Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another Day

Cream of wheat this morning with a dollop of butter, sprinkled with brown sugar. The warm goodness soothes me inside. The garden has already been watered this morning, taking in all of the natural wonder we call water. Without water means no survival. The scorching sun will prove to be a match today. Hopefully, the plants won't suffer too much this afternoon.

Well, I got my hair done and I absolutely love it. I have also found a girl who I want on a regular basis. Finding the right person is key. Her name is Dema. She is very talented.

Well, it's another long day at work. I am going to a co-worker's birthday party for a little while this evening. I am off now to check out your blog!


Not Fainthearted said...

hey chicka!
I'm baaack! I read through your posts on my RSS reader and thought I'd bop over and say hi.

And was greeted by "Dancing Queen!"

Actually, kinda scared me a bit. heheh.

Glad all is well.


I LOVE Cream of wheat with brown sugar! Do you mix it with cool milk?

Sounds like a great day-minus the heat!-

Glad to hear you found a good stylist..we all know those are tought to come by-CHERYL HURRY BACK!!

Sally said...

Hola from the local library...stll here...catching up on blogs.

Anyway, believe me when I say I know all about finding a good hair person. You can read about my first Wichita adventure on the subject here:

I finally found someone I like, and she's been awesome so far!

simonsays said...

Finding a good hairdresser is nearly impossible, at least for me. Hang on to her! She has an interesting name..

I love cream of wheat, malt o meal, all that mushy, hot cereal, too.

Have a great day at work!