Monday, August 20, 2007

Soothing Song Eases the Mind

My body just hurts. I worked from 8 to 8 today. I work with some of the most unproductive people. I shouldn't say this for someone in my position.

I am listening to this song on my blog. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This version of the song is my favorite. There is something about the man's voice that is so soothing. I love it. It lifts my spirits every time I hear it, hence the reason I put it on the blog.

Well, this post will be short. I relax by reading all of your blogs. Have a wonderful evening.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

A 12 hour day!! Wow you ppor thing. Lay back and relax.

not fainthearted said...

I hate days like that. Yay for tunes that can float you away. I agree 100% on this one!!!

Get some rest, sweetie.

captain corky said...

I love Judy Garland's version but the one you have on your blog's not bad at all.


what a long day!
Here's to hoping you had a relaxing day..and it will be a week or so before you have another PITA day!! :)

2 The World U R 1 Person, 2 1 Person U R The World said...

I, too, love this version of the song. I first heard it on 50 First Dates and instantly liked it. It is a mood lifter. I know the feeling of a long day. I worked open to close every other Sunday at my store. Takes a lot out of you, especially when you're drained to begin with!

Take Care!

austere said...

Eight to eight?

Chad said...

K. I've ignored everyone's blog for a long time. Just read a bunch of your posts. That said . . .

I heard this version on the episode of ER where Dr. Green's character dies. His daughter played it for him as he died. Nice. Sobbed like a little baby.

Hang in there, it can only get worse. Hahahaha.