Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's A Hair Day

Well, how are you? I am off again today. WooHoo!

I have a hair appointment at 9. I wish it were Cheryl doing my hair today. She is very talented. Anyway, I am getting it layered and getting some color. I have the part underneath a dark brown with the top part being light brown. I am going to get some red put in today. Maybe even lighten the top just a tad more.

Then I am just going to relax and try to get some laundry done this afternoon. Fun Fun!



So, how'd it turn out?-your hair?

I've always wished my hair could freeze in the permanent state after the stylist has cut and styled it..
it never looks as good as when they style it.
and most importantly, do you like how it turned out??

EoNe said...


Same is your hair turn to? Wish I still have that much hair hehehe

Portia said...

sounds like fun! wish i could see... hope you love it:)