Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snow Shopping

More snow headed our way today. We are suppose to get 2-5 inches. Could be more or less in areas because of all the wind. Hope Phelan is going to be okay.

I worked a long day yesterday. I only made it to two stores. I like to plant myself at a store and just work, especially during the holidays. The departments are very appreciative and love it when you are there to help. I thought of my friend, Meloncutter, yesterday as I was working. I know he is busy preparing for the masses in his own produce department down South.

Today promises to be another long day. If you are one that is shopping at the last minute, you are going to find some big deals if you shop the major department stores. I know Penny's is having a big sale today and so are some others.

If you are brave enough to go out and about today, have a great one. Christmas is only three days away!



Hmm, I was all done with my shopping, but if there's this big sale..JcPenny's isn't that far from us... hmmm..
but you, a long saturday, I hope it's not too stressful, and there are more happy smiling faces than push push, shove, rush...remind them if they are impatient. I did yesterday in the post office. :)


Sally said...

It's crazy out there right now! I went to the gym and for coffee after, and the snow is blowing so much I could hardly see driving home. Be careful out there!

My BIL and SIL are driving in from CO today...we hope they make it ok!

STACY'S TRIP said...

You are right the ice/snow mixture is here now.

KYRIE said...

Ahh and the poor souls who just want to go grocery shopping today :)
I always love the Christmas decorations in the stores though, always one store outdoing the other ya?

M said...

hey, you just left a comment on my blog and i was thinking about you and trying to find the link to your blog! ESP!

hey, you talk about work a lot which leads me to believe you spend a lot of time at work! whats up with that?

Meloncutter said...

Well, I survived another day of holiday mega shopping. I put out my 6th bin of 10 pound potatoes today in 3 days. Been running my poor little fat butt off but I think my holiday sales will be successful. The zone Ops guy was in and said we look great. I look for the division big daddy to be in tomorrow as he is scheduled to be in every store around us.

But things are clicking along pretty smoothly so far... Just 2 more days and I got her whipped for another year.

Thanks for your support from afar, It's good to know that there are those that do care. I know they care here too but sometimes we just don't see that side of it.

Later Y'all.

Phelan said...

We got 8 inches here, 4 foot snow drifts. But we do not have wind blocks, so the roads are clear here, snow blew right off of them. They claim more snow is heading this way today.

David Kim said...

People would have to be crazy to go to shopping in malls during this time of year. Don't people learn to shop early? Every xmas, people go shopping at the last minute. On the news last week, it warned people to bring extra patience when going to the malls because of parking lot rage. Scary! 'Tis the season to be jolly indeed!