Sunday, December 09, 2007

Back - Barely

We managed to make it to Manhattan and back. It was slow going. The roads were icy most of the way there. We did see an SUV that flipped over the median. Scary. There was a fatality near Salina as well. It took us almost three hours to get there and it usually only takes me two. We got to my brother's girlfriend's house (nmn). NMN's graduation started at noon. She received a bachelor's degree in business, same as my brother. She has received a job in Kansas City, but may be accepting a job in Denver. I hope they choose the best place for them.

We headed back around three. The roads were a little better since the trucks were out. I didn't have much trouble on the way home. I looked out the window this morning and discovered the ground and sidewalks are white. Not really snow, but more like those snow pellets. So looks like more ice today for sure.

I was going to go Christmas shopping today. I may still go, depending on what the weather will do. I am sure today would be a great day to go because there won't be anyone out in this crappy weather. I'll make a decision by noon. Until then, I plan to blog to my heart's content. I'm off to read about your day. Be back later!


Sally said...

I was wondering how your drive yesterday was. I might have just turned around and come home!

We went out to the grocery store this morning, and there were a lot more people out than I thought there would careful!

Hyde said...

Ha ha. I had no idea there was another Manhattan!

KYRIE said...

I am glad you had a safe trip in such a bad weather. I hate going out in horrible weathers, I always feel unsafe.
Seems like you are having a busy week and more to go :)
Take care and be safe on those roads of Kansas!