Monday, August 13, 2007


I am just plumb tired today. I am tired of some of these stupid, idiotic people I work with. Okay, get ready for a major rant!

Ignorant egomaniacs who can't make a frickin' decision to save their lives. Then, when a decision is made, they frickin' change it the next day. Make up your minds people! We obviously pay you too much money to think in those cushy office pads of yours. You forget what it's like to work in our environment, around REAL customers, and REAL employees who have lives outside of this money hungry company. Where do you get the audacity to treat your employees like shit? Don't forget who your bread and butter is!!!!!

Unfortunately, I am talking about my co-workers who seem to forget where they came from.

Why, thank you. I feel much better now. :)


2 The World U R 1 Person, 2 1 Person U R The World said...

Argh! I know how you feel. The ones with the cushy seat in pretty offices are the ones who make unrealistic goals for lowest ranking employees. And when those employees can't meet those expectations they're made to feel like poo. A stocker at my store the other day said he wishes they would come work one day to see what it's really like!

I work at a family type store. Not a grocery store, but you made me laugh because I did work for publix for a year about 10 years ago. This store has some of everything from basic groceries to household stuff (like shower- curtains-trash cans-storage containers), HBA, apparel but your store size determines how much which we only have about 7 racks. All that kind of stuff.

But a big chunk is seasonal stuff. Right now our plethera of fans,swim gear and pools, gardening supplies... all that is on markdown to prepare for fall/winter stuff.

We have a small store, with about 9 employees, but that changes ALL the time. The regulars are the 3 in management, 2 guy stockers, one female stocker who does some cashiering shifts, and we should have 3 cashiers. We were down to one because one quit and we fired one for stealing money in the same day. All right before our assistant manager went on vacation! Lovely! Now that one is gone so now we only have 2 and both are still newish. Luckily they caught on real fast and don't make mistakes a lot. Makes life much easier when you have a list of things to do in one shift. Getting pulled away for voids and such eats up a lot of time. As does trying to find out why someone is short or over in their drawer at the end of the night when you're so ready to go home!

Are you in a grocery store or a dept store? Been so long since I could read regulary I forget! But I know you're at least a DM since you go around to different stores.

Hyde said...

Wow. Glad you got that out! :)

Not Fainthearted said...

Biggest pet peeve EVER! People who go around spouting "decisions" that "they" (meaning regular people) have to implement without actually deciding and then after we've busted our humps trying to meet the unrealistic decision, change directions/decisions. After a ton of work has been done (whether that ton was done over 6 weeks or 6 hours of OT...or 6 minutes of adrenaline pumping freaking out)

Seems to me that's the sort of thing that got me written up for "scowling" a little over 4 years ago....

Glad you can vent here, sweetie.

austere said...

Good, Now that's over and done with.
Since ppl/systems will not change, it is smart and a survival tip to limit: this much emotion, this much pain and that's it.
This strategy helps, over time.

simonsays said...

The same old story, the workerbees have to put up with the crap from upper management, and yes-you are right, they SHOULD remember where they came from.

Sally said...

Wow! Are you sure you don't work at my company?? That's been my biggest complaint lately...that's also why my resume is all over the internet right now. Get me OUT OF HERE!

Thanks for the restaurant're not talking about La Playa, are you? We tried that place and didn't like it...but that might not be what you're talking about. We did try Monterey on Kellogg by the airport, and that's the best place we've tried so far. I'll continue my search for good Mexican! I suspect the best places are around Broadway, but I want recommendations before I just walk in (tried Connie's also, and that place is GROSS!).

Hang in there! Or keep ranting, I don't mind...I do the same! =)

Dan said...

Stop listening to ABBA! That stuff will put you to sleep too! :)

David Kim said...

That's it. Let it all out.

Blogging is great therapy.

captain corky said...

Glad you feel better. Seems like we all work for some piece of shit corporate company that doesn't care about anything but money. Too bad the world works this way.

Portia said...

thank YOU, abbagirl. it is nice to hear someone in your position recognizing these things. even when i was in management, corporate america made me feel like a peon.


Abba, funny, I've been thinking of getting a J.o.b stocking or working nights at my local supermarket-jewel or dominicks..suddenly I'm scared too.
But I hope you're feeling better!

Proxima Blue said...

Are you sure you got it all out, because I thought that was awfully short for a rant post. I'm just sayin'. :>

THis is why I like to play video games after work. I get take out bad guys in a virtual world and not worry about the real world for a few hours. However, it is like many things in life where a person needs to be able to set boundaries for themselves. Anything can become an addiction. Apparently your coworkers are addicted to making quasi-decisions.


EoNe said...

Abba gurl,

Good shall express it out and trust that will make u feel much much better...I agree what Simon is the same old story , but it is ok to do what you did ...

Meloncutter said...

I get the same feelings. We had a CNN news crew in our store yesterday doing a natural foods and produce story about a doctor that shops at our store. Monday the blind panic set in at our zone level and being as it was a night before a truck, we were a little low on some stuff.

The called me in early from vacation and I was not worried as I knew we had a truck tuesday morning. The zone produce guy blew his mouth off all over my people. I had some words with him about that and so did my store manager.

The zone produce guy came in the next morning about the time I got done working the truck out. He said that he guessed he didn't really need to come in. I was still a little pissy with him.

The CNN crew asked to take extra tapings of my produce department because it looked so good and they didn't have any file footage in high definition for their files. The said they were at another store and it didn't look near as good as mine. I thought, kiss my butt mr. zone produce guy. LOL

I will let you know when this is going to be on the air and you can see my produce.

Keep your chin up. It has to get better, it can't get any worse. (as we say in our store.)

Later Y'all