Thursday, August 23, 2007


I am having issues with my computer. For some reason my security center isn't working correctly and it won't let me fix the problems. I have gone through and did everything on the checklist, but it won't fix it. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Hopefully, I can get this thing fixed so I can post on a regular basis. The computer is being cooperative now, but I don't think it is protected. Just great.

Can anyone help... in elementary english... on how to help fix the problem?


EoNe said...

Alamak Abbagurl, I m so sorry can't offer you help...coz I am too not techie savvy. How is it going with the itchy thingy? Hope it is all fine with you

simonsays said...

I wish I could offer you help, but I am a computer idiot. I do hope that things are going okay for you, otherwise....have a good weekend!

~Vital~ said...

The only thing I can off is roll your computer back to the day before it stop working. This may help. Sorry, It's the best I got right now...

KYRIE said...

I am just learning the ropes on computers too, so I am useless here.
However, I can only suggest here for security you click on Network Connections and set up the firewall.


Yeah, what Vital said,

do a system restore. You won't lose any previous data..and if you want the steps for that, let me know..if you're working with an XP Dell I can help. Or just google system restore steps with the type of pc and Operating system that you have (ie. Windows xp, windows Vista, Windows 98)
that should help.

Next, clean out cookies.
Empty your recycle bin.
and let me know what else I can do to help out!