Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Definitely Worry Too Much

Obviously I worry too much about others as well. It gets me into trouble sometimes. Oh well, at least no one can accuse of not caring.

How was your day! Mine was super long! I had to be at a store at 6:00 am. I didn't get to bed until after 1 am. I was up late worrying about a friend. I realize now I made a mistake. Oops!

Anyway, I am having issues with my little sister. My brother and I decided to get our mom and dad some good gifts this year. My sister is having issues paying her share of the money. She's mad because her and her boyfriend didn't pay that much for his parents' gift. Sorry, not my fault you didn't want to spend that much on his parents. I told her if she couldn't pay, I would pick up the rest of it. Of course, that sent her into a tailspin. She can totally afford it. After about fifty emails back and forth, she has finally decided to go in with us for the full amount. Good decision little sis.

Well, my baked salmon and rice is beckoning me from the kitchen. Later gators!


Cheryl said...

You know what they say about worries. Most of them are wasted. Aren't you glad this one was?

Glad your sis got with the plan. Finally.

Portia said...

It's natural to worry. Try not to let it consume too much though.
Salmon and rice sounds yummy. I ate so much salmon when I was pregnant, I haven't eaten it since!

Leann said...

I worry excessively too. About things I can't control. Bad habit and I work on it daily.

KYRIE said...

I worry about all sort of stuff too :) 50 emails? LOL!

bonnie said...

Sometimes I feel like our family drama will give me a high blood pressure. You seem to be really tolerant and take it in good stride. I forget to let go and I admire your ability to do just that. Good going!

David Kim said...

Try to relax. I know it's easier said than done.