Saturday, December 22, 2007

Enough Snow For You And Me

We received 6.6 inches of snow. The drifts were up to 3 and 4 feet deep. This is the most snow we have had for quite some time. There were major accidents all along the Great Plains, including an 80 car pile up in Amarillo, TX. I thought of Annabel right away, as she does not live far from there.

I took three photos outside of Josh's house, but Blogger is not allowing me to post them right now. I will try again later. I will be sure to take my camera with me tomorrow, since I forgot it today. The visibility on the road was zero at times. My usual drive home from the west side takes me 15 minutes on a regular day. Today it took me over an hour. I actually got stuck in front of the driveway. The best place to get stuck in a snowstorm is your own driveway. As I was walking up to the porch, snow was up to my knees. Oh, fun.

The sun is suppose to shine tomorrow and with some luck the trucks will be out and about tonight, scraping the streets for the heavy traffic of the procrastinating shoppers tomorrow. I can only imagine how the stores will be. Horrific is the only word I can describe. Working retail helps remind myself each year to get it all done a little bit earlier than the year before. I have been done with all of my shopping since Thursday. Thank goodness.

Well, hope you are all tucked in safe in your warm, cozy houses. Catch you all tomorrow.


Andrew said...

Thank you for telling me about Annabel and that pile up. You know how much she means to me and you do too. Glad you didn't get stuck farther from home. I am thinking of you and all my blogging friends this Christmas. I will be sure to upload lots of photos Christmas day. It is probably going to be after Christmas when I get my new curtains, though. Thinking of you and all that wonderful snow.

Jonathon Andrew

marykay said...

hey girl,
I always wanted a white christmas but that is too much. I worked retail for years I loved the different people I met. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Leann said...

I so miss the snow. I grew up on Eastern Oregon and we used to get lots. Not so much these days from what I understand, but definetly nothing here in the valley, well of any consequences. Wow, what a run on sentence that was!!

Can't wait for those pics!!

Sally said...

Wow, I hadn't heard about the Amarillo accident. We have some friends who left from Wichita for west Texas today...I hope they made it ok. I'll have to call her tomorrow.

The snow is beautiful, and I'm glad we got it, but it sure got messy today!

captain corky said...

Have a Merry Christmas and I'm glad you're home and safe.

PS Make sure to drink plenty of warm Ovaltine. ;)

David Kim said...

Global warming must only be affecting Southern California. I remember I used to go sledding up in the mountains as a kid every xmas. Now, there's hardly any snow up there. It was way too warm for xmas for me.