Monday, December 03, 2007

Go Bucks!

Ohio State is going to the BCS championship game! WooHoo! Go Bucks!

Okay, I'll stop shouting now. I am so happy they are going to the championship game. This is a chance for them to redeem themselves.

Posting earlier today because I have a lot to do at work. The kid also has a project due tomorrow in which he needs some help with the final touches.

I'll check back in this evening. Have a great day!


bonnie said...

You sound busy but energized. Go Bucks.

Not Fainthearted said...

My friend Z went to Ohio state. And even though he was/is a music geek this thrills him beyond belief.

yeah Bucks!

David Kim said...

My coworker loves Ohio State too.

I'm a nerd. I'd rather play videogame football like Madden.

Leann said...

Our beloved Beavers beat the Ducks in the Civil War.....whooot!!!!

They will go on to a bowl game, not sure if it will be in San Diego or in Arizona.

captain corky said...

It's really busy time of the year. Good luck to your team.