Thursday, August 09, 2007

Same Ole

I actually get a day off tomorrow. WooHoo! I am hoping to hear back from Phelan about going blueberry picking, as I have never done any picking before in my life. Should prove to be interesting if it all pans out.

I am looking at my bowl of cream of wheat, swirls of brown and yellow intertwine with the creamy goodness. Ugh, just think of what it will look like once it's in your stomach. Okay, quit picturing that.

Not a huge post today. I would like to give you a link to a blog I love to read. It's called Andfreville, and my friend Andfre is from Banff, Canada. Beautiful country up there. Anyway, stop by and give him a nice hello today. You can find him on my sidebar, or click here.

Well, here's to another day of the same ole same ole. Have a good one!


K said...

Blueberry picking? Sounds lovely!

captain corky said...

Have fun tomorrow! I love time off from work. I'm a little jealous. ;)

Sally said...

Ooh, are there places to go picking around here?

Portia said...

blueberries sound yummy. enoy the day off!

Portia said...
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Phelan said...

I sent an email. It is too hot, and I can't get a hold of the people that run the u-pick-it. Because of the late frost, many of the u-pick-its have no produce. And i really don't want to drive up there for nothing. Sorry. but I am sending an open invite for free apples.

and for Sally

Not all are listed here though


blueberry picking is a lot of fun if you like blueberries..
you just gave me a nice memory of the times I used to do that with my gramma..
how'd it go?


David Kim said...

Booberries, yummy!