :-)

EoNe said...

Hi there ...thanx for dropping by at my blog. Surely will post some of the cool pictures that I took during my journey. It was great fun !

Meloncutter said...

I have never heard a zonie use the word flawless for anything, except maybe about their own hair as they preen around the store. I have heard, foul, festered, fetid, fumigation (needed), forlorn, f****d up, fired, forgotton, fresh, and furious, (among others) but never flawless.

It must be a new word coming out of one of DD's meetings.

Our store managers get pissed because they never hear anything good when it is flawless. we just hear the bad. We department managers now just line up at the door and hold our aprons up with spread legs so they can kick us in the testicles easier.


All will be well.

Later Y'all

Andrew said...

Good luck today! I will be thinking of you. I can only imagine the stress of having to do that. Chin up jolly old chap as the Brits say!

Andrew said...

Hey Stinker,

How did you day do? I will try to get some pictures up if we have any interesting weather. You know me! I am weather obsessed. I noticed today that I have written over sixty posts on my blog about the weather that I know bores my readers to tears! LOL

Cheryl said...

So was the big boss saying the department being in bad shape was your fault? Sorry you have to deal with that.

BTW, The judges on Idol just asked a contestant to come back in a few minutes with an ABBA song. Had to think of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're moved into your new place.

When you go into that Store, remember that you are a mediator, not taking sides, and if they get saucy with you, then tell them your a mediator and your not taking sides. :>

(i suppose it's just a fancy way of saying "I just work here.")