Wednesday, December 26, 2007

As I look out of my window, the snow is coming down ever so gently. You know how you see it in the movies, the perfect kind of snow? That's how it looks today. Small flakes, innocently falling toward the earth. Very pretty.

Had a great time with my side of the family. It didn't last long enough. We are having Christmas with Josh's family on Sunday here. I can't wait. I love this time of year.


David Kim said...

I'm glad to hear you that you had a great xmas. Too bad it was so short. Fun must have a strong gravity field because it causes Time to accelerate at the speed of light. I should make my own equation: Fun=mc^2

Me said...

cool lyrics, and this is a good time of the year. All these things put together make everything extra special.

Cheryl said...

I wish we'd get some of the white stuff here. Three inches on the ground would look so pretty, yet not hold things up. Enjoy!