Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm Almost Done!

The pumpkin bread is done. The zucchini bread and banana bread are in the oven. They can bake at the same time. I used my new mixer tonight. Not quite sure if I like it just yet. I am so used to doing everything with a hand mixer or mixing it by hand. It seemed like it took more work to use the Kitchen Aid mixer. I will keep using it though. I probably just need to break it in. I only have to make the lime chiffon dessert and brownies which I will do in the morning.

Tomorrow, pre-dinner will include shrimp and cocktail sauce, chips and salsa, and little BBQ smokies. Josh's sisters are bringing a vegetable and relish tray.

For dinner we are having the prime rib roast. It is a Sterling Silver, which is the best you can buy here. I am also preparing two turkey breasts for the non-beef eaters (if there is such a thing in his family). We are also having my famous garlic mashed potatoes. I am also making roasted fingerling potatoes with parsley and Parmesan Reggiano cheese. More sides include a yellow squash, onion, and zucchini saute, steamed broccoli spears, cream cheese corn, green bean casserole (Josh's sister is bringing this), stuffing (Josh's mom is bringing this), deviled eggs (another sister), and rolls. The only thing not homemade are the rolls. I just couldn't do it. No time - can you believe that?

For dessert we will have the breads I am currently baking, triple fudge brownies (made with three kinds of chocolate), lime chiffon dessert, and I have one of my pastry chefs at one of my stores making a cheesecake topped with chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate fans. Yumm-O!

Well, I think I am done with the cooking tonight. I just have to season the turkey breasts. I just finished cubing 10 pounds of Russet potatoes for tomorrow's meal. Josh forgot to wear latex gloves and now his hands are brown from peeling all of them.

I will finish the night by wiping everything down, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor. That way no one steps on it until morning. I know, I'm weird.

I wish you all could come over. Something tells me the company might be better. Hopefully there won't be any probing questions. I do wish you all could be here.

I probably won't post until tomorrow evening. Wish me luck and have a wonderful Sunday!


Cheryl said...

We would have fun together!

Best of luck. I know it will be wonderful.

Meloncutter said...

Dang. With a menu like that, I think I am in love. Why do you post things like this where fat guy's can read them. LOL

Have a wonderful day.

Happy New Year.

Later Y'all.

Sally said...

Holy Moley,'ve been busy! I'm so impressed with your menu...but it sounds like those sisters should be bringing more than one thing!

Have a great dinner! It sounds yummy!

Karin's Korner said...

You are amazing and I want to come to your house for dinner. I think you need to start putting recipes on your blog....what do you all think??????

not said...

It sounds delicious! Wish I could join you. It would be a ton of fun to play "wingman" to the "probing questions"


enjoy yourself.

Oh. and I'm with Karen. Anytime you want to share recipes, I'm all, eyes.

Me said...

How did it go? Eveything sounds great. I bet the house smelled yummy.

STACY'S TRIP said...

So thats why you were cleaning. I have to admit that is the only time I really clean my house is when family company is coming. HA LOL

marykay said...

Sounds like a great time! Food sounds amazing! Road trip to your house. Have a wonderful New Year!Thanks for the Christmas card and let us know how tonight went. TTFN


Happy New Years to You!
Your menu sounds wonderful!
And again, thank you soooooooo much for your card..I loved it!

I will catch up on the meme..still digging out of this Christmas/inlaw hole.

Portia said...

I hope you're having a wonderufl Sunday, too1 That dinner sounds imcredible, I would gladly come if I could:) I hope it all goes well!

austere said...

Thank you for the card!
It must have been a super evening, and the conversation must have sparkled.
or is it today?

Terri said...

oh the meal sounds fantastic! wish I could have been a part of it; hope everything went well!

Happy New Year abbagirl!

simonsays said...

OMG! I really, REALLY want to be there, name the place and time!


Hyde said...

Yum Yum! Hope all the food is good after all that hard work.



David Kim said...

Dang, it sounds like you're cooking a meal for a king! So delicious!