Sunday, December 02, 2007

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

Well, it was good while it lasted. I have to head back to work today. I only have to work until about 3 pm. Had a wonderful week of relaxation from work and I got a lot done at home. I still have some things to work on, but not as bad as before.

We went to the hockey game last night and we won. It was a good game. My parents are doing great and my little nephew is getting so big!

Gotta head out and catch up on the 200 emails from work. Have a great day!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like this vacation was a gift. Don't work too hard today and enjoy your time off afterwards.

bonnie said...

Vacations are so important. I usually feel energized and ready to take on the things I had just become to tired or bored to tackle. Hope your day is going well. Is it cold in Kansas????


vacations are great..but returning home but to reality is always so tough. I hope this week eases into the normalcy of it all. :)

Not said...

woo hoo! 200 emails. Gotta love that.

Glad the vacay was good.

David Kim said...

Can't you just delete all those emails? Mine are mostly spam.